Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Changed the appearance of the blog again!

Got any feedback? Does this one allow you to actually see stuff? Too much red? Not Text lookin' funny?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, One And All!

/Kinzmas/12 Perigee's/Hearth's Warming Eve/I'm running out of names for Christmas in other universes/halp

  Here are some of the events that will be happening today:

-Though it's a Tuesday, there will be All Day Activities.
-Spin the Super Wheel, a special wheel that can be spun only on certain holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Webkinz Day, so on and so forth)
-Get your Gift Box upon logging in and drag it to your room to see what's inside!
-Go to the Clubhouse one last time to collect the final Countdown to Christmas gift!

What's on the Super Wheel today?

-The usual 500 and 750 KinzCash points

-Neo Gothic Couch (Rare item)

-Enchanted Garden Fountain (Wish Factory Exclusive)

-Royal Reign Rug (Rare item)

-Funky Neon 'Fro (Curio Shop item; also found on the Wheel of Wishes)

-Porthole Barrel Hot Tub (expensive W-Shop item)

-Zangoz Chocolate Fountain (Wish Factory Exclusive)

What's inside this year's Gift Box? And what is the final Countdown to Christmas gift?

Check after the break to prevent spoilers. ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GanzWorld Rewards Added to Webkinz Newz

After about five days of maintenance, Webkinz Newz has been redesigned for the fourth time and with the new layout comes the new currency, Moneyz.

You will need a GanzWorld account to start the collection of Moneyz. You get 1,500 Moneyz for creating an account, and the process is free and quick.
You need to provide the following information to create an account:
-A username and password for the account
-Your date of birth
-Your e-mail address
-Your postal code. This is required so, in the event you win a contest for a physical prize, they will know where to send the prize.

None of this information except for your username can be seen by anyone else.
After account creation, you can add an avatar. You can't upload your own picture; you must choose from a selection of Webkinz pets. Additionally, you can change your password.

Your GanzWorld account allows you to collect and redeem Moneyz, and you may comment on any website in the GanzWorld 'verse. These websites include:
Webkinz Newz
Webkinz Friends news
Amazing World Newz
Nakamas Newz
Tail Town Friends Newz
The Ganz Parent Club

You can also start collecting Moneyz from the Arcade, which has many non-Webkinz games made by Ganz. Don't worry if you'd rather stick with Webkinz; it has its own tab. The Webkinz games offered are:
Eager Beaver Adventure Park
Get Eleven Solitaire
Goober's Lab
Smoothie Moves

Good news for those who were annoyed at the exclusion of the first two games to Deluxe members only; in the GanzWorld arcade they can still be played by anyone. 

Yes, but how do you get Moneyz?

You'll know if you've earned some Moneyz when a little box appears on the lower right corner of your screen. It shows up for a few moments, declares "you've earned x Moneyz", then fades away. Different activities earn you different amounts of Moneyz; I find that simply clicking around the various GanzWorld sites gets you 1 Moneyz per page.

What is the point of Moneyz?

There is a bar on the left side of the screen that says Spend Your Moneyz! Click on that and you will be taken to a little shop menu that contains a selection of items for Tail Towns Friends, Amazing World, Webkinz World, and Webkinz Friends. You can sort through a drop-down menu to search for specific games to buy items for; through this menu we see that there is an option for Nakamas though it is completely empty. For those wondering, Tail Towns Friends is a Facebook game made by Ganz.

Amazing World has ten items for sale:
-Elf Jacket for 2,000 M
-Elf Hat for 1,000 M
-White Cowboy Hat for 1,000 M
-Cool Cowboy Shirt for 800 M
-Yellow Posey Shirt for 800 M
-Purple Jean Jacket for 600 M
-Red Oven Mitts for 600 M
-Blue Gloves for 400 M
-Red Jeans for 400 M
-Green Jean Skirt for 400 M

Tail Towns Friends offers 11 items:
  • Crofter's Cottage (Straw) for 2,000 M
  • Noel: Holiday Tree (Bauble) for 500 M
  • Home Harvest Flatbed for 1,500 M
  • Red Rover Shed for 800 M
  • Red Rover Tractor for 1,000 M
  • Arctic Lil' Snome for 400 M
  • Arctic Papa Snome for 700 M
  • Delicata Squash for 100 M
  • Arctic Scotch Pine for 200 M
  • Skating Gnome for 200 M
  • Smiling Scarecrow for 600
Nakamas, despite having a menu, offers nothing as of this writing.

