Monday, January 30, 2012

Webkinz Cuddly Koala and Signature Bengal Cat PSI and PSF Revealed!

Webkinz Newz has posted an article revealing the PSI and PSF of two March 2012 Webkinz: the Signature Bengal Cat, and the Cuddly Koala. 

The Cuddly Koala comes with Eucalyptus Tea (PSF), and a Koala Clothing Package (PSI) with currently unknown contents.
The solid pink, glittery fur of this Koala is still not appealing to me. I'm a little curious to see what the clothing it comes with is--I think it's some sort of dress. 6/10

The Signature Bengal Cat comes with a Wild Salmon Souffle (PSF) and Cozy Canopy Bed (PSI).
Ah, how pretty! That's one of the best PSI's I've seen so far for 2012, its fur pattern is lovely, and its PSF looks yummy. 9/10!
The article for this pet adds a somewhat confusing line, however...
Keep an eye on Webkinz Newz for details on where and when you can get this adorable virtual pet!

I think the WKN authors got a little confused there. Strangely enough, a similar line was found in the Welsh Corgi's PSI and PSF article...

Keep checking in with Webkinz Newz for details on how to get this great virtual pet!

However, their articles are not tagged with a "virtual" tag, so these are still definitely plush pets...Yeah. I'm as puzzled as you are.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Webkinz Welsh Corgi PSI and PSF Revealed!

The PSI and PSF for the Webkinz Welsh Corgi, a March 2012 pet, have been revealed at Webkinz Newz.
It's a cute one, looks a little square but it is a stocky dog in real life. It comes with a PSI of a Royal Guard Station, and a PSF of a Ewe Stew. The PSI is neat. Overall, I give this pet...9/10.

Friday, January 27, 2012

PSI and PSF of Webkinz Radiant Rhino Revealed!

The PSI and PSF for the Webkinz Radiant Rhino, which will be released in March 2012, have been revealed.

This sparkling pet comes with a PSI of a Sunny Savannah Window, and a PSF of a Sparkling Soda.

I am admittedly somewhat irritated by its ears being disproportionately small to its head, the result being that it looks slightly rabbit-y, but otherwise it's pretty cute. The PSI is pretty, though not incredibly unique, and the same goes for the PSF. Overall, I give this pet a 7/10.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ganz Releases Sneak Peek of Webkinz Clover Lion at Webkinz Newz

Ganz has released news about the Webkinz Clover Lion, a virtual St. Patrick's day pet.
It comes with a PSI of a Hidden Clover Den, and a PSF of a Lucky Medallion Steak.

What a clever pet this is, with its clover for a mane! Place it in a room with the Sunflower and Poinsettia Lions, and you can make a small garden. I wonder if this is a subtle hint towards what next year's series of monthly themed pets is?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Webkinz Curly Camel PSI and PSF Revealed!

The PSI and PSF of the Webkinz Curly Camel, a new pet that will be released in March 2012, have been revealed at Webkinz Newz. This sweet camel will come with a Sand Dune Den PSI, and a Mirage Milkshake PSF.

Very good work on the PSF! It makes me want some ice cream now. 9/10!
The PSI is well designed, I love the little cacti everywhere. 9/10
The Camel itself is great! It's silly little smile is really cute. 10/10!
Not to mention, the box design is great. Why can't we keep the boxes for our pets as some sort of decoration?  The designs are awesome.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sneak Peek of Webkinz Signature Bengal Cat and Adventure Park Valentine's Quest Grand Prize

The Signature Bengal Cat will come to stores in March 2012! What beautiful eyes and markings it has.

Also, Ganz has announced a sneak peek of what the grand prize for the Adventure Park Valentine's Quest is...

The Chocolate Factory Machine! Remember, the Valentine's Quest can be played by any Webkinz World member, regardless of if they have an Adventure Park pet or not!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WKN Posts Sneak Peek of Webkinz Cuddly Koala

The Cuddly Koala pet will be in stores March 2012.

I find it to be much too pink and sparkly for my liking. Perhaps if the sparkles around its eyes were removed, and more colors were added so it wouldn't be entirely pink, then I would like it more. Still interested to see what its PSI and PSF are.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Plush Image of Webkinz Welsh Corgi Posted at Webkinz Newz

The Webkinz Welsh Corgi will be in stores March 2012! It's perfectly made, with its big, perky ears, fluffy fur, shining round eyes, and short, small stature. I can't wait to find one in stores!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Molly's Sweet Tooth Challenge Information

Challenge 1: Molly's Sweet Tooth
Is your pet crazy for candy like Molly? 
  • Earn a total of 500 points playing Operation Gumball at the Arcade
  • Feed your pet 3 Sugarberries from Jumbleberry Fields
  • Earn a total of 30 KinzCash playing Candy Bash in the Arcade
Prize: Magic W Sour Gumball [food, a candy from the Halloween Clubhouse Clicker Ghost] 

WKN Announces A New Adventure Park Quest for Any WW Member to Play!

