Friday, August 24, 2012

October 2012 Pets Announced!

Good news for dog lovers, because this October adds 7 colorful canines to the list! (Fun Fact: this means there are 133 different Webkinz dogs! This includes Signatures and Wolves, but not Lil'Kinz...think you can name them all?)

Our first pet is the Meerkat! We actually already know how this little guy looks online, due to his image being leaked in Webkinz World's newspaper before the plush was even announced:

The second is the Grape Soda Pup, which cute and looks very cuddly, but is essentially a purple Cream Soda Pup (August 2010 release).

The third is the Spotted Spaniel, which is pretty darn cute!

The fourth is an addition to the Wolves: the Black Wolf!

October's Signature pet is the Signature African Wild Dog! Just look at those ears!

Still holding out hope for a Holiday Cat, though.

Also to be released in October is the Holiday pet for 2012: The Snowflake Pup!

And if you think that's a lot of dogs: wait, there's more! We'll also be seeing the Fall 2012 Rockerz Pets in October!

Get down with the funky Rockerz Poodle, which represents the days of disco! Note the disco ball on its tail--clever!

Next up is the Rockerz Bunny, which represents hip-hop! Get it,'s a bunny, and...bunnies hop...yeah. And yes. It actually comes with a dollar sign necklace.

The words on it say "Island Rhythm".

Or perhaps you'd rather have a Rockerz Dog, who represents reggae?

Applejack what happened to you

Or a Rockerz Horse, who represents country and has a very pretty design?

By now, there are pets for the following genres:
  • Reggae/Dog
  • Country/Horse
  • Hip-Hop/Rabbit
  • Disco/Poodle
  • Punk/Monkey/Cat
  • Pop/Papillion
  • Indie/Cow
  • Rock/Lion
  • Metal(?)/Bulldog
  • Pop2/A dog with a stunning resemblance to a certain purple-clad individual with a large following of preteen females

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Updates: August 1, 2012

The second half of the Beach House Theme has been added to the W-Shop.

What about that boat closet (fridge?) next to the TV, and the chest under the mirror? We don't know where to find either.
The second half of the theme includes:
Beach House Beachview Window--450 KC Floor-to-ceiling, goes inside the wall, and even comes with two free plants!
Beach House Buoy Mirror--300 KC As usual for mirrors, it's much too high on the wall for your pet to see into it...but unusual for mirrors, it's actually pretty decently sized!
Beach House TV and Stand--650 KC A surprisingly cheap television for its design, it's kind of a wonder that it doesn't fall off of its stand but your pet is sure to love it anyway!
Inground Lap Pool--1,400 KC The most expensive item in the theme, it takes up  4x4 tiles (which is a lot of space, actually) and cannot be rotated. But, it goes indoors, outdoors, and underwater, is animated (you see the water rippling), and your pet can swim around in it! Plus, it only costs virtual money--all-in-all, it's a great deal.
I'm sorry about the horrible quality; this is the best I can do. At least you can understand the basics?
Here, have an animated GIF of it in action! 
Weathered Wood Bed--700 KC Because a theme is never complete until it has a bed!
Weathered Wood Dresser--450 KC It holds 8 articles of clothing.

Total cost of Beach House Theme: 6,820 KC

Ways to Save

  • Don't buy the Hot Tub or the Pool. You'll save 2,150 KC for that.
  • Use Coupons, of course.
  • Use the Funky Girl Wallpaper instead of the Beach House Wallpaper. The Funky Girl walls look almost identical to the Beach House walls, but cost 150 KC less.
  • Use the White Pine Wood flooring instead. It costs 150 KC less and is brighter, but less weathered.
  • Combine pieces of the plain Beach theme and Blue and White Striped furniture pieces. Both themes will blend with this one, and they were made earlier, so they're cheaper. 
  • See what PSI's you can match with this.
  • Do the Beach House Theme Peek-A-Newz at Webkinz Newz, so you can get free furniture pieces from this theme and maybe some exclusive pieces, too!