Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Updates 29/2/12

In a minor note, the icon for the KinzChat phone is slightly edited. Now it turns completely grey when off, has a slightly more noticeable antenna, is slightly larger, and has a very small glow.

  1. Two new Challenges have been added.
  2. Nafaria has returned.
  3. The T-Shirt Designer and Solar Suit have been retired.
  4. The Lorax gift boxes have arrived.
  5. Webkinz World has begun a promotion for Mirror Mirror.
  6.  Three contests, a Peek-A-Newz event, and a Click-To-Win have been scheduled at Webkinz Newz.
Check after the break for an in-depth report.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sneak Peeks, Sneak Peeks Everywhere

Let's begin with the April 2012 pets.

The Springy Kangaroo comes with a Roasted Wild Grass PSF, and a Floral Pantry PSI. I predict that this perky pet will be pretty popular. (but how does one go about roasting grass without it just setting on fire?)

The Plumfadoodle comes with a Sour Plum Drops PSF, and Flower Patch Pond PSI. That is some colorful plumage this one sports! Still looking like the closest thing to a Webkinz flamingo we're getting. I love that they put ribbons on its PSF, that really finishes it nicely.

The Sloth comes with a Sweet Leaf Salad PSF and a Speedy Jungle SUV PSI. First off, I must say that I really like what they did with this guy's face! It's so inquisitive, yet simple! And they gave the sloth a car, heh.

The Sabertooth Tiger, despite my hopes for the contrary, comes with everything and looks exactly like its eStore counterpart. It comes with a Saberstripes PSI and a Prehistoric Pie PSF.

 The Bichon Frise comes with a Fluffy White Bubble Bath PSI, and a Cotton Kibble Candy PSF. Looks like real cotton! Wonder if it tastes the same...

The Pizzazzy Puppy is so going on my wish list comes with a Designer Gown PSI, and a Pinkberry Punch PSF.

The Signature King Charles Spaniel comes with a Palatial Platform PSI, and a Royal Feast PSF.

And, for a couple of surprise additions, we have the...

...Winged Tiger, which is the best virtual Webkinz ever--come on, how many Webkinz tigers have a freakin' pair of wings? It comes with a Kinz Air Pilot Outfit PSI, and an Airline Cuisine PSF. That must be a really nice airline to serve that elaborate of a meal. I think I see the Signature Orange Tabby Cat's PSF in there...

...we also have the Northern Trails Buffalo, which is pretty unique. One can never have too many buffalo. It comes with a Nomad Tent PSI, and a Prairie Grass Pudding PSF. It, too, is virtual-only.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Series 3 Adventure Park Pets Announced

The following 4 Webkinz are announced Series 3 Adventure Park pets. If you own, but have not adopted, any of them, then it is advised to wait until February 29, 2012. From that date forward, they will be considered AP pets.
The pets are: 
Bengal Tiger
Caramel Lion
Pinto Horse
Pink and White Cat

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last 2 April 2012 Webkinz Plush Releases; 3 Virtual Pets Revealed on Webkinz Newz

And, as I thought, the Lil' Purple Piglet has triplets/siblings/clones/counterparts/etc..

They are the Lil' Blue and Lil' Green Piglets, and the three are identical in every way except for the color of their fur, PSI, and PSF.

Also coming soon to the eStore is the Sizzling Swan, a blazing bird that comes with a Firey Fountain PSI and a Fish Fillet Flambé PSF. A pretty PSI there, despite its blatant irony...

The 6th and final regular Webkinz plush of April 2012 is the Stormy Dragon, which sports lovely iridescent horns, feet, and a belly, an adorably goofy gaze, and an overall appealing appearance.

The Signature April 2012 pet is the Signature King Charles Spaniel, which is cute, even if it looks a little depressed...maybe that's because it's looking for a friend? *shrug*

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ganz Announces New Alyssa's Star Challenge Prize: Golden Solar Suit

On the 11th, Ganz announced that they were going to retire the Solar Suit. This is a prize that one gathers, piece by piece, from catching comets that fly across the screen in Alyssa's Star Challenge. This prize has been available since 2008, but on February 29, it will be retired for good.