Ganz has posted an article recently at Webkinz Newz.
As you may know, the Adventure Park is a place added to WW back in August 2011. However, only owners of a Chimpanzee, Spotted Frog, Koala, Pink Pony, Mud Hippo, or Spotted Leopard could enter, and only those who had adopted those pets after August 2011 could participate in the quests. Later on, Ganz added the Husky, Fox, and Velvety Elephant to the Adventure Park, but again, only those who adopted them after October 2011 could use them in quests. Of course, WW fans were quite annoyed by this, especially those who already owned all of those pets and couldn't/wouldn't buy another one of the same pet.

Well, that is momentarily no longer an issue! Ganz has announced that, for the entire month of February, ALL Webkinz World members will be able to access the Adventure Park to play the Valentine's Quest! So no matter what pet you own or when it was adopted, you'll be able to play this quest! What great news this is!

WKN Posts Sneak Peek of Webkinz Radiant Rhino

The Webkinz Radiant Rhino will be in stores March 2012.

The electric blue is an awesome color on this pet. However, its sparkly tail and feet look a little out of place.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Updates 18/1/12

As promised, the new game, "Scrambled", is out in the Arcade for all to play. 
I express slight concern for the omelet-making chickens.

Valarie VonScribe at Webkinz Newz has posted a how-to video, in case you need a little bit of help. 
In this new game, players are given the role of a chef for a restaurant, serving omelets to hungry Webkinz customers. You earn 1 KinzCash per every 40 points. 
You are given a flat of 12 eggs at the beginning of each level, and they don't regenerate until the start of the next level, so try not to waste them! 

This is what the layout will look like.

At the beginning of each level, a customer will arrive. Click on the customer to get their order.
Wherever the customer sits is where their order appears on that metal clipboard ring up there--for instance, a customer sitting on the far left side of the screen will have their order appear on the far left side of the ring.

Now that you know the customer's order, you can begin to make it. First, click on the egg flat to put the egg in the blender. (the eggshells automatically move to the trashcan under the counter.
Next, click on the bowl with whatever filling the customer wants for their omelet. In this case, it's onion, so click on the bowl with green chunks in it, and it will be added to the blender. Finally, click on the blender to mix it up, and click on the grill in front of your pet to start frying.

At first the omelet will look like this. After a few seconds, it will turn golden brown. Click on it when it does to fold it in half, and wait until it turns golden brown again. Then, click on the customer who ordered that omelet to give it to them.
Now you have served the first customer! Repeat these steps for every customer.
Some tricks I have discovered are:
Put the filling in the blender before the eggs to save a few seconds of time.
You can multitask. For instance, take an order while mixing up the omelet, and serve the omelet to a customer while preparing another one.
If your memory is good, you can try to fry multiple omelets at the same time.
If frying multiple omelets, don't serve one to a customer while pouring another onto the grill. You'll lose the omelet you've just poured.
You can blend the omelet before the filling is all the way to the blender.

Unlike what I previously thought, the customers in the game are totally randomized Webkinz, not some of your own. However, the pet you're playing as is the chef. The game is a good choice for those who play games for KinzCash, however, it can get pretty confusing very quickly. Practice will be key for this game! 
Remember that you get a neat trophy if you get past Level 10. 

To celebrate this new game, Webkinz Newz is having a Click-To-Win. Daily from Jan. 19-27, 2012, (excepting Jan. 21 and 26) watch for a flying omelet at Webkinz Newz. Click on it and fill in the form to win an Omelet, Egg Chair, or Egg T-Shirt! Exciting!
Here they are!

The Clubhouse has been updated, and The Classroom has been added.
Unfortunately, with the new layout, you cannot choose what room number you end up in, as it appears that this system has been done away with entirely and everybody ends up in the same room. 

I've made a list of the gains and losses from this new system.

There are more items added to the Winter 2012 KinzStyle Outlet line.

These items are:
  • Blue Earmuffs (120 KC)
  • Embellished Foldover Boot (170 KC)
  • Flannel Cuff Khakis (210 KC)
  • Fuzzy Winter Hat (90 KC)
  • Lime Bubble Coat (160 KC)
  • Mock Neck Sweater (140 KC)
  • Polar Fleece Coat (150 KC)
  • Sequin Hemmed Jeans (200 KC)
  • Stay Warm Sweater (250 KC)
Goodness, it's expensive for a Webkinz to stay warm in style. 

Three new Challenges have been added. 
 They are the Jungle Safari Challenge, CampKinz Counselor in Training Challenge, and CampKinz Counselor. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plush Image of New Webkinz "Curly Camel" Posted at Webkinz Newz!

This cute camel will be in stores March 2012!
We'll have to wait a few weeks to see what its PSI, PSF, and virtual image are. Until then, I'll just be fawning over how adorable this Curly Camel is! (despite its lack of curls.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ganz Posts PSI and PSF of Webkinz Cosmic Bear

I, for one, welcome the Mystic Moon Bear's twin.
Webkinz Newz has just posted the PSI and PSF of another virtual pet, the Cosmic Bear. (or the Purple Mystic Moon Bear, if you'd prefer. I say they're twins.) It comes with a Levitating Loveseat PSI, and Moon Rock Candy PSF. The Mystic Moon Bear was only available with the purchase of 75,000 eStore points (75 US dollars), plus it was only around from August 8-11 2011, so let's hope that this will be a much cheaper choice!

