Sunday, July 29, 2012

PSI and PSF Posted for September 2012 Holstein Cow and Tie Dyed Pony

 Welcome to Webkinz World, where we guarantee that you will always have a commute to wherever you need to go because there are a ton of cars. Your perishables...will never perish, because you are unable to escape the fridges! Today, we'll be demonstrating the use of those items in the September 2012 Holstein Cow's and Tie Dyed Pony's PSI.

 The Tie Dyed Pony comes with a Tie Dyed Pickup Truck* and some Fruity Oat Cereal for breakfast!
*It's clearly not tie dyed, though. For starters, that would require taking bits of the truck and tying them up in rubber bands.

The Holstein Cow is...well, another cow. This is an opinion blog of sorts, so I'll say now that I honestly dislike its face very much. The smile and the eyebrows make it look like it's worriedly forcing a smile.
It comes with an Udderly Delicious Sundae (tee hee) PSF, and a Milk Jug Fridge PSI. Not to be confused with the Chocolate Milk Fridge, the PSI for the Brown Cow which was released (and retired, apparently) on November 28, 2008.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Theme Added to W-Shop: Beach House Theme

In yesterday's Wednesday update, a new and completely unexpected theme was added to the W-Shop! Behold: The Beach House theme!

The Beach House theme brings a refreshing and simple atmosphere to the room, using only two shades of brown, teal, white, and blue, with occasional golden and turquoise accents. The furniture is all weathered, but clean. Can't you just smell the sea salt in the air?

The theme contains the following items thus far:
Beach House Wallpaper/Flooring: 250 KC each
Weathered Wood End Table: 280 KC
Weathered Wood Coffee Table: 440 KC
Porthole Barrel Hot Tub: 750 KC
Beach House Striped Chair: 350 KC
Beach House Striped Couch: 550 KC
Total cost:  2,870 KC

The next half of the theme should be in by the next Wednesday update on August 1, but in the meantime, you could try adding the classic Blue Striped Bed/Table/Dresser to the room, or maybe mixing it with the Green Leaf theme, which is already meant to be part of a cabana resort, for a sort of a water/earth feel. Experiment!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Updates 7/18/12

The Berry Festival begins today!

As you may have heard from Webkinz Newz, today marks the beginning of the Berry Festival! This festival starts today, July 18, and ends on July 29.

During this festival, the following events will occur:
  • Floating berries in Webkinz World! Wait for one to fly across the screen, then click on it for a delicious Berry. They actually fly by rather quickly and closely in between, and there are different ones each time they fly! (just take note; they fly by while playing Jumbleberry Fields, too, and if you click on one there expect a 5 minute Please Wait...break)
  • Floating berries in Webkinz Newz, too! Here's their schedule; a new one flies each day in a cycle of Polar Berry, Jumbleberry, Sugarberry, Goo-Goo Berry, Pickleberry, and Moonberry. This click-to-win runs until July 29!
  • They also moved Jumbleberry Fields to the top of the list of Arcade games.

Jumbleberry Fields finally received an update!

You can now buy Bonus Plays.

One bonus play costs 1.50$, 3 bonus plays cost 3.00$. (in eStore points)

You can choose your own prizes now, and they added new prizes!

No more will Webkinz World players have to wonder if they just spent the last month collecting Moonberries just to receive a duplicate prize! No longer will their Jumbleberry-themed room go unfinished because of a wrong prize! And in fact, they can add to those rooms, because there are new prizes!
Not only that, but you can see what prizes there are, too! Once you complete your daily play of Jumbleberry Fields and are taken to your collection of jars, you can click on the "Show Prizes!" button. Then click on any jar to see what prizes you can get from it!

Here are the new prizes for each jar:


Weathered Barn Bench; Jumbleberry Helmet


Fresh Baked Sugarberry Pie; Sugarberry Bean Bag Chair


Jam Maker's Sink; Jam Maker's Fridge


Moonberry Pantry; Moonberry Greenhouse

And now to answer some questions!

Anonymous asks...
"What do you do at the Webkinz Road Trip?"
Lots of things! The events seem to change with each stop the Van makes, but we do know that there are Zumbuddy tosses, Mazin' Hamster Pachinko, Hula Hoop contests, a Hug a Pug dance, Webkinz Trivia, and  a lot more! You can get prizes from almost everything, and people who have gone have brought back at least a couple of boxes of Webkinz plushes, Kinz Klips, Zums, stickers, and trading cards! If the event is held at a toy store, the store sometimes puts their Webkinz on discount for the event, and the van sells 5$ full-sized Webkinz, along with the month's new Webkinz pets, too!

Kat the Cat asks...
"Where's the KinzCash Club?"
Keilee's been busy lately and hasn't been able to update it.

Anonymous asks in regards to the Webkinz free demo accounts...
"I really want to know if you keep the trial pet."
I've had my account since March 22, and it and my Cat, Lettie, are doing fine. I am very much doubting that demo accounts expire, and I know that if you adopt a new pet onto it, that the account is granted full account privileges and you get to keep your Domestic Cat or Mutt.

Brittney asks in regards to the Webkinz Road Trip van...
"Can you come to NC+?"
We have no control over anything Webkinz-related--we're just in charge of this blog and our accounts.