Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Sensation is Today!

Log into your WW account today to receive your Summer Sensation prize!

You can get it today and today only (unless it, for some reason, appears in a Challenge later on).
 The prize is the Turtle-pool shown in the card above, but most accounts (including mine) are not getting the prize. They'll probably show up by next week, or you can call Ganz.

Do not forget to spin the Super Wheel!

Available from 6 AM KT to 12 AM KT, the Super Wheel contains the following items:
  • 750 KC
  • Red Ming Lantern (eStore item)
  • Ancient Aztec Stone Statue (recently added Exclusive item)
  • Neo Gothic Fireplace (current Rare item)
  • 500 KC
  • Thinking Chair (retired Rare item)
  • Mega Stove (incredibly expensive W-Shop item)
  • Clown Car (Exclusive item)
I got 750 KC. :p
Demo accounts still cannot access the Super Wheel! This is not a glitch, merely a limitation.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Summer Sensation!

(or today for Asian accounts.)

Log in for an exclusive prize and one of the rare opportunities to spin the Super Wheel!
Illustrated by Carmen

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Potion Princess

Here is an original story sent to us by Kat The Cat.

Potion Princess
By Kat the Cat
Chapter 1
Princess counted the swirls in her latest concoction as she waited for the wind chimes above her door to ring. The blue and pink swirls formed intricate designs in the cauldron before her.
   47… 48… 49… 50!
  Her potion was done. Princess took one of the small glass vials lined up next to her and ever so carefully began to spoon the potion into it.
   The wind chimes unexpectedly jingled. Princess jumped and dropped the vial. It smashed upon the floor into tiny shards of glass. The potion slowly spread across the floor.
   “Cafuzzle,” she muttered. She hoped the potion wouldn’t alter the floor before she had a chance to clean it up. Last time she had spilt a potion, the floor was covered with white carpeting for a week. It was soft, but it didn’t look good with the wooden shelves in her workshop. With a sigh, she marched towards the door and opened it.
    A small grey cat stood on the doorstep. Her cheeks were wet, and Princess suspected it wasn’t just from the storm raging outside. A bright red pimple had sprouted next to her nose. She trembled as she looked up at Princess. “I’m in need of a potion, ma’am,” she said.
   “Of course,” replied Princess. “Come in.”
   The cat followed her into her workshop. Most Webkinz were awestruck by the sheer number of glass vials, spell books, and magical tools adorning the many shelves, and this cat was no exception. She gazed, open-mouthed, at the room, and suddenly wrinkled her nose in disgust. “What is that smell?” she exclaimed.
   Too late, Princess realized that the potion she had spilt earlier must be absorbing into the dark brown wood flooring by now. “Oh,” she stammered, “that’s just… a potion I was working on earlier. Take a seat, will you?” she said, motioning the cat towards one of two wooden chairs.
   The cat looked at her skeptically but took her seat.
   Princess busied herself sweeping the workshop with a broom soaked in a high-strength cleaning potion. “So, what brings you to my workshop?” she addressed the cat.
   “Can’t you see?” sighed the cat miserably. She pointed to her nose, where the pimple had sprouted.
   Princess looked at it with mild interest. “Only a pimple? I thought you had a real dilemma for me, my dear.” Webkinz used to come to her shop for actual disasters, like illness, extermination of pests, and endless injuries, but now they came running to her with the most trivial problems.
   The cat looked at her and burst into tears.
   “What ever is the matter?” said Princess, quite taken aback. Pets sometimes were turned off by her down-to-earth manner, but they didn’t usually start crying.
   “It’s… it’s… him!” the cat sobbed.
   Princess wondered who “him” was. A sorcerer, perhaps? She hadn’t had a good duel in quite some time. Not since the epidemic, anyway. She shook her head. She didn’t want to think about the epidemic now. Not when a cat was sobbing in her workshop.
   “That is quite enough of that,” she said sternly, but not unkindly. “No use crying; you’ll never get anything done by wallowing in self-pity. Now who is ‘him’?”
   The cat sniffed. “Ollie. He’s this boy at my school, and he’s kinda cute...”
   Princess stifled a yawn. She had heard her fair share of stories from heartbroken girls, and she knew exactly how each one went every time, without even using her mind-reading potion.
   “…I really like him, and he’s nice to me as well.” The cat finished.
   Princess blinked. “So what’s the problem?”
   “This!” The cat pointed to her pimple. “I can’t go to school like this! Everyone will laugh at me! And he’ll think it’s a total turn-off! Please! You gotta help me!” She started to cry again.
   “Oh for heaven’s sake, stop crying, child,” said Princess, exasperated. “Of course I’ll help you. Just sit here and let me get a potion ready…”
   In the next five minutes, Princess ran around the workshop, finding the proper potions. “Half a bottle of 142… quarter bottle of 568… half of 973…” she muttered to herself as she searched the shelves for the numbered potions. She had been trained in memorizing each and every potion’s number when she was small. Now she could gather the ingredients for an average-level potion in five minutes flat. Soon a potion was simmering in the black cauldron and Princess was stirring it. “So tell me more about this boy of yours,” she said to the cat.
   Princess listened to the cat’s babbling as she counted the bubbles in the mixture. Apart from silky fur and a prizewinning smile, the boy in question didn’t seem too interesting. He also seemed kind of mean.
   “Pardon me,” she said after the cat was finished, “but this boy… he seems very disrespectful, don’t you think? And he has the personality of – if you will – mildew.”
   The cat giggled. “Yeah, you’re right. Maybe he’s not so great after all.”
   The potion had made 73 bubbles; it was done. She spooned the potion into a cup. “Drink this,” she said, shoving the cup under the cat’s nose. She obligingly downed the whole cup.
   As Princess watched, the pimple shrank, and disappeared within one minute. The cat gazed wide-eyed in a mirror at the miniscule red dot that remained.
   “Thank you so much!” cried the cat, jumping up from the chair and hugging Princess. Princess stood stiffly, unsure of what to do. Huggers always made her feel uncomfortable. “You really live up to your name, ma’am,” said the cat adoringly. “You really are the Potion Princess.”
   After the cat had gone, Princess left her potions and instead sat in the old wicker chair, thinking. Every time someone saw her, every time someone called her by her title, she remembered that day. That day, back on a sunny day in May, where it all began.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday Updates: June 20, 2012