I think this is a beautiful pet, even if it's basically a purple Mystic Moon Bear. I find purple to be a more flattering color on this bear anyway! And that is one pretty PSI. Applause!

Webkinz Newz Posts Sneak Peek of Updated Clubhouse Coming 18/1/12

Their account has 1 hundred million, one hundred and thirty-six thousand, six hundred and eighty Kinz Cash. What is this I don't even

Webkinz Newz has recently posted a sneak-peek of the new Clubhouse layout, seen above. This new layout will include color-coded rooms, coded by the color of the thumbtack; a room previewer, demonstrated below; and more rooms, one of which, The Classroom, we can already see. I'm hoping that, based on the extra space added to the board, that this will allow more rooms to be added without getting rid of currently existing ones.

It also appears that pets will be given more phrases to say. And, this could just be looking too hard, but see those items in the player's dock? They're all FSI (figure specific items). Could this be a secret sneak-peek of future Treasure Hunt prizes in the future? If so, then we'll all be able to search for Series 1 figurines. Provided this is true, then be prepared to find, in order of appearance--Summer Vacation Dalmatian figure, KinzPinz Panda figure, Soccer Star Chocolate Lab figure, Cool and Casual Pinto figure, Happy Birthday Cheeky Monkey figure, and Fire Chief Elephant figure.
Or I could be thinking too hard, and the player just likes to collect chairs. ^ ^

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Webkinz Newz Posts PSI and PSF of Chillaxin Penguin

WKN has recently posted the PSI and PSF for another unannounced pet, the Chillaxin Penguin. Once again, this pet has no information posted about them other than their PSI (Arctic Airplane) and PSF (Frosty Sardine). Stay tuned for when we figure out how this pet is obtained.

I'm fond of the flower on its belly, and of the sparkles on its head, flippers, and feet. And that's one of the most creatively drawn PSFs I've seen in a while! Great job, Webkinz designers.

Sparky's Challenge Information

Challenge 1: Sparky's Challenge
Can you beat Sparky's high scores at the Webkinz Arcade? 
  • Achieve a score of 2,000 points or higher playing Goober's Lab in the Arcade [you must achieve this score all in one go, however this is fairly easy to do]
  • Earn a total of 25 KinzCash playing Where's Wacky in the Arcade
  • Take a break! Feed your pet 10 glasses of Chocolate Milk
Prize: Trading Card Game Hat [otherwise found from Series 1 Trading Card codes]

Challenge 2: You can do it!
Beat Sparky at his own game!
  • Earn a total of 30 KinzCash playing Hoppy Little Rocket in the Arcade
  • Earn a total of 50 playing Polar Plunge in the Arcade
  • Make 10 wishes at Wishing Well 2 in the Arcade
Prize: Trading Card Game Pants [otherwise found from Series 1 Trading Card codes] 
Challenge 3: Keep Playing!
Time for a vacation...
  • Earn a total of 50 KinzCash playing Treasures of the Crystal Sea on your next Tropical Island Vacation
  • Achieve a score of 1,500 points or higher playing Pinky's Big Adventure in the Arcade
  • Spin the Wheel of Wow 3 times
Prize:  Trading Card Game Jacket; Trading Card Game Shoes [otherwise found from Series 1 Trading Card codes]

WKN Offers Sneak Peek of New Arcade Game: "Scrambled"

Webkinz Newz has just posted a preview of a new Arcade game, "Scrambled", coming to WW this Wednesday, January 18, 2012. 
Why on Earth you would need a blender to make an omelet is beyond me...
 It appears that the gameplay for this new game is a combination of Pizza Palace (fast-paced restaurant theme) and the Cooking class at the Kinzville Academy (waiting until the omelet cooks just right). It seems that whatever pet you're playing as will act as the chef and cashier, and that completely randomized pets (perhaps some of your own?) will be the customers. We do know that you get 1 KinzCash per every 40 points earned, which could make this a good game to play if you play Arcade games for profit. It has also been confirmed that after passing the 10th level, the player will be given a trophy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ganz Announces Retirement of 3 Exclusive Items

Ganz has announced the retirement of 3 Exclusive items.

 The Exclusive Items set for retirement are:
The Elephant Fountain, the oldest EI still available!
A mistake in the WKN article claimed that the Elephant Statue was to retire, which would be
impossible, as there is no item in WW with that exact name. The closest thing to it would be the Stone Elephant Statue,
an EI from 2005-May 2006, and brought back as an eStore Replica in 2009. This error caused some puzzlement amongst fans, but it appears to have been corrected.
Upon the retirement of this item, the oldest Exclusive Item still available will become the 4-Wheel ATV and the Disco Ball, both introduced June 30, 2007.

The Wading Pool, an item that has been around since October 1, 2008.

