Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lots of new features in Webkinz World!

Lots of new things have been added in today's update!
Firstly, we have 2 new party packs in the W-Shop: the Beach Party and the Summer Party.

To celebrate Friendship Month, you can now add Webkinz Hosts as friends. 
Don't send the requests from your phone: they'll request you! You must complete a specific task for each host, however:
Arte Fact: Look for gems in the Gem Hunt. 
Ms. Cowoline: Complete 3 classes at the Kinzville Academy. 
Debbie: Buy a ticket at the Travel Agency. 
Sheldon: Buy an item from the Souvenir Shack  
Tabby: Complete a job at the Employment Office
Amanda: Make a wish at the Wish Factory
Fred: Look at the Stadium Schedule
PJ: Buy an item at the Kinzstyle Outlet

When you complete any one of the tasks, the respective host will send you a friend request. You can choose to deny the request if you want.

There is a new Treasure Hunt at the Webkinz Newz.
The goal of the Treasure Hunts is to search for clues, and when you find all 6, you'll win a free virtual Webkinz Figure! You get everything you'd receive with a figure code: a virtual figure, the special item it comes with, and, if it's your first figure, a display case for it and access to Woodland Wonders, a location in the Magical Forest that is only unlocked with a figure. The more figures you have on your account, the better prizes you can win from Woodland Wonders!
The figures are pretty tiny, though--this is how they look in a zoomed-in room.

Previously, the figure to be won was the Breaking News Cocker Spaniel Figure. Its Figure Specific Item is the Webkinz Newspaper Box.
Currently, the figure to be won is the Dear Diary Leopard. Its Figure Specific Item is the Secret Dreams Diary.
Just for fun, you can give your figures names. I named my Cocker Spaniel figure Skip, and my Leopard figure will be named Leslie.

Here's the link to the Treasure Hunt, if you want to participate. Better hurry! The hunt for the Breaking News Cocker Spaniel figure ends June 30, and the hunt for the Dear Diary Leopard figure ends on July 15.

There are new clothing items at PJ Collie's Store!
And just in time for Summer!

A new activity has been added to the Webkinz Newz. 
It's called the "Pick N' Win." Each day, there will be a poll, a quiz, and a survey. By completing any of these, you'll win a random amount of Kinz Cash between 10-500! You can also view the results for the survey and the poll, so you can see what other Webkinz World players think!
And...The plush image for the Halloween 2011 Pet has been released at Webkinz Newz!
This little sweetie will be at Webkinz retailers in August. Why not October, you may wonder? Because seasonal pets are released 2 months before the holiday. 

The Pumpkin Puppy is the seasonal Webkinz for Halloween 2011. Hmm...We've had a Clover Puppy and then a St. Patrick's Day Setter, a Love Puppy and then a Love Spaniel, and now a Pumpkin Puppy...perhaps next year we'll have a Halloween Hound? We'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Webkinz Signature Orange Tabby

Webkinz Newz has recently released the plush image for the Webkinz Signature Orange Tabby!

This divine feline will be available at Webkinz Retailers in August.
My first thought upon seeing this Webkinz is that Webkinz World is going to have a sudden increase in the amount of pets named Garfield in August.
My second thought was, "holy cow, it's a Signature Cheeky Cat!"
What do you think?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Contest at Webkinz Newz

There is a new contest at Webkinz Newz!
Entries will be accepted from 10:00 AM Kinz Time, June 21, to 11:59 Kinz Time, June 26. 
The Subject: Write down your top 10 summer vacation spots.
The Prize: A free Island Vacation and an extra spin on the Island Wheel in Webkinz World.
Number of Winners: 5.
Open to members residing in the USA and Canada.
Enter the contest here
The official contest rules and details on how to enter are found here
Good luck to all participants!

Webkinz Splash Dragon!

The plush image for the new Webkinz Splash Dragon has been released on Webkinz Newz!

The Splash Dragon will be swimming to stores in August.
I think that this pet is simply fantastic. What do you think?

Summertime Events in Webkinz World!

The Summer Solstice will be here tomorrow on the 21st. The Solstice marks the longest day of the year--it's also when Summertime officially begins!

Here are the events for June in Webkinz World.

June 21: A Click-To-Win event at Webkinz Newz. Be on the lookout for an Orange Table, which is part of the Farm theme found in the Curio Shop. When the Table floats by, click on it and fill out the form, and you will be given an Orange Table and a Pineapple Lamp for your Webkinz World account!

June 21: Is also another Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy! Just go to the Academy and go through your classes as usual, only on Super School Day, all classes will count double!