For Webkinz Friends, there are 9 items:
  • Red & Green Townhouse for 2,000 M
  • Hickory Clock for 1,400 M
  • North Pole Lamp Post for 1,000 M
  • Magnificent Menorah for 800 M
  • School District Sign for 700 M
  • Magic W Sign for 600
  • Yellow Marigolds for 400 M
  • Forget-Me-Nots for 300 M
  • Kinzville Street Lamp for 800 M

And finally, Webkinz World is given a selection of 8 items:
  • Hickory Clock for 3,000 M*
  • Santakinz Dining Chair for 2,500 M*
  • Enchanted Tiara for 1,500 M
  • Magnolia Tree for 2,000 M (same as W-Shop Hibiscus Tree, only with blue flowers)
  • Reindeer Slippers for 1,000 M**
  • Letter to Santakinz for 1,000 M**
  • Red Floppy Hat for 500 M***
  • White Floppy Hat for 500 M***
*formerly offered in the W-Shop Christmas Theme
**formerly a prize in the Arthur Christmas promotion (the Letter also showed up in a Peek A Newz and later a Challenge)
***formerly a prize in the Smurfs Movie promotion

surely I'm not the only one who read "moneyz" and immediately thought of Invader Zim

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas: Day 4

Day 4 of the Countdown is upon us! As always, check after the break.

Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas: Day 3

...was completely missed by yours truly because I was unable to log into WW.
placeholder image until I draw up something in reaction
Since the day has already passed, there is no way to get yesterday's gift UNLESS you trade for it or spend 2,000 eStore points (2$) to get it.

The gift for the 3rd was the Jingle Jester Hat, which you can find along with all other Countdown to Christmas gifts thus far in the Webkinz Insider Wiki.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: Day 2

If you don't want spoilers for today's Countdown to Christmas prize, don't click on the "read more" sign. Also you'll want to click out of the Message Box in Webkinz World when you log in, because it's right there.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas: Day 1

Ms. Birdy has arrived in the clubhouse!

Go to the Santakinz room and you will find her there (if you don't, wait for a few minutes--she appears, stays around for a minute, disappears, and then comes back about five minutes later). Click on her and she will give you a Countdown To Christmas prize that you can only get today.

 This event will keep going until December 25, so keep coming back daily to get all of the prizes! If you do, you'll get a bonus badge for your My Page.

2012 marks the third year in a row that this event has occurred.


Players today are also surprised to find a gift from another game of Ganz's, called Nakamas. 

This gift is a Huggy Hoodie that the player will find upon logging in. 

Check after the page break for today's prize!

On the first day of Kinzmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

REMINDER: Webkinz Newz switching from KinzCash to GanzWorld Rewards; Caring Valley Retiring

The Caring Valley is retiring.


The Caring Valley, introduced April 1, 2009, has seen a wonderful three years in Webkinz World. As of January 9, 2013, however, it will be bidding us farewell as it retires.
With the use of a Caring Valley tag (comes attached to select Webkinz pets), a Webkinz World user will be given 4 saplings. They can then go to the Valley and plant those saplings in different forests--each forest focuses on a different charity, and each sapling will donate to its respective forest's charity. Upon entering the Caring Valley tag's code to the Code Shop, the player will get a customizable tree to put in their yard. This tree is exclusive to the Caring Valley codes, and a different one is offered each month: the pet the tag comes attached to does not affect the tree. In fact, the pet code and Caring Valley code are completely separate, and you can adopt the pet first or enter the Valley code first.

Codes can still be entered and saplings can still be planted until the Caring Valley retires. Afterward, codes can still be entered, but they will only give you the tree corresponding to the month you entered the code in. 

To learn more, visit the Caring Valley entry in the Webkinz Insider Wiki.

Webkinz Newz will be changing currency tomorrow, December 12.

Since the addition of the Arcade feature about a year ago, Webkinz Newz has allowed players to collect KinzCash by playing games in the WKN site, provided they were logged into a WKN account to collect the money in. Tomorrow, however, they will be changing currency, and KinzCash will no longer be what players are given, but rather the new GanzWorld Rewards. We have no word on what the difference is other than Rewards are highly likely to be unable to be converted to KC and transferred to your WW account.

This means that all KinzCash will be cleared from WKN accounts to make way for the currency change. Please log into your WKN account and transfer any KinzCash it contains to your WW account.
This WKN article explains how to do that, along with more details.
This will have no effect on the KinzCash already in your Webkinz World account. That remains perfectly safe; have no concern.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


If you're wondering where Kei went, her computer is having troubles with Blogger and she's been unable to log in.

If you're wondering where I went, I was on vacation for most of October, writing a novel through November, and taking art classes every Tuesday for a month and a quarter, now!

If you're wondering when the next post will be, the answer is Right Now.

Otherwise, check in next Wednesday update.