And the Farm Tractor, an item that was introduced May 16, 2008.

These items are scheduled to be retired on the February 1, 2012 Wednesday update, so snag them while you can!
And how to get these items? There's five ways:
  • Adopt a pet, and a random current Exclusive Item will be given to you (excludes the adoption of the first pet on that account)
  • Stop by the Trading Room and maybe you'll get one in a trade
  • Spin the Super Wheel on any of the days it's available, and perhaps you'll win one there
  • Make a Wish of the Day at the Wish Factory and, if you're randomly selected to win that EI, you'll get it
  • Or, the easiest way that is 100% certain to get the exact EI you'd like, just use your Wish Tokens at the Wish Factory.

Snowy Summit Wolf PSI and PSF Revealed!

Ganz has recently posted the PSI and PSF of a previously unannounced pet, the Snowy Summit Wolf, at WKN.
This wintery wolf comes with a Snowy Mountain Peak PSI and a Wolf Pack Snack PSF. No further details on this pet have been given, other than a note saying "keep your eyes on Webkinz Newz for more details on how to acquire this pet".

It's a neat pet, and I love its tiny fangs and the snow piled atop its head, but I'm starting to notice that there's a long line of pets with mountain PSIs. I guess it's good if you're making a mountainous forest room?

All Day Activity for POTM Reindeer Owners, for some reason

Webkinz World players who check the Daily Activities page should find that there is an all day activity, Bonus Token Balloon Darts, for those who own the POTM, the Reindeer.
The only problem with this is that the Reindeer was December 2011's POTM. The current Pet of the Month is the Grey Langur, for which no activities have appeared for today. 
Perhaps this is the result of an error in coding that caused a lineup of events in December to appear today. Or it could be intentional, as I participated in the event without any errors. Maybe this is something Ganz has prepared for the upcoming months--allowing a day for the previous POTM? I find it to be rather strange, what do you think?

Winterfest 2012 Challenge Information

Nevermind, I was wrong. There's 3 sets of tasks in this Challenge.
Challenge 1: It's Winterfest in Kinzville!
You have until January 31st to complete this Challenge
  • The snow has fallen in let's play! Ask your friends for 10 Snowballs!
  • Avoid the Yetis! Earn a total of 2,000 points playing Polarberry Jam in the Arcade
  • Make a winter themed room! Buy any 3 items from the Winter Wonderland theme at the W-Shop
Prize: Gingersnap Snowflake Cookie [Winterfest 2010 food item]; Trippple Hot Cocoa [recipe food]  

Challenge 2: Hit The Slopes!
You have until January 31st to complete this Challenge
  •   Head to the hills...ask your friends for 10 Lift Passes
  • Go sledding with your pet! Earn a total of 2,500 points playing Polar Plunge in the Arcade
  • Dress warmly...Earn a total of 25 KinzCash playing Waddell's Icecap Adventures
Prize: 100 KinzCash, Winter Wreath [Figure Specific Item]
 Challenge 3: Escape The Cold!
You have until January 31st to complete this Challenge
  • Head to the Tropical Island...Earn a total score of 1,000 points playing Treasures of the Crystal Sea
  • Buy any souvenir from Sheldon's Souvenir Shack
  • Don't get a sun burn...ask your friends for 10 bottles of Sunscreen
Prize: Arctic Tundra Wallpaper; Arctic Tundra Flooring [otherwise found from adopting a Signature Endangered Polar Bear]

Friday, January 13, 2012

CampKinz Cookout Challenge Information

Challenge 1: CampKinz Cookout
Send your pet to camp!

  • Pack your bags...purchase the Dynamic Dancer's Duffel from the W-Shop.
  • Be prepared for the outdoors...ask your friends for 5 Camping Guidebooks.*
  • Practice your first aid skills...Successfully complete the Dr. Quack's Assistant job at the Employment Office.

Prize: Camp Kinz T-Shirt [possible item to be received in return for sending a gift via KinzPost to Arte]; CampKinz First Aid Kit [W-Shop item, decorative]

*This works just like you would ask a friend for an item for the Snow Day Challenge.  
Challenge 2: Go On A Canoe Trip With Your Pet!
Try and find the perfect campsite...
  • Make it through the swamp...earn a total of 20 KinzCash playing Lily Padz 2 in the Arcade
  • What an adventure! Earn a total score of 2,000 points playing  Zacky's Quest in the Arcade
  • Set up camp...Ask your friends for 8 Tent Pegs
Prize: Life Jacket [when a pet retires, there's a Count the Sailboats game for that day and this is a possible prize from it]; CampKinz Flag Pole [W-Shop item] 
Challenge 3: Build A Campfire
It's almost dinner time...
  • Collect some kindling...Ask your friends for 10 Twigs 
  • You'll need some firewood...Ask your friends for 10 Logs 
  • Tell some stories around the campfire...Purchase The Kinzville Caper Storybook from the W-Shop
Prize: Camp Kinz Canoe Paddles; Camp Kinz Lantern [W-Shop items]

