Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Peek-A-Newz!

Webkinz Newz has announced a Halloween Peek-A-Newz!
This Peek-A-Newz, containing 6 unique prizes, will be running from October 1 to October 31. 

Here are the prizes...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

eStore Point Cards Are Now Available At Walgreens!

Ganz recently announced at Webkinz Newz that eStore Point Cards are now being sold at Walgreens!

eStore point cards can also be found at f.y.e. and GameStop. The cards work kind of like gift cards, containing a code that will add a specific amount of eStore points (displayed on the card) to the user's eStore account. These points work just like eStore points purchased online.

Wednesday Updates September 28 2011

The rules for Spree! have changed.

Previously, when a player landed on a space for a shopping bag they already had, their turn was over.
Now, when landing on a shopping bag they already have, the player will be able to roll a special die, allowing them to move forwards or backwards, earn KinzCash, or even get a Shopping Bag they don't have!

Halloween items have arrived in Webkinz World!

There are new costumes at the KinzStyle Outlet.
There have been 3 new costumes added for 2011...
Ladybug Costume
Ladybug Dress: 320 KC
Ladybug Headband: 80 KC
Ladybug Shoes: 150 KC

Martian Costume
Martian Costume: 350 KC
Martian Headband: 80 KC
Martian Space Boots: 150 KC

Mummy Costume

Mummy Costume: 275 KC
Mummy Foot Wraps: 75 KC
Mummy Mask: 95 KC

Along with these new costumes, we also have three that have returned from 2010: the Candy Corn Witch outfit, X-Ray Outfit, and Zombie Costume.

There is also a new Halloween theme at the W-Shop!

The following items have returned from Halloween 2010:
Cold Flames Cauldron---1,300 KC
Cursed Cradle---1,313 KC
Ghastly Grave---1,013 KC
Witch's Banquet Place Setting---125 KC

The following items are new for 2011!
Bloodcurdling Bat Sticker---113 KC
Bone Chilling Fridge---750 KC
Creepy Cursed Chair---250 KC
 Freaky Full Moon Window---350 KC
Frightening Fireplace---1,133 KC
Haunted House Table---1,150 KC
Horrifying Halloween Flooring---350 KC
Horrifying Halloween Wallpaper---350 KC
Jack O' Lantern Candelabra--285 KC
Jack O' Lantern Wall Sticker---113 KC
Mad Scientist Workstation---1,313 KC
Scary Specter Wall Sticker---113 KC
Spider Webbed Bookshelf---666 KC
Super Scary Stove---1,031 KC
Terrifying Torch---390 KC
Keep in mind that, being seasonal items, the Halloween items and clothing will disappear after Halloween, and there's no telling what will return next year, so get them while you can!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Specially Tagged Pink Poodle Adoptions to Support the Susan G. Komen Foundation

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last year, Ganz made the Pink Poodle the POTM for October, and released it in a special packaging to raise cancer awareness.
 A portion of the proceeds from the each Pink Poodle sold was donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Ganz also agreed to donate a minimum of 100,000 dollars to the foundation.

Ganz still has plans for this year:

The Poodle with the special tag.
 During the month of October, when you purchase a Pink Poodle wearing a special tag (shown above) Ganz will donate a minimum of 2$ to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (in the US).
In Canada, these specially tagged Poodles will be available through the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at various fund-raising events.

 Nikki Yanofsky, a teen jazz-pop artist who performed at the Winter 2010 Olympics, has recorded a version of "I Dream In Pink", the MP3 of which can be downloaded for free when you adopt a Pink Poodle with the special tag. This makes her the first celebrity to record a Webkinz POTM song!
If you cannot purchase a Pink Poodle with the tag, or already own a Poodle, then Nikki's version of "I Dream In Pink" can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Top Elephant Contest

Ganz has just announced a new contest at Webkinz Newz!

Send in a drawing of the Big Top Elephant preforming in a circus, and you could win an eStore exclusive Big Top Elephant!

