Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Judy Moody, Bactrian Camel, new clothes, and more!

Today's updates have brought us many amazing things in Webkinz World!

Firstly, let us announce July's Signature Pet...the Bactrian Camel!

Remember when we told you about the Judy Moody room, which was to be added to the Clubhouse soon? Well, as of today, it's a reality! 

The room is available in both KinzChat and KinzChat+.
Each day when you visit the room, you can watch a trailer for Judy Moody and the Not-So-Bummer-Summer. After the trailer, you answer some trivia. Then you win some Judy Moody related prizes! Click around the room after winning your first prize, and you can find some extra ones! How fun! You can even win a paperweight the size of a Lil'Kinz.

There are new clothes in the KinzStyle Outlet. 
 Clothing name---price
Blue Bermudas---150 KC
Get Cracking Top---232 KC
Denim Romp Wear---278 KC
Green Graphic Polo---265 KC
Faded and Frayed Shorts---185 KC
Jegging Capri Shorts---195 KC
Fluorescent Flip Flops---75 KC
Pink Jersey Dress---378 KC
 Preppy Button Shirt---360 KC

 The Flower Theme is complete!
The theme preview, found in the W-Shop.

Bloomin' Bed---800 KC
Bloomin' Comfy Chair---350 KC
Bloomin' Couch--700 KC
Bloomin' Counter---200 KC
Bloomin' Floor Flowers---285 KC
Bloomin' Flooring---150 KC
Bloomin' Wallpaper---150 KC
Bloomin' Fridge---500 KC
Bloomin' Garden Divider---275 KC
Bloomin' Side Table---250 KC
Bloomin' Sink---300 KC
Bloomin' Standing Lamp---215 KC
Bloomin' Stove---350 KC
Part of the theme is the Bloomin' Desk Lamp. It was a Webkinz Newz Exclusive. 

The Key to Kinzville is even easier to get now. 

Webkinz players who were around when the Key to Kinzville was introduced may remember how ambitious it was. You had to attend the Academy and Employment Office for 3 days, make and spend an incredible amount of KC, go through a whole category of Quizzy's questions...a number of Webkinz users simply gave up. Then Ganz made the game easier, but younger players and those who didn't have the time to work up enough KC were still having trouble. Well, today, Ganz has made the game easier still!

The Today's Activities Page has a new layout. 

Rather than the activities being in their separate tabs, they are all now on a single page. The kind of activity is defined by a sprite to the left of the activity title: a Deluxe symbol for Deluxe-only activities, an Arcade symbol for games-related activities, and so on. The theme has changed to blue rather than yellow. 

The Wacky Zingoz Hot Air Balloon and Giant Zingoz Plushie are now a vehicle and chair, respectively. 

The Balloon is won from the Wacky Zingoz Log-out Carnival, and the Plushie is from the SPREE! game. 
They were supposed to be a vehicle and chair, but their programming glitched and they were decoration only--no longer! Ganz has fixed this.  


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Webkinz Mohawk Monkey

Fans of monkeys will be happy to learn of the Mohawk Monkey. This cute pet is due for release in July 2011, so be on the lookout!
Webkinz Mohawk Monkey.

All Day, Every Day Daily Activities Begin in Webkinz World

Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian readers!
Victoria Day is sometimes considered the beginning of Summer in Canada, which means the start of Summer in Webkinz World, too, even though observant players have noticed that the outdoor scenery changed from Spring to Summer many a week ago.

So, since Summer has begun in WW, this means that Daily Activities begin every weekend and weekday in Webkinz World at 9 AM KT, and end at 10 PM KT. What fun!

Also, today is a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy. This means that all successful classes are considered to be 2 classes!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Webkinz Sun Bear and Webkinz Petal Puppy

Ganz recently and officially released the plush images for 2 July 2011 pets!

The Webkinz Sun Bear.

The Webkinz Petal Puppy! Looks kind of like a Lil'Kinz to me.

These pets both receive 10/10 stars from me! What do you think?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bee Movie, Snow White on Disney Blu-Ray DVD, Hoodwinked 2, HOP, and Looney Tunes have all been advertised by Ganz. I'm in no way complaining about this--the movies promoted are barely PG at the highest, and the prizes for the promotions are unique and neat.
Fans of Judy Moody and her friends will be excited for the next thing Ganz is promoting: Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer. This is a movie, about Judy trying as hard as she can not to have an average summer. Ganz will be promoting this movie by redecorating one of the rooms in the Clubhouse, which goes along nicely with May being Makeover Month (according to Ganz). No other news is given.
What I, Carmen think of this: The Judy Moody books were among my favorites when I was younger, but I'm hoping that the room redecoration is only temporary.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Updates

The mystery of the Flower Cupboard that we wrote about a few days ago has been solved. In today's update, we discovered that the Flower Cupboard belongs to the Flower Theme in the W-Shop! As of today, though, only kitchen items are available for purchase. These include a Counter, Stove, Sink, and Fridge. I think that the theme is quite beautiful, and that it will be a wonderful room for Webkinz who love to garden.
EDIT! As it turns out, the Flower Theme can either go indoors or outdoors!