June 28: Be certain to log into Webkinz World today for the Summer Sensation! The Summer Sensation is an event that has been celebrated in Webkinz World since 2007. Today, you will receive an exclusive Summer Sensation Prize when you log in, and you get to spin the Super Wheel!
The Super Wheel is a very anticipated event in Webkinz World. To date, it can only be spun on the following days:
Webkinz Day (April 29)
Valentine's Day (February 14)
Summer Sensation (June 28)
Veterans Day (November 11)
Christmas Day (December 25) (since 2008)
Halloween (October 31) (since 2009)
The Super Wheel normally contains a rare item, 2 Exclusive items, a retired rare item, a very expensive piece of W-shop furniture or a seasonal W-shop furniture piece (for instance, on Christmas 2010 you could win a Winter Window), and, since Halloween 2010, even an eStore item. There's even a Bear Tapestry, a very rare item indeed since it only shows up on the Super Wheel and doesn't every time. The Super Wheel has always contained 500 Kinz Cash and 750 Kinz Cash, since its addition to Webkinz World in 2006.

June 30: Daily activities switch to the Summer schedule, starting at 9AM Kinz Time, and ending at 11 PM Kinz Time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Webkinz Peace Unicorn!

Ganz has recently released the plush image for the Webkinz Peace Unicorn!
This peaceful pony will be trotting into Webkinz retailers in August.
So far, this pet has been receiving positive responses from members of Webkinz Newz.
I think that this is a very pretty pet, but that I'll have to wait for the virtual image to be released before I can make up my mind. What do you think of this pet?

Also, be sure to visit Webkinz Newz today for a special Father's Day Click-To-Win contest! Today only, keep a lookout for a floating Fred Rover Blazer.
This is what you are searching for.

When you find the blazer, click on it, and complete the required form. Then, a Fred Rover Blazer will be added to your Webkinz World account! One blazer per account. Trading card collectors may recognize this blazer as a randomly awarded prize that you can receive from Series 4 Trading Card packs.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Webkinz Lynx!

Recently, Ganz released the plush image for the Webkinz Lynx! This pet is scheduled for release in August of this year.

I think the tufts of fur on its ears are simply darling. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ganz Was Here At This Site!!!!!

I am proud to announce that Ganz looked at this blog yesterday!!! Here is the story: I (Keibell) posted on Webkinz's facebook with this: 

Ganz please go to this link and comment on it or something about it on this facebook page or on Webkinz News please, please I have never wanted something so badly in my life please. Here is the link to my friend’s and I's Webkinz world blog and I please go there:http://letstalkwebkinz.blo Please go to my friend’s and I's Webkinz blog!!

This is how Ganz replied me: 

@Keibell your site requires users to log-in using Wordpress or Google (in order to comment). We're not able to do that unfortunately.

So they’re for they the great Ganz looked at this little blog and wanted to comment!!!!

Ganz if you see this thank you sooo sooo much!!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Plumpy On Facebook!!!!!!

Plumpy was on Facebook today at 12:00-1:00 est I go to talk to her and she replied 
 me!!! with this:

I said :can we get more clothing and peace bathing suite and a bracelet and such like that!!!

and plumpy said:

@ Keibell- Thanks for letting me know what kinds of things you'd like to see in Webkinz World!

Cookies&Cream Koala

Do you love cookies&cream?? Well this pet is just that,this little yummy Koala is there o fill up your hart. Webkinz fans love the pet but think the psi doesn't match and I Keibell this the same. Also Webkinz fans think the Estore is no good but most of all hate that there are pets only in Estore one webkinz fan said this:
"I agree with you Orangestarr. Estore just wants money from people so they can buy there own things (just like us) but that doesn’t mean the pets should be estore. They should be both plush and estore. Thank you for your time. ."
I like what they say but tell us what you think.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Webkinz Sun Bear and Webkinz Petal Puppy PSI and PSF revealed

Earlier this week, Kei and I were discussing what the PSIs for the July 2011 pets would be.
Here is what we guessed:
Petal Puppy--a flowerbed
Sun Bear--a lounging chair
Mohawk Monkey--some sort of motorcycle, or a couch with a mohawk on it
Signature Bactrian Camel--a pyramid.

So far, we've guessed correctly for 2 of the 4 pets...Here are their PSIs and PSFs. What do you think the PSIs for the other two pets are?

The Petal Puppy with its PSI, the Fragrant Flower Bed, and its PSF, Garden Fresh Veggies.
The Sun Bear with its PSI, the Poolside Sunning Chair, and PSF, the Runny Honey Sundae.