Challenge 4: Cook By The Fire
I love canoe trips!
  •  Get cooking...Make a snack for your pet using a stove, sandwich maker, or blender
  • Earn a total of 25 KinzCash playing Picnic in the Arcade
  • mmmmmm...Ask your friends for 12 Roasted Marshmallows
Prize: Calming Campfire Stove [Challenge Specific Prize originally intended to be a gift for adopting any Signature Endangered pet]; Marshmallows [W-Shop food]

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cover Girl Challenge Information

Challenge 1: Take part in the Webkinz World Beauty Pageant!
Pamper your pet.
  • Send your pet to the Spa
  • Feed your pet 10 glasses of Pink Lemonade from the W-Shop
  • Win a game of SuperModelz at the Tournament Arena
Prize: Fashion Magazines [formerly a prize from the Jessie promotion] 

Challenge 2: Pick the Perfect Outfit!
Design the perfect outfit for your pet to wear on the runway.
  • Buy a new dress or skirt for your pet from the KinzStyle Outlet
  • Buy any 3 items from the Bloomin' Room theme at the W-Shop
  • Use the Clothing Machine at the KinzStyle Outlet [even if your end result is patchwork clothing, it'll count]
  • Prize: Webkinz Tiara [challenge-specific prize]
Challenge 3: Walk the Runway
Your pet is ready to compete!
  •    Walk the runway in the Clubhouse [to do this, you need to go into a Clubhouse Runway Room with 3 or more Webkinz in it, then click on the runway.]
  • Compete in any Beauty Pageant Competition at the Webkinz Stadium
  •  Drag and drop the Prima Ballerina Trophy Case into your pet's room
Prize: Webkinz Gown [challenge-specific prize] 

Winterfest Extended by 2 Days, Winterfest Challenge to be Added

Webkinz Newz has just posted an article that concerns Winterfest 2012. Due to the unexpected WW downtime on Tuesday, Winterfest will run until January 15, 2012, rather than January 13, 2012. This not only means two more days of Snowflake fun, it also means Webkinz fans get a chance to catch 20 more snowflakes. As you may know, there's a limit to 5 snowflakes per account on weekdays, but on weekends, you can catch 10! So, if you attend every day of Winterfest this year, you will have 65 prizes to eat, wear, and decorate with! (or throw in a storage bin so you can trade them in 4 years, or to sell for a large sum, if you'd rather do that.)
That's not all! Webkinz World players who log into their accounts this weekend will be given a free Winterfest Party Pack.
And last but not least, there will be a new Winterfest 2012 Challenge added to Webkinz World this weekend. Judging by this WKN article, which contains a video that tells what the prize for this Challenge is, there is only one set of tasks for this Challenge, but of course we will have to wait and see to make sure.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ganz Releases Sneak Peeks of 3 New Exclusive Items on Facebook

Ganz has released sneak peeks of 3 Exclusive Items that are scheduled to appear in the January 18th update. They are the Medieval Torch, Clothing Rack, and Time Machine. Also shown in this picture is the Sig. End. Bengal Tiger, modeling for the KinzStyle Outlet, and some flooring and wallpaper that has never been seen before, causing fans to wonder if we're getting a Valentine's Day theme this year. Will this be so? We'll have to find out.

Rest of Winter 2012 Clothing Line Revealed at Webkinz Newz

That is all.

More specifically, Blue Earmuffs. The other articles of clothing in this picture are Embellished Foldover Boot, Stay Warm Sweater, Sequin Hemmed Jeans, Lime Bubble Coat, Polar Fleece Coat, Mock Neck Sweater, Flannel Cuff Khakis and Fuzzy Winter Hat.

KinzChat Phones Working Again

Following the return of Webkinz World yesterday, fans were disappointed to find that their KinzChat phones were out of order. Recently, the phones were working again! Keep in mind that not everybody's phones are in proper working order again, so we'll have to wait a little bit longer for everything to be perfectly working.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All Webkinz Sites Up And Running Again

Webkinz Newz went back online shortly before Webkinz World and the Ganz eStore, which both went online at around 4:00 PM KinzTime. However, Webkinz fans who would like to visit the Clubhouse cannot, as the KinzChat phones are not working for anyone. Hopefully, this will be fixed promptly.

Webkinz World, Webkinz Newz, Ganz eStore are all Temporarily Offline

Webkinz World fans who try to visit any WW sites will find that they cannot. The page will either barely load, or their browser will tell them that the page does not exist. No need for panic! Webkinz World is not shutting down! The problem is being caused by the network switching on the Internet. Ganz's Network Operations team is working on the problem, and they are working with their upstream network provider to get a hardware replacement to serve the issue. Please be patient until this problem is fixed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Before you go any further--this play will be performed live at the Kinzville Park's theater. A photographer will be recording the whole thing, and the show will be posted to Webkinz Insider. (this is a Webkinz forum that we frequent. Consider stopping by, it's a fun, safe place to be)

Auditions will be held no later than 10 days after the actor submits their form.
The rest of the schedule will be worked out after we get a sufficient amount of roles filled.
We will have a dress rehearsal (running through the whole play, in costume, without pausing to check lines or blocking) the day before the performance.