The Summer line has arrived in the KinzStyle Outlet.

Also included in the current selection is the fashionable undefined, available in 6 extremely subtly different shades of Background Blue. (seriously though, I don't know what's up with that. Placeholders that messed up for the next update's second half of the line?)

The items that are defined, though, are as follows (from the top left corner to the bottom right corner):

Camo Trucker Cap---190 KC
Dog Bone Belt---60 KC
Floral Long Dress---250 KC
Girl's Khaki Shorts---95 KC (pffft male Webkinz could so wear that)
High Heel Sandals---150 KC
Leather Sandals---75 KC
Lime Green Shorts---80 KC
One Piece Summer Shorts---90 KC ("Nothing says summer like shorts! Your pet will love this one piece pair!" ...a singular item can become a pair while remaining a singular item?)
Rockerz Visor---80 KC
Striped Board Shorts---110 KC (I think this may be recycled from last year)

Show of hands: everyone who thinks the prices are a little inconsistent. [SHORTS! Available for females in brown for 15 KC more! SANDALS! Add heels for 75 KC more!]

Not seeing anything else to report, so I'll add that Webkinz is really going all-out with the "Webkinz is free to play" thing. They've started running in-game ads, reported it on WKN, and updated the home page to relate.

And that demo account I started on March 22 2012 is still operational, so I'm assuming there isn't a time limit for demo accounts. Lettie, the cat who lives in that account, is having her birthday on June 27 (the day before the Summer Sensation) apparently. Woot~ I got no idea how old she is, though. (I give my pets ages based on how old I think they are, not on how long I've owned them.)