This contest opens September 26, 2011, and closes October 2, 2011.

More details...
The rules...
Where to enter the contest...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Webkinz World is back online!

Following the three-hour break for the World Wide Day of Play, Webkinz World is now back online!

Players who log in between 3 PM and 12 AM Eastern Time will receive a gift.
The gift contains three unique food items: Go Play Sandwich, Smiling Watermelon Slices, and Organic Apple Juice.
Here's an idea: the ability to keep gift boxes. I would definitely use that.

The World Wide Day of Play Officially Begun!

Webkinz World is now closed for the World Wide Day of Play.
Until 3 PM Eastern Time, this will be the log-in screen for WW:

Salley Cat Surprise Peek-A-Newz

From September 24 to September 30, 2011, is Salley Cat's Surprise Peek-A-Newz!

Go to Webkinz Newz and log in to Peek-A-Newz, then search until you find Salley Cat 5 times.

Once you do, you'll get a surprise gift!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

World Wide Day of Play September 24

Webkinz World will be shutting down September 24, 2011.
For three hours, mind you, not forever.

 September 24 is the "World Wide Day of Play", and Ganz has decided to join in this year.
From 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time Saturday, September 24, 2011, Webkinz World will shut down.
Apparently this is supposed to help kids get outside to play.
(Unless, of course, it's raining...)

It seems a bit unfair that this is not a choice, and rather being forced upon every single person who plays in WW.
Now, if they were to run a maintenance in WW during these three hours...
What do you think?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Fest Has Begun!

Huzzah for Fall Fest!
 Before I continue, there have been a few changes to this year's Fall Fest.
1. Once you catch 15 leaves, they will stop flying. They resume flying at midnight Eastern Time.
2. In previous years, leaves may fly every 8 minutes. This year, leaves are guaranteed to fly once every 9-10 minutes.  
3. In previous years, leaves flew from left to right. This year, they pick a random direction once you log in and continue to fly that way until you log out again. This direction can be from left to right, right to left, or from top to bottom.

Now that you know the changes, let's move on to some tips and tricks for Fall Fest!
1. Go to the Contact Us page in the newspaper. The completely white background will make the leaves stand out, and there's hardly anything else to accidentally click on.
2. Some leaves are stubborn, and will fly right on by no matter how many times you click. Be patient, and wait for the next leaf. 
3. Even with the 15-leaf-a-day limit, you'll get 105 prizes by the end of Fall Fest if you visit daily and reach the limit.
4. It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to get 15 leaves, if you catch every one. 
5. If you end up with so many prizes that you don't know what to do with them, set aside a room for them.
This is what I do for Fall Fest and Winter Fest, and they turn out beautifully.
6. If you get bored just sitting there, waiting for leaves, then open another page in a window on top of the one WW is in. Adjust the size of the new window so that you can see both it and Webkinz World.
7. The leaves might be flying by too quickly to catch. If this is the case, keep a high-quality video running in another window. This should slow WW down considerably, making those leaves easy to catch.
8. Don't wait in your WW house to catch leaves. For some reason, they completely ignore you there.

Have any tips of your own? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

Have a great Fall Fest, everyone!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Fest Dates Announced!

Fall Fest came early this year!
"What's Fall Fest?" You may be wondering. Well, if you are wondering, then read this little bit of history, if not, then carry on.
Fall Fest is an event that has occurred for a week every Autumn since 2007. During Fall Fest, leaves will occasionally float across the screen. Click on the leaf, and you will receive a unique Fall Fest prize. 
Some prizes stay from the previous year, and some are taken so that new ones can be added. There are clothing items, food items, and even furniture items to be won, and there is no limit to the leaves you can catch daily, so sit back and have fun! 

Fall Fest Begins: September 17
Fall Fest Ends: September 23

Webkinz Gypsy Vanner For Sale at Ganz eStore

A new virtual-only pet is for sale at the Ganz eStore!