1. Don't just fill out the form because you're bored. An actor without commitment makes not for an efficiently run play.
2. The entirety of this play takes place in the Kinzville Park. If you have a really slow computer or Internet speed, then keep this in mind!
3. You must have KinzChat+, no exceptions.
4. Have Fun!

Rehearsal and Play Rules

1. If you must miss a practice, we completely understand. However, you must notify me or Keilee at least 24 hours prior to the day you'll be absent.
2. You will not have lots of lines (this is KinzChat+ we're talking about, we don't want it to get tedious), but please learn the ones you do have. If somebody fills the spot, Script Assistance will be able to help you out.
3. In the event of a sudden tragedy, illness, injury, or explosion of schoolwork that prevents you from being in this play, you are excused. Webkinz World is not more important than the real one.


WI Username: (leave this space blank if you're not a Webkinz Insider member)
WW Username:
Name, gender, breed/species, and type (Signature, Lil'Kinz) of pet auditioning:
Role pet is auditioning for:
Provided your pet does not get the part they auditioned for, will they be willing to take another?
And if they can't act in the play, will they help out backstage?
We have a waiting list that a pet is put on if all the spots are filled. In the event that your pet auditions but cannot get in anywhere, would you like to put them on the waiting list?

There are five roles that all must be filled. Little Red Riding Hood is off to visit her grandmother in the forest, sent there, by her mother, with a basket of treats in hand. Red's mother warns her not to stray off the path or talk to strangers, but Red almost immediately disobeys. The Big Bad Wolf wants the treats in the basket for himself, so he sneaks ahead to the Grandmother's house to try to steal the basket. Grandmother is frightened, and runs into the woods. Meanwhile, Red has come to the house, where the wolf is pretending to be Grandmother. Red is fooled, and is forced to surrender the basket of treats. However, Grandmother had run right by a Lumberjack, who, after hearing her crazy babble about wolves in her house, decides to hire himself out as an exterminator, and goes to get the wolf. Lumberjack barges into Grandmother's house right as the wolf is about to eat the basket of food. Lumberjack scares the wolf and chases him away, never to bother them again. And they all have tea. The end. The Narrator describes what's happening, due to the lack of scenery.

Narrator: This role can be filled by literally any Webkinz, but keep in mind that this role has a lot of lines. The actor will never leave the stage.

Little Red Riding Hood: A female, a Lil'Kinz is acceptable, does not have to be red or pink. This role is open, however if it cannot be filled, one of Carmen's pets will happily take the role. Keep in mind that this role requires the Little Red Riding Hood costume from the eStore.

Grandmother: Any female pet may audition, but if the pet could be a Shih Tzu, Shar Pei, Pug, Sterling Cheeky Cat, or Persian Cat, that would be preferred.

Lumberjack: Please audition with a pet that would suit the role best. A working breed of dog such as the German Shepard would be great. A female pet is acceptable.

The Big Bad Wolf: So please audition with one. A male Dire Wolf would be perfect, a (non-signature) Husky would be acceptable, but no poodles and the like.

Red's Mother: Preferably a feminine pet--anything with pink fur or a bow would be excellent. Please audition as a full sized Webkinz, a Signature will work.

You may also volunteer to help out backstage. Ways you can help include:
Backstage Help: These Webbies will watch the show and, when they notice the right cue, will run from the auditorium to the backstage area to alert the appropriate actor to head for the stage.
Photographer: This play will be photographed for those on Webkinz Insider to watch at any time. Please do not volunteer for this if you are an actor, as you will be constantly pausing to take a picture.
Script Assistance: This pet will be watching the show, with the script in another window, or printed out and in their hand. When an actor calls for a line, Script Assistance will give it to them. This pet will be called to all rehearsals, and can just watch as part of the audience during the real show.

We have planned out the costumes for each part. However, if you believe that you can improve upon one, please notify us with the advised modification, and it will be taken into account.
Every costume costs less than 370 KC. If you are unable to afford that, then please refer to the above note.
You must provide your own costumes.

Narrator: The Narrator can wear either a tuxedo, complete with a top hat, or a Tan Suit Jacket and Pants, with a Detective Hat [clothing machine item, made with Tan Suit Jacket, Blue Ball Cap, and Red Ball Cap]. This costume costs 325 Kinz Cash for the Tuxedo option, or 285 for the Detective Hat option.

Little Red Riding Hood: If you happen to possess the Little Red Riding Hood outfit [dress, hood, shoes, eStore items that were also available in a Hoodwinked promotion], then that would be spot on. Otherwise, wear a Fall Floral Skirt, Red T-Shirt, Red Bow, and Red Mary Janes.
This costume is free if you got it from the Hoodwinked promotion, but if you buy it from the eStore, it's 5,000 points (4,000 for Deluxe members). If you prefer the Outlet alternative, that would be 235 KinzCash.