In its place will be the new Golden Star Suit, a revamped version that is obtained in the same fashion as its ancestor. This costume consists of 5 pieces--the jacket, the pants, the belt, the boots, and the helmet. This fancy fashion will make its debut in the Wednesday update of February 29.

Ganz Posts Plush Image of Webkinz Pizazzy Puppy

April 2012 is showing a sudden increase in new Webkinz, in comparison to the usual 4 per month we've been seeing. And we still haven't seen the April Signature!

This is the fifth announced April 2012 Webkinz, an addition to the family of Webkinz puppies known as the Pizzazzy Puppy. Its features include the fur pattern and texture that those who have met a Pretty Panda might recognize; a pair of particularly fluffy, pink ears and curled tail, both decorated with strands of tinsel; a purple muzzle and chest; and a shining pink nose.

It seems to be based off of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, guessing from its frame and ears. Pizzazzy indeed! I'm liking this one already. What do you say?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ganz Releases Plush Images of April 2012 Webkinz Pets

They include the Plumfadoodle, Sloth, Sabertooth Tiger, and Bichon Frise. None of their virtual images, Pet Specific Items, or Pet Specific Foods are yet known, and they are all scheduled for release in April 2012.

Here we have the Plumfadoodle, a more magenta cousin to the Blufadoodle, who also appears to be the closest thing Webkinz World has to a flamingo--note the shape of its beak.

This is the Sloth, a friendly fellow.

Here's a familiar face: the Webkinz Sabertooth Tiger, who is the fourth eStore pet to be made into an official plush; the previous four being the Bubblegumasaurus, Woolly Mammoth, Wolf, and Springbok. However, the Bubblegumasaurus looked just like its eStore counterpart, and even came with the same PSI and PSF. Hopefully, the Sabertooth Tiger will not have the same done to it.

And finally, we have the Bichon Frise. What a cute one it is!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Updates 15/2/12

Contrary to what the floating chocolate ribbons insist, the POTM is still the Pom Pom Kitty.
 Check after the break for the full, in-depth list of the Wednesday Updates.
  1. Spree now gives out 2 daily rolls, rather than the usual 1. 
  2. Ganz has revealed how to get the Sleepy Woodland Dragon.
  3. The Lorax promotion has begun in WW.
  4. Fijit Friends Newbies are also being promoted.
  5. Webkinz Newz has provided sneak-peeks of 4 new Webkinz pets.
  6. Webkinz Newz has announced a click-to-win for new Adventure Park clothing. 
  7. Three new Challenges have been added. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ganz Announces How To Find Webkinz Red Velvet Rabbit

Ganz has revealed how to obtain the Webkinz Red Velvet Rabbit in an e-mail sent to those who have used the eStore in the past. Apparently, upon purchasing an annual Webkinz World Deluxe Account, you are given a Red Velvet Rabbit code for free. This only applies to Memberships purchased between February 14 and April 30, 2012. This also applies to Deluxe account renewals made within this window.

Well, rats. I'd been hoping that this were a regular eStore pet, at least they can hold contests for those.

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes Arrive in Webkinz World

As usual, the Valentine's Day gift boxes have arrived in Webkinz World today. Check after the break if you would like to see what the gift box contains.

In a side note, this is the 200th post made on this blog.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Webkinz World Runs Promotion for The Lorax

Webkinz Newz has announced that, starting on Feb. 16, a promotion for the new movie, The Lorax, will run through Webkinz World. Features of this promotion include:
  • A Lorax-themed twist on the Arcade game, Where's Wacky
  • A Lorax Click-To-Win event in Webkinz World from Feb. 18 to March 3, 2012, with exclusive prizes to be won
  • Gift boxes awarded upon logging in on Feb. 29, March 1, and March 2
  • The Adventure Park will be once again opened to Webkinz World Members, regardless of if they own an Adventure Park pet or not, for a special quest that is available from Feb. 16 until March 4. The only requirement is that your account has third-party content enabled. Otherwise, seeing as how this is a third-party promotion, your account will ignore the quest.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

WKN Posts PSI and PSF of Webkinz Red Velvet Rabbit!

This is an eStore pet, most likely the virtual-only Easter pet for 2012, but it's awesome anyway! It comes with a Red Velvet Couch and Red Velvet Carrot Cake.