 This pet is the Gypsy Vanner, which as some of you may remember is a unique pet in the sense that Webkinz World players got to help choose its PSI! Here is the official Webkinz Newz article giving more details.

 From September 16 to September 18, 2011, when you adopt the Gypsy Vanner, you'll receive a free Roamer's Campfire, along with everything else you'd get for adopting a pet.
The Roamer's Campfire. Shiny!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Clothing Appears in the KinzStyle Outlet

PJ Collie has added several new pieces of Fall fashions to the KinzStyle Outlet!

The clothes are really cool, and contain some much-needed new boy's clothing, belts, and skirts.
Not to mention the very reasonable prices! These are the lowest prices for new clothing that I've seen in a while, with the cheapest item, the Skinny Studded Belt, costing 30 KinzCash, and the most expensive item, the Kinzville Academy Varsity Jacket, costing 250 KinzCash.

Here are the items and their prices:

 Blue and Green Kilt: 105 KinzCash
The pattern of this kilt will brighten up any fall morning!
 Boy's Plaid Shirt: 77 KinzCash
This stylish plaid shirt can be the foundation for many unique looks!
 Baseball Hoodie: 60 KinzCash
This Baseball Hoodie is designed for pets that love the long ball!

 Boy's Varsity Pants: 158 KinzCash
Stay cool and comfortable before the big game in these pants!
 Denim Bermudas: 180 KinzCash
Soak up the last sunny days of the year in these Denim Bermudas!
Cowgirl Boots: 115 Kinz Cash
You don't have to be a real cowgirl to wear these glittery boots!

 Kinzville Academy Varsity Jacket: 250 KinzCash
Now your pet can show off their school spirit in this sharp and sporty jacket!
 Fall Floral Dress: 210 KinzCash
Liven up your pet's fall wardrobe with this Floral Dress!
 Fall Style Striped Hoodie: 60 KinzCash
This stylish hoodie will keep your pet warm during recess on crisp fall days.
 Fall Floral Skirt: 110 KinzCash
Celebrate fall fashion with this breezy item.
Play Hard Tee: 50 KinzCash
This fun tee can be worn to school or just around the house.

 Vest and Shirt Combo: 75 KinzCash
This vest provides a thin layer with a bit more warmth for your pet this fall.
 Silver Braided Belt: 35 KinzCash
This silver belt will add some flash and dash to your fall look!
 Striped Polo: 65 KinzCash
Dress it up a little this fall season by wearing this Striped Polo!
 Rhinestone Flats: 90 KinzCash
Keep it casual with a twist when you head out to school this fall!
 Ruffled Sequin Sandals: 45 KinzCash
These pretty sandals are ideal for enjoying the last hot days of the year!
 Studded Low Top Sneakers: 65 KinzCash
These kicking kicks have some real sparkle to them!
Skinny Studded Belt: 30 KinzCash
This belt attracts attention and also keeps your pants up. Win-win!

October's POTM Sings "Scaredy Cat"

The song and music video for October's POTM, the Black Cat, was released at Webkinz Newz today, here.
 In this song, the Black Cat's friends (the Pom Pom Kitty from "Cats & Dogs", Caramel Lion from "Caramel Soup", and the Yellow Chick from "It's A Beautiful Day") are all freaked out by the Halloween decorations, so the Black Cat tells them, "don't be scared, dance your fears away!" and they proceed to dance, Thriller style.

The Video Challenge for this video has 5 questions instead of the usual 3.
The prize is a Floppy Purple Witch Hat (NOT to be confused with the Purple Witch Hat, from Halloween 2005.)
The Floppy Purple Witch Hat.

Unlike the Fishing Derby Trophy, the Video Challenge prize from the Pelican's "Let's Go Fishin'" video, the Floppy Purple Witch Hat can be KinzPosted. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Clothing Coming Soon To The KinzStyle Outlet!