Grandmother: Wear the Fall Floral Dress and Penny Loafers. Glasses are optional, but if you choose to wear them, go for the Mrs. Santakinz glasses. This outfit costs 290 KinzCash.

Big Bad Wolf: Requires no costume.

Woodsman: If you own the Lumberjack Coat and Hat, plus the Woolly Galoshes [all Fall Fest 2011 items], then that would be perfect. Otherwise, wear the Boy's Plaid Shirt, plain ol' blue Jeans, Worker Boots, and Aviator Hat. The Fall Fest outfit is, of course, free, but the Outlet outfit is 277 KinzCash.

Red's Mother: Wear the Sweater Dress, and Academy Mary Janes. This outfit costs 365 KC.

If your pet doesn't get a role, it's not because we don't like you or your pet. Sometimes, one pet will be better suited for the role than another. The pets that don't get in will be put on a list, and the role will be given to them if the original actor cannot take the role. This is not the only audition thread around, and it is certainly not the last one. If you really wanted to help out, then consult volunteering backstage!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winterfest Started

The wonderful Winterfest is back, bringing amazing winter items. The winterfest started Jan 7th, and will end Jan 13th. There are ten amazing wintery  items. There are five new items and five old items. There is a limit to the amount of Items you may get per day. You may only get 10 items on weekends and 5 items on weekdays. Once you reach the limit of items the snowflakes stop falling in your account.

Here are the new items: Snowy face stickers, Icicle popsicle, Snow Globe Hat,
Snow Angel Cookie,Winterfest Pyjama Pants.
The old items are: the hoodie, snowman cookie, winter wind chimes and the wintery window. 

Also coming back this year is the icy potted flower.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lights...Camera...Action! Challenge Information

This is a fairly demanding challenge, with 4 sets of rather large tasks...or so one would think, but the remaining three sets of tasks are really simple.
Challenge 1: Lights...Camera...Action!
Help your pet become a movie director by raising funds for their film!
  • Earn a total of 40 KinzCash playing WackyER Zingoz in the Arcade
  • Successfully complete any 2 jobs at the Employment Office
  • Earn a total of 50 KinzCash playing Pinky's Big Adventure in the Arcade 
Prize: 100 KinzCash 

Challenge 2: Quiet on the set!
Hire your cast, choose a set and start filming!
  • Purchase any two Webkinz Studio Actors from the W-Shop
  • Purchase any Webkinz Studio Background from the W-Shop
  • Time to make a movie...drag and drop the Webkinz Studio into your pet's room
Prize: 100 KinzCash; Dex Dangerous Standee [W-Shop item]
Challenge 3: Dress like a star!
Choose an outfit for your pet's movie premier!
  •  Buy a pair of White Hollywood Sunglasses for your pet
  • Make 10 wishes on Wishing Well 2
  • Buy a stylish hat from the KinzStyle Outlet [it can be anything from the Hats category, even a barrette]
Prize: Star Cookie [potential Alyssa's Star Challenge prize]; Hot Pink Studded Shades [KinzStyle Shop item]
Challenge 4: Time for your movie premier!
Create the perfect screening room for your movie
  • Add the Movie Magic wallpaper to your pet's room
  •    Purchase the Movie Theatere Row seating from the W-Shop
  • Feed your pet 10 bags of Popcorn from the W-Shop
Prize: Fantasy Movie Poster; After Party Red Carpet  [both eStore items]    

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CampKinz Cookout Challenge Information

Challenge 1: CampKinz Cookout
Send your pet to camp!
  • Pack your bags...purchase the Dynamic Dancer's Duffel from the W-Shop.
  • Be prepared for the outdoors...ask your friends for 5 Camping Guidebooks.*
  • Practice your first aid skills...Successfully complete the Dr. Quack's Assistant job at the Employment Office.
Prize: Camp Kinz T-Shirt [possible item to be received in return for sending a gift via KinzPost to Arte]; CampKinz First Aid Kit [W-Shop item, decorative]

*This works just like you would ask a friend for an item for the Snow Day Challenge. 

Wednesday Updates 04/01/12

There is also a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy. During these Super School Days, every class a pet passes will count for 2 days of classes instead of 1.

After a short break, the first Wednesday updates of the year have arrived, and they bring many new and exciting additions to Webkinz World!

Four new Challenges have been added.
These Challenges are: 
  • Journey to Treasure Island Challenge
This Challenge follows the theme of a pirate's adventures on the high seas in search of the legendary Treasure Island. This Challenge will be unlocked to those who have completed the golf-themed Webkinz Open Challenge. It has 4 sets of tasks to complete instead of the usual 3, so be prepared!
  •    CampKinz Cookout Challenge
This Challenge is a fun trip through the forests to a CampKinz Cookout! This Challenge also has 4 sets of tasks, and will be unlocked to anyone who has already completed the Key to Kinzville.This is a Challenge that involves asking friends for assistance, much like the Christmas challenge in December.
  • Goober's Assistant Challenge
This fun little Challenge features our good scientist Goober. You'll need to help him out by playing some games and collecting some items. Hope you're good at Goober's Lab! This Challenge has only 2 sets of tasks, and will be unlocked after the Meet Mr. Moo Challenge is complete.
  • Egyptian Expedition Challenge
This Challenge has 3 parts, and is Deluxe Only. Players will get to prepare for a trip through Egypt, exploring the sands and finding ancient artifacts. It will be unlocked to Deluxe members who complete the All Star Astronomer Challenge.

