Monday, July 25, 2011

Webkinz Signature Black Footed Ferret!

And the Signature pet for September 2011 is the Black Footed Ferret!
I absolutely love this pet, especially its expression! What do you think?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Webkinz Brilliant Bandit!

And third in the line of September 2011 pets, we have the Brilliant Bandit!
I'm not very fond of this pet...I don't like the sequins. What do you think?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Webkinz Harmony Puppy!

This cute composer will be dancing into stores September 2011.
It's adorable, original, and musical--it's the Harmony Puppy!
I think this is my favorite out of the Webkinz puppies (Earth Day Puppy, Tie-Dye Puppy, Peace Puppy, Misty Puppy, etc.). I love how the paws are different colors, and the music note on its ear! What do you think?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Webkinz Dodo Bird!+Smurf Prize

The September Webkinz are beginning to appear on the Webkinz Newz!
First off, we have the Dodo Bird!
I think that this pet is cute, but I wouldn't get one if I saw it in real life. What do you think?

Also, log on today for another special Smurf prize--a blue Wacky plush.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Share Center at Webkinz Newz+Rooster POTM Music Video!

People browsing through the Webkinz Newz today may notice a new section--the Share Center.

This is where you can upload pictures of your Webkinz World rooms and submit them for all to see, kind of like the Share Mazes section of Mazin' Hamsters, where you submit your mazes for others to play in.

You may only upload a picture in a .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG format. You may only upload a picture while you're logged into your WKN account. 

After submitting a room, you will be sent an E-mail notifying you that your room is being reviewed. Once they have verified that your room is indeed a picture of a room in Webkinz World, it will be put on the site and you will also be notified of this, complete with a link to where your room is on WKN.

Also, the POTM Music Video for the Rooster has shown up. So far, no Video Challenge prize has been added, but we'll give it a day or three. For some reason, it's not loading in WKN, but you can watch it at Music Starz in Webkinz World.

Wednesday Updates: July 20 2011

Applause to all who are able to read this week's W-Tales.
The second half of the CampKinz theme is now for sale at the W-Shop!

This contains:
CampKinz Activity Board--275 KC. Decoration only.
CampKinz Cabin Flooring--150 KC.
CampKinz Cabin Walls--150 KC.
CampKinz Cooler--450 KC. Decoration only.
CampKinz Cot--545 KC. Use this item to let your pet sleep.
CampKinz First Aid Kit--150 KC. Decoration only.
CampKinz Flag Pole--225 KC.
CampKinz Lantern--135 KC.
CampKinz Outdoor Kitchen Set--685 KC. Decoration only.
CampKinz Water Raft--1235 KC. Your pet can ride in this item.

The Wheel of Wow is no longer Smurf-ified
So if you got a Smurf prize from it, better hang onto it. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Christmas in July!

It's Christmas in July at the Ganz eStore! This means that most items that are only available during the Christmas Season can be bought during the summer, including Christmas pets such as the Holiday Husky, Mistletoe Mouse and the Minty Reindeer! As the banner says, this event will last from July 15 to July 18.

Treasure Hunt Returns!

The "Shrewd Searchers Treasure Hunt", previously scheduled to run from the 6th of July to August 2, 2011, had been suffering from some technical difficulty, and was taken down. To make up for it, the Friendship Treasure Hunt for the Dear Diary Leopard was extended to end on July 15.

Now, we are happy to report that the Shrewd Searchers Treasure Hunt has returned!
If you're having trouble finding it, here is the link.
Begins: Today, July 16.
Ends: August 15, 2011.
Prize: Virtual Koala Archeologist figure. This prize includes the item that comes with the figurine, the Backyard Dig Site, and, if this is your first figurine, access to Woodland Wonders and a Series 2 Figurine Case.