And be certain to use the Log Out button when leaving Webkinz World today! By doing this, you gain access to the exclusive Wacky Log Out Carnival!
At the Carnival, players get the chance to play three mini-games--Launch Wacky, Wacky Pinata, and Wacky Balloon Pop. Players may only visit the Carnival once a day per account.

If you manage to hit the bell, then you'll win a cool prize.

Hit the Pinata hard enough to break it, and you'll win either a prize or KinzCash.

The balloons move slowly across the screen. If you get stuck playing this game (the dart won't fly when you click on it), then just click on the Wacky Balloon Pop icon to restart. Prizes include recipe food and KinzCash.
 After completing all 3 games, you get 100 KC as a bonus!

And about that new Arcade game Ganz was hinting at, it appears that it will show up next Wednesday, 'cos I'm not seeing it.

In minor updates...
  • Players logging in today will find that the Daily Kinz Care layout is changed, so now there's an advertisement on it. ACK! 
  • There's a Daily Announcements window that appears after the Daily Kinz Care. This should make it easier for people to know what's going on, so they don't miss out on new updates--nifty! 
  • Players of the Arcade game Spree! will notice that in the list of Shopping bags, there's a colored background behind the ones you have not received yet.

  •   Exclusive items collectors will notice that the Clown Car is now available for wishing. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ice Cream Scoop Snail & Signature Spotted Jaguar

Here's the scoop on the Ice Cream Scoop Snail. This yummy little Webkinz was picked from six Ice Cream Scoop Snails, and out of six this little one won. This purple snail with vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and hot chocolate fudge has a very yummy PSI. This slow, yummy Webkinz has a Hot Fudge Willow Tree. Fans love this yummy treat Webkinz. This Webkinz is only eStore, sorry.

Ice Cream Scoop  Snail with its PSI, the Hot Fudge Willow Tree, and its PSF, Sprinkles and Cream Waffles. The Ice Cream Scoop Snail is Webkinz World's first ever snail, and is very likely to be the Candy Kinz pet for June.

What's that creeping in the jungle? Why it's a cute Signature Spotted Jaguar! Fans all over Webkinz love this wild yet cuddly Signature Spotted Jaguar. This wild and cuddly Jaguar comes with a jungle gym slider!

Signature Spotted Jaguar with its PSI, the Jungle Gym Slider, and its PSF, the Fresh Fish Platter.

Webkinz Pets And Clothing Sold At The Estore!

Ganz just told everyone that almost all Webkinz will be sold at the eStore even plush ones and so is pet clothing! When you go to a store you see clothing for your plush pets well that is the clothing Ganz is talking about.

The plush version of the Pet of the Month, the Caring Valley pet for the month, and of many classic Webkinz are for sale in Ganz eStore.

Kinz Style for your Webkinz plush! Many of you may have noticed how it can be hard to find Kinz Style for your Webkinz plush in retailers. Well, now you can order some from Ganz eStore!

The Puzzle.

Ganz put out a puzzle that has not puzzled anyone. from the first pieces one webkinz fan  knew what it was"it looks like a hot air balloon but it could be something else." from "zachary" on webkinz news. I think he may be right. there are the pieces what do you think it could be?



First piece
Second Piece

Monday, May 9, 2011

Use The Log Out Button This Wednesday

Ah, so many new things to write about!
A lot of Webkinz players seem to not use the Log Out button to leave Webkinz World at the end of their session--they either simply X out the browser or window, or get kicked out by the Dreaded Random Log Out Glitch that has plagued Webkinz World for months.

Well, now players will want to use the Log Out button this Wednesday. Quoted from Webkinz Newz:

"Whatever you do, be sure to use the Logout button when you leave Webkinz World this Wednesday. When you do, you’ll see something totally new (and exciting).What in Webkinz World could it be? You’ll have to wait and find out – but we can promise you it’s going to be a TON of fun!"

What could they mean?

Scottish Terrier!