I love the design for this rabbit's fur! The red and cream match perfectly, and its ears complete the look quite well. 10/10!
The PSF is cute, and I just now noticed that the fork included is in the shape of a rabbit's head. Cute touch! 9/10!
The PSI is very pretty, and will match splendidly in a fancy sitting room, or a 5-star restaurant. 10/10!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Updates 1/2/12

As promised, the Valentine's Day Quest has been added to the Adventure Park for anyone to play.

However, the author's computer cannot tolerate a room with 10 Webkinz in it, much less the park with 45 Webkinz in it like the one I found myself in, so details on this new Quest will be added at a later hour, perhaps in its own post. I do know that you have to talk to Alex the Tiger to start the Quest, if this helps anyone, and that, among other neat prizes, the Grand Prize for this Quest is the Chocolate Factory Machine (which is animated, too!).

Remember that this Quest ends when February does, and afterward the Quests are limited to just AP pets, so play while you can!

Three new Exclusives have been added.

In place of the Elephant Fountain, Wading Pool, and Tractor that were retired today, three new Exclusive Items have been added to the Wish Factory. If your pet is a budding scientist, then the Time Machine is for them...make sure they read the user's manual first! Speaking of the past, the Medieval Torch is a perfect addition to that castle your pet's been working on. Or perhaps they prefer to preform? If so, then the Dance Rehearsal Costume Rack will fit nicely in their room. 

Two new Challenges have been added.

Does your pet have team spirit? If you answered yes, then there's a perfect challenge for them: the Cheerleader Tryout Challenge. This is a 3-part challenge. Also, the Kinzville Babysitter Crew Challenge is available, which contains 2 sets of tasks. This Challenge is for Deluxe members only!

Ganz introduces a Retro Video Challenge.

 This is a normal Video Challenge, featuring A Dog With A Bow In Her Hair, the POTM song for the White Terrier, the Pet of the Month for February 2010. After watching this video and answering the questions, you are awarded with a A Dog With A Bow In Her Hair album cover, previously an eStore item. Limit 1 per account per day.

Webkinz Newz is holding a special Valentine's Day Click-To-Win.
Running daily from February 2-14 (excepting Feb. 4 and 11), you are searching for this heart.

Once you find it flying around, click on it to win any of the below prizes...
You can win a Heart Warming Wall Art, Be Mine Sneakers, Love Topiary, or Love Chocolate for your Webkinz World account. Sweet! These are all new prizes, even if some are merely recolored vectors, but hey, freebies. I'll edit this when I find out if the Love Chocolate is decorative or edible.

Webkinz Newz Posts A Few February Contests

We'll begin with the Valentine's Day themed ones. They are alike in that they all begin on February 1, end on February 14, and the prize is an eStore Valentine's Day pet. However, the types of contests are different.

Love Dino
Type: Writing
Runs from: Feb. 1-14, 2012
Prize: A virtual Webkinz Love Dino pet

Enter the contest here.
Describe, in 1,000 characters or less, how the Love Dino celebrated Valentine's Day.
Love Kitten
Type: Drawing
Runs from: Feb. 1-14, 2012
Prize: A virtual Webkinz Love Kitten pet

Draw a picture of the Love Kitten celebrating Valentine's Day.

Love Puffin
Type: Room design
Runs from: Feb. 1-14, 2012
Prize: A virtual Webkinz Love Puffin pet

Design a purple, pink, or red room. Any size room can be used, indoors or outdoors, but only W-Shop items are allowed (retired ones are OK). 

Also, March's POTM is the Duck! Webkinz Newz is, as always, holding a contest for a code for a virtual Webkinz Duck in time for March. 

Type: Top-10-List
Runs from: Feb. 1-29, 2012
Prize: A virtual Webkinz Duck

Make a list of the top 10 ways to show your Valentine that you care for them, and you could win a virtual Webkinz Duck.
And of course, we can't forget our Treasure Hunts!
Winter Treasure Hunt
Type: Treasure Hunt
Runs from: Feb. 1-29, 2012
Prize: A virtual At Your Service Penguin figure.

White Terrier Treasure Hunt
Type: Treasure Hunt
Runs from: Feb. 1-29, 2012
Prize: An eStore Milkshake for Two [decorative item].
Notes: This Treasure Hunt is most likely being held because the White Terrier was the POTM for February 2010.