Remember, the more figurines you collect, the more likely you are to win better prizes more often in Woodland Wonders. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gift from the Smurfs

Webkinz World players logging in today will be surprised to find a gift waiting for them.
This gift is the Blue Moon, courtesy of the Smurfs. It will only go in an outdoors or treetop room, and only on the outside of the room, like a fence.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Updates: July 6 2011

To start, the first half of a brand-new theme has been added to the W-Shop! 
It's the CampKinz theme! Cue lots of cheering from me, who has been waiting forever for a theme like this.
So far, the theme, which is outdoors or treetop only, consists of:
CampKinz Archery Range--325 KC. Decoration only
CampKinz BBQ Grill--630 KC. Can be used to cook food for your pet.
CampKinz Dead End Trail--125 KC.
CampKinz Fishing Chair--640 KC. Your pet can sit on this item.
CampKinz Marshmallow Pit--550 KC. Animated item. (Actually "anmiated", due to a typo.)
CampKinz Nature Trail--150 KC.
CampKinz Picnic Bench--280 KC. Your pet can sit on this item.
CampKinz Picnic Table--600 KC. Decoration only.
CampKinz Curvy Trail--150 KC.

A new treasure hunt has been added. 
The prize is a virtual Koala Archaeologist figurine. The contest begins today and will end August 2, 2011. 
The only downside is that the hunt has been removed for repairs, after players who made it to clue #3 were just being sent back to clue #1. 
There's still time to complete the Treasure Hunt for the Dear Diary Leopard Figurine, however! Hurry, because this hunt ends July 15. 

The Wheel of WOW has been Smurfified!

You may have noticed the floating Smurfs that have been flying around Webkinz World for a while. Well, now the Wheel of WOW has been updated to match. 

 1. Rooster Contest--Running from July 1 to July 31. Submit a list of your top 10 favorite activities to do at camp, and you could be randomly selected to win 1 of 5 codes for a Virtual Rooster. The Rooster is the POTM for August. Here are the Rules. (though why it says the prize is either a Winged Tee or, more rarely, a Zilma Sweet Zum, is beyond me...)

2. My Great Webkinz Collection Contest: Starts July 6, ends July 13. From the Webkinz Newz....Show off your Webkinz collection in a creative way and you could win a virtual code for the Webkinz pet of your choice (the Prize)! Your choice is limited to regular Webkinz pets that are normally sold as plush, and non-promotional eStore pets. Signature, Signature Endangered and promotional pets are not eligible prizes.
Here are the Rules.
3. CampKinz Room Design. Starts July 8, and ends July 10. Design a room using at least 1 item from the CampKinz theme, and you could win a Camping Prize Pack. Any room can be used, but you must use only W-Shop items (retired items are OK.) Here are the Rules.
Enter these contests here!

Pop Diva Room!!!

Is you Webkinz a sassy pop diva? Well if so this room is the best room in all of webkinz world. The Pop Diva Room is a new room theme at the Wshop!!! The fans like the room and that is good because it is Wshop! One fan says:  "It’s very girly not for boys,why won’t webkinz do a normal thing for boys?
Well what do you think?

Coming soon:Good as Gold Carpet, Pop Diva Shoe Collection, Platinum Selling Shower, Premium Organic Juicer, Leopard Print Fireplace, Pampered Celeb Chair,  Kinz Tunes Award Display, Platinum Selling Toilet, Star Attraction Bed, Platinum Selling Sink and Pop Star Mirror. Other items [those 3 potted plants] pictured above can be found at W-Shop.

This theme is not in the W-Shop and it never will be. The article says nothing about where to find the theme, right until a little note at the bottom of the article that says:
Find all this and more all at Ganz eStore!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sour Watermelon Hound & Mystic Moon Bear

The Sour Watermelon Hound is the fruity little pup that will love you forever! The Sour Watermelon Hound is very love in the harts of webkinz's fans. One fan said:"Seems like I’m the only one here who thinks this pet is uhh “different”. And Its front paws look like squash lol.Very creative on their part though! Can’t say I would have even thought of it. …♥." A few fans think the same. I Keikei like this little fruity Hound, What do you think?
The psi is a Candy Steam Whistle and psf is Sour Bone Treats.