Ganz recently put up a video at Webkinz Newz featuring 7 new clothing items. These items are to be put in the KinzStyle Outlet.
Click here to view the video.
Click here to view part 2 of the video.

Ganz Changes November POTM from Domino Cat to Walrus

As you may have noticed if you stopped by or are a member of Webkinz Insider, the Domino Cat was supposed to be the POTM for November.

Well, today Ganz announced that there was an error in the system, and that there is now a change:

The Pet of the Month for November is not the Domino Cat, it is the Walrus.

This is a very irresponsible mistake of Ganz, made even more so by the fact that they changed the POTM several weeks after it was announced! 

What do you think of this? 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Has Finally Arrived!

Today, the yards in Webkinz World have changed from Summer to Fall!

Don't mind the lack of decorations; this room's under construction.

Fall is my favorite season in both real life and Webkinz World. The cool breezes, the leaves, Fall Fest, Halloween...

What's your favorite season?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Peek-A-Newz!

There is a new Peek-A-Newz running from today, September 10, to September 18, 2011.

After logging into Peek-A-Newz, search for Nafaria at Webkinz Newz.
Find Nafaria five times, and after filling in the required form, you'll receive any one of these prizes for your account!

One prize per account per day. The prizes are random, and some are rarer than others.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Treasure Hunt!+Click-To-Win event+Leonberger Promotion

There is a new Treasure Hunt at Webkinz Newz!

This is a Back to School Treasure Hunt, beginning today, September 6, and ending October 5, 2011.
The prize for this Treasure Hunt is a Three Cheers Tiger, which comes with the Figure Specific Item of a Pompom Bean Bag Chair.

You'll be looking for this guy during the event.
Starting September 7, search at Webkinz Newz for a floating Alex icon. Click on it, and you'll receive one of these eight Webkinz Plushies for your account. One prize per account per day. This event ends September 30, so there's plenty of chances to get a plush!
However, Alex will not be flying on the following dates:
September 10, 12, 17 , 21, 23, 24, 29.

This pet comes with a Puppy Grub Tub PSI and Baked Bean Bratwurst PSF.
The Leonberger was previously released earlier this year, and has come back as a promotional pet. For every 50,000 eStore points one buys, they will get a Leonberger pet at no extra charge.

Monday, September 5, 2011

All Day Activities End Today, September 6

Today, September 6, marks the end of all-day activities.
During the Summer, daily activities in Webkinz World begin at 9 AM KinzTime and end at 11 PM Kinz Time.
Today, the schedule returns to the regular times, with activities beginning at 4 PM KinzTime.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Even more updates!+Updated with more Jessie's Mix Up information

And the Candy Kinz pet for September (despite not really being a candy) is the Waffles Wallaby! 
This pet comes with a Peppermint Swirl Slide PSI, and Super Sweet Tarts PSF.
 For today only, Deluxe members can purchase this pet for 10,000 eStore points. After that, the pet will be for sale at the usual price of 12,500 points. 

Webkinz World is currently promoting Jessie.

The show, starring Jessie, a girl who moves to New York City seeking independence and instead ends up being the nanny for 4 kids and a 7 foot long pet lizard, temporarily has its own game in the Arcade and its own room in the Clubhouse.

The game, called "Jessie's Mix Up", will replace Where's Wacky for the rest of September.
Update: After playing through a few times, it appears that this game can only be played up to level 6. It works exactly like Where's Wacky, only with Mr. Kipling (the lizard) instead of Wacky, and the cast of the show instead of the familiar faces of Webkinz World folk. 

The Clubhouse Room looks like this:

Throughout the month of September, all Webkinz World players can go to the Jessie clubhouse room and get a treat by clicking on the fridge. And, all Webkinz players living in the United States (due to copyrights) can watch a trailer for Jessie by clicking on the movie screen on the wall. At the end of the trailer, answer three questions to get a special Jessie themed prize! Just like the Judy Moody promotion.