The Winter Line has been unveiled at the KinzStyle Outlet!
This line consists of warm coats and sweaters, three pairs of boots, and even a hat and a dress. Save your coupons--the prices have raised considerably in comparison to the fall line. The items that make up this line are:

  •  Argyle Sweater--230 KC (not to be confused with the grey, green, purple, and orange sweater of the same name, which costs 55 KC and has been around for awhile!)
  •  Checkered Fleece Jacket--325 KC
  •  High Top Sneakers--100 KC
  • Cozy Sweater and Scarf--210 KC (yay! Scarves for our Webbies!)
  • Lace Up Boots--150 KC
  • Pink Beanie Cap--185 KC
  • Puffy Crested Jacket--345 KC
  • Rhinestone Buckle Boots--175 KC
  • Slinky Pink Sweater--310 KC
  • Tunic Tutu--235 KC (this is a dress, with a pink skirt, and a black and white striped top with some design you can hardly see on the front. If you like the Lightweight Striped Top and Ruffled Skirt, then don't buy the two, just buy this dress--it's cheaper and looks almost identical.)
The Winter Room and Winter House Party Packs are for sale at the W-Shop!
With these Party Packs, one can set up a wintery party at either their house (750 KC) or at the Clubhouse (1,000 KC). 

Also, don't miss the Polka Dot Welcome Mat, sold for 200 KC at the W-Shop. This is a piece of furniture that's sold to accompany the eStore Polka Dot Theme, but it's also very easy to use with any other theme. Though you should know that it's not really good value for 200 KC, as it barely takes up a corner of a single tile, and in-room, looks more like a bunch of circles somebody spilled while crafting than anything else.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Polka Dot Bobcat and Sweetheart Monster Sneak Peeks

Ganz has just posted the images of two new Webkinz pets, coming soon. Both of these pets are virtual only.
This funky feline comes with a Spotted Tea Trolley and a Polka Dot Donut.

 First, we have the Polka Dot Bobcat. In the past, Ganz has released a themed line of pets, adding a new one each month. These themes have been:
CandyKinz Pets (2011)
Each pet had a candy theme, for instance, the Waffle Wallaby, Gummy Bear, and Candy Apple Camel.
Zodiac Pets (2010)
Each pet represented one of the signs in the astrological zodiac, and was released in the month corresponding to its sign. For instance, we had the Scorpio Snake, Libra Eagle, and Aries Ram.
Birthstone Pets (2009)
Each pet had the name of a birthstone, and was released in that stone's month. For instance, the Amethyst Hound, Emerald Lab, and Ruby Retriever. All of these pets were dogs, and they each had their birthstone on their rump.
It appears that this year, the theme will be Polka Dotted Pets, starting with the Polka Dot Cow released this month. I am guessing that this Bobcat will be the pet for February, but this is not the official word.

This lovable monster comes with a Love Potion Cauldron PSI and Monstrous Milkshake PSF.
Here, we have the Sweetheart Monster, which appears to be the eStore release for Valentine's Day 2012. I love the wings! Truly a unique pet, though the giant grin is a little too much. Still, always nice to have a new monster in Webkinz World.

Keep Kinzville Clean Challenge Information

Challenge 1: Keep Kinzville Clean!
Somebody has been littering in the Kinzville Park!
  • Pick up 3 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Plant any 5 packs of Growing Gardens seeds in your pet's yard
  • Earn a total of 30 KinzCash playing Flutterbugged at the Arcade
Prize: Zodiac Earth Costume Shoes [previously from a Click-To-Win at Webkinz Newz]
Challenge 2: Clean up the Park!
Clear the air by planting trees
  •  Pick up 5 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Achieve a score of 600 points or higher playing Color Storm at the Arcade
  • Plant a Cherry Blossom Tree in your pet's yard (if you already own one, just put it in your dock and put it back in the yard; it still counts)
Prize: Zodiac Earth Costume Hat
Challenge 3: Fresh air!
Enjoy the outdoors
  • Pick up 10 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Buy any three items from the Outdoors section of the W-Shop
  • Earn a total of 20 KinzCash playing Tulip Troubles 2 at the Arcade
Prize: Zodiac Earth Costume Top; Zodiac Earth Costume Bottom 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Signature English Spot Bunny PSI and PSF Revealed!

The Signature English Spot Bunny will be arriving in stores this February. It comes with a Spot of Tea Slide PSI, and a Carrot Bisque PSF.

New Year's Treasure Hunt at Webkinz Newz

Please note that the pop-up window confirming that you have found the clue will not appear after the first clue. Just click the back button, and you will be taken to the next clue. 

 Runs from: Jan. 1-31, 2012 
Prize: House Painting Hippo Figurine