The Mystic Moon Bear is cuddling it's way into webkinz's fans harts!! This bear is known for the great colors! Have you been to Jumbleberry Fields? Well there is a berry called "Moonberry" and it is in the Mysic moon bear's psf. One webkinz fan says:"First the Mystical Mouse, now the Mystic Moon Bear. Ganz sure likes the word “mystic”, eh?" Well I was thinking the same thing is this "Mystic" the new Ganz Estore theme? What do you think? The Mystic Moon Bear and Peace Unicorn both have a psi that is a hammock.
The psi is a Half Moon Hammock and the psf is a yummy cup of Moonberry yogurt. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pumpkin Puppy PSI and PSF!

Ganz has recently released the virtual image for this year's Halloween pet, the Pumpkin Puppy.

The Pumpkin Puppy with its PSI, the Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Chair, and its PSF, Trickier Treats.
I like the PSF, but the PSI is lacking somewhat. Maybe it's animated?
The virtual image is very cute, simple and unique.

I give this pet 8/10 stars. What do you think?

Webkinz Signature Orange Tabby PSI and PSF!

And to wrap up the August 2011 collection of Webkinz, Ganz has just released the PSI and PSF for the Webkinz Signature Orange Tabby Cat.
The Sig. Orange Tabby with its PSI, the Cool Cat String Swing, and its PSF, Duck a L'Orange.
The PSI is really cool. I love the daisies! And the PSF is...interesting...I hope that's tofu...
I give this pet 9/10 stars. What do you think?

4th of July Clicky-Floaty Event at Webkinz Newz!

Visit the Webkinz Newz today for a really neat Floaty-Clicky event for Independence Day! Just look around for a floating Baseball Helmet, that looks exactly like the one in the picture below. Click on it, fill in the required form, and you will receive the whole Baseball Uniform (everything in the picture below) and a KinzStyle Shop bag. You may only win once per account.

This is the prize! A KinzStyle Shop Baseball Helmet, Pants, and Jersey!

There is a crucial difference between the KinzStyle Outlet and the KinzStyle Shop.
PJ Collie. A very talkative host.
  • Hosted by PJ Collie                                              
  • Found on the Map to Kinzville, next to the W-Shop
  • Can be visited whenever
  • No codes required
  • None of her clothes can be found in real life for plush pets (unless you make them yourself)
  • The clothes are always the same (exceptions for Halloween/Christmas clothing)
  • Unique features of the Outlet: T-Shirt Designer and Clothing Machine

Persephone. The fashionable host for the KinzStyle Shop and SuperModelz.
  • Hosted by Persephone
  • Can only be visited if you have a KinzStyle shopping bag
  • Can be visited whenever...if you have a shopping bag, and can't be visited again once you buy something. 
  • A code for any plush clothing is required to get the shopping bag.
  • The clothes are always the same, but aren't all in stock at the same time. Log out and visit again if you want the stock to change. 
  • Unique features of the Shop: When you enter the code for any article of plush clothing, you will receive a virtual copy of that clothing for free in Webkinz World, along with the KinzStyle bag so you can buy something else.

Also, visit the Kinzville Academy today, because it's yet another Super School Day! They've been having a lot of those recently

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Splash Dragon

The splash dragon is swimming in too harts all over the world!! Everyone loves this little water Dragon.
The Splash Dragon with it's Sea Legend's Bed and Salt Water Taffy 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Webkinz Lynx and Webkinz Peace Unicorn PSI and PSF revealed

The Lynx comes with a Relaxing Rocky Sauna and Rocky Rib Rack.
The Peace Unicorn comes with the Harmony Hammock and some Peaceful Pancakes.
The Virtual Image for the Lynx isn't exactly what I was expecting. It looks more like an old and wise Webkinz, rather than the adventurous and outgoing Webkinz I had expected.
This pet gets 8 out of 10 stars.
Here's the Mystic Pony for comparison.
As for the Peace Unicorn...I'm bothered by how much it looks like the Mystic Pony, but this is also a good thing--they could be twins!
This pet gets 8 out of 10 stars, too.