The Scottish Terrier and its PSI, the Bagpiper's Trampoline, and its PSF, the Mince and Tatties.

Ganz has just released the virtual image, PSI, and PSF for the Webkinz Scottish Terrier.

The Scottish Terrier has an interesting story: It was intended to be released in May, but it was delayed until June. We know that a lot of Webkinz players have been long anticipating the release of a black Scottish Terrier, and their wish has been granted! So far, feedback has been very positive. Fans say that it is "very cute!" and that it's a must-have for your collection. I, Carmen, am among the fans who thought there ought to be a black Scottie, and I think that Ganz has done a marvelous job with this pet! It meets my expectations to the letter.

The Signature Spotted Jaguar PSI and PSF is expected to be revealed tomorrow, which will complete the June pets collection.

Meadow & New Room Theme?

This little Mazin' Hamster has won over hearts of Webkinz fans everywhere. This Mazin' Hamster is named Meadow, and what a great name for it. The Hamster, Meadow has flowers all over it and  it is purple and green. Fans say it is "soooo cute!" and "I want one".

Meadow the Mazin hamster.

The new flower theme is coming to Webkinz near the same time as the flower Mazin Hamster, it is thought. Just like the mystic pony and the magic room theme. Is this flower theme and Mazin hamster made for each other? The room theme is purple and green with flowers. Hmmm, sounds like a new Mazin' hamster don't you think?
Also the new flower room could be eStore or W-Shop no one knows but Ganz. By the way, Meadow the hamster is only eStore so maybe the room is too. What do you think?

New flower room theme counter


Spree dice are flying in Webkinz Newz! If you find one of these dice flying around the site, click on it, fill in the form provided, and you'll be rewarded with an extra roll for the arcade game, Spree!
Players were commenting about Spree, saying how difficult it is to collect shopping credits and shopping bags. Well, no longer! Ganz plans to make it easier to gain credits and shopping bags during scheduled site maintenance on Wednesday. Players hope that they also plan to fix a glitch concerning the Giant Zingoz Plushie. It's described to be a chair, but players buying it discover that it's really just a plushie.

Communal Contest Results

And here are the results of last week's contest! (The right side is the results, the left side is the prizes to vote for.)

New game?

It just came out there will be a new Webkinz game on May 11th. We will try to stay up all night to see what the game is. Here is a clue Ganz sent out "Get better with letters by testing your skills on the keyboard. As you increase your speed and accuracy, you’ll increase your chances to win Kinzcash!" also they used words like "type, race, and speed." What could it be? I Keikei think it is a car racing game.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tickled Pink Cat & Razzle Dazzle Dog

The Tickled Pink Cat with all its charm has won over Webkinz fans everywhere. This little cat is know for its plush and PSI too but mainly the plush. The little cat is loved.

Tickled Pink Cat, Fluffy Pink Fridge PSI, and Tickled Pink Salmon PSF.

Razzle Dazzle Dog has been hated by Webkinz fans everywhere. "This little pup is too pink and too ugly!"One Webkinz fan says. "dont have a name anymore" from Webkinz Newz says "Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! I am going o be blind from the uglyness!! help me!!!! save me!!"  The Razzle Dazzle Dog is a limited pet. The PSI is cute, few people say. I, Keikei dislike the dog but kinda like the PSI, while Carmenta likes the dog and PSI.
Fans also say that the Razzle Dazzle Dog resembles a Chinese Crested.

Razzle Dazzle Dog, with its Jewelled Fountain PSI and Sparkling Porkchops PSF.

Pretty Peacock

This crazy colored bird is coming to Webkinz in June. People are loving it! People say this peacock is much, much better than the original Webkinz peacock, the Pinktastic Peacock. The fans seem to care more about the plush than the PSI! Is it funny or is it meant to be that both peacocks have chairs as PSIs?

Here is the Pinktastic Peacock, released in October 2010.
And here's its PSI.

Mystic Pony

This pink and purple pony is loved for is PSI (Pet Specific Item), but not for the plush. People say it is too pink and the tail is out! We think that this little pony matches the magic room theme nicely, and perhaps it was inspired by it? In the description, words like spell, magic, charm, and spellbound are used. What do you think?
Here is the plush.
The Mystic Pony, with its PSI, the Starlight Stable, and its PSF, Supernatural Spaghetti. 

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I am KeiKei And i am Carmenta and we are two sisters! We both love webkinz world and we got to thinking that there is not a place where real life people have bolgs and talk about webkinz. We are not a sugar glider or elephant that ganz made we are real.