Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Webkinz Road Trip--Questions and Answers

Wondering what to expect at the Webkinz Road Trip? We have a few answers! I was able to catch the van during their stop in Jasper, AL yesterday. Here is what it was like:
  • They were giving out Pet Carriers (three per person, one of each variety--Funky Flower Pink, Funky Flower Purple, and Pink Leopard), Clothing (Stripy Toque, Camo Tank Top, and Camo Cargo Pant), Figurines (Tee Time Raccoon, Lifeguard Googles, Ballerina Husky, Three Cheers Tiger, Rollerskate Pig, Painting Hippo), Nakamas Friendship Bracelets (these do NOT have codes and they are NOT for Webkinz World; they are for another product of Ganz's, Nakamas), and Magnetic Bookmarks.
  • I have heard that they will pretty much give you merchandise simply for existing, and they were not exaggerating. Within the twenty minutes it had taken me to run through the event, I had ended up with ten Nakamas bracelets, enough clothing to clothe four Webkinz pets, at least ten figurines, twenty-odd bookmarks, eleven Friendship Bracelets, and and Amazing World Figurine and Road Trip Van 2013 code that they gave to me upon arrival.
This is excluding two clothing packages I already opened and two figurines given to my mother and brother
  • The location was Amy's Hallmark, and they were running sales: Certain Webkinz pets were 3 dollars, and Signature pets were 5 bucks. (needless to say, I am now the owner of a Signature Penguin. His name is Gunter. He says hi.)
  • The map said it was at Amy's Hallmark, though the tag for my Penguin and Rockerz Cow bought there say it's May's Hallmark and Jo's Hallmark respectively? 
  • The games they had were Nakamas Plinko (formerly known as Mazin' Hamsters Plinko) and The Wheel of WOW. They really did not care how many times you played them, and there actually seemed to be no prize limit. This may have been because of the location and the guest turnout. Do not take this to mean the same thing will happen at all locations. 
  • The energy and enthusiasm of the Road Trip crew was actually amazing, and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves the whole time. 
  • Fun fact: This was the first stop of the year that was in an indoors location. 
The event wound down at about 4:20, and it was then that I decided to swing back around and ask some questions while my dad picked up some extra merch for Geocaching. 

Q: How do you decide where to go on the trip?
A: It depends mostly on which retailers are selling the most. We have over 300 sales reps; some just don't get picked for the year. 
Q: Do you fly anywhere?
A: We drive to all of our locations.
Q: Is the van comfortable?
A: The back seats need to be replaced, and we're waiting on the receipt for that. It actually is comfortable; there's room to stretch out.
[It was then that more people started to show up, so I went ahead and ended the interview.]

I am giving the extra merchandise to my IRL friends! I will deny all requests for codes!