August 2012 Pets Revealed on WKN

The first pet announced is the cutest monkey around, the Golden Lion Tamarin!
What lovely colors it sports.

Next up is the next addition to the collection of mythical and fantasy horses, the Sapphire Pegasus!

Its wings are a little too close to its head, though, but it is a very pretty Pegasus!

The third pet is the Texting Puppy. Yes. There is officially the personification of texting, and it is in the form of a small dog.
...that's just a lil' bit nutty. Wonder how they're going to fit so much text onto its virtual form?

Back to the simpler things with the Signature West Highland Terrier.
...*silently adds to wishlist*

We have 2 new Rockerz pets to add as well!
 We start with the Rockerz Monkey, which you can see by its mark is a "Punky Monkey".
Much better in the ways of a pet using text as a pattern; much less going on. Love how the tail's a completely different fabric, too.
Do not confuse with last year's Mohawk Monkey! Yes, they both are primates with funky hair, but the Mohawk monkey is beige and has fluff around its ankles, is not in the Rockerz line, has pink in its hair, and is not quadrupedal.

Next is the Rockerz Papillon (Pop Star Papillon, you can know it as)
That funny-lookin' mitt around its paw is actually some sort of bracelet. (Fashionable Asymmetry, I guess?)
I would so give that headband to a Razzle Dazzle Dog, just to see how it looks.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bet you're wondering where this week's Wednesday Update is

So Kei and I are in this 4-day long drama camp-thing in which we all get together to work on music, production, dance, and drama (we each get to work in 2 of the things off that list) and then on the 4th day, after our final classes, we put together a performance for the public.
Long story short, I've got a day (23 hours if you wanna be literal) to learn 13 lines for my part, so I'mma disappear until Friday.

While we're on the subject of disappearing, next week is show week for a play I'm in with Kei, so don't expect too much activity blogwise 'til July.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Stops Added to Webkinz Road Trip

Good news for those living in or near Kentucky, Wyoming, or Utah--the Webkinz Road Trip is planning to stop by!
Kentucky will see the van in Greyson on June 19 at 11 AM-1 PM. Utah can find the van at Midvale on July 9 and Ogden on July 10 (at 1-3 PM and 12-2 PM, respectively). Wyoming should prepare for July 12 at Casper!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rest of July 2012 Webkinz PSI and PSF Revealed

We'll start with the Sunset Giraffe, a cute new pal with a mosaic of colors--and that's no tall tale! okay sorry that was terrible
It comes with a Tallest Toy Box PSI, and a Twiggy Pudding PSF.

For a walk on the wild side, we have the Coyote!
After a day of exploring, it walks across its Canyon Crosswalk PSI back home for a Prairie Omelet dinner.

And on this side of the ring, we have the Boxer!
After getting in its daily training in its Boxing Ring Trampoline, the Boxer looks forward to Champion Treats!

The Signature pet for July is the Hippopotamus!
In its spare time, the Signature Hippopotamus likes to ride around on its Muddy River Raft Ride, snacking on Short Grass Samosas.

A new addition to the Rockerz line! An eStore pet available now for 15,000 points (15 US$), the Rockerz Puppy is...oddly reminiscent of Justin Beiber. Honestly, look at the hair, the purple, and the clothing it comes with. 
Aaaaand it really does not want me to show the picture. Just follow this link to the WKN article instead. 

Wednesday Updates: June 6, 2012

 Don't forget to log in today for your DiceKinz Trophy!

DiceKinz was sadly brought to retirement today, but players who log in can get a commemorative trophy to remember the game by.

A new game has been added to the Arcade.

This Webkinz Rockerz-themed game is called Rockerz Backstage Dash. In this Home Before Dark-based game, players guide the Rockerz pets to the party while collecting VIP passes along the way for extra points. This game does, in fact, reward players with a trophy--those who collect 4,000 or more points in a single game are given a Rockerz Backstage Pass Trophy, an exclusive and animated prize. Good luck, players!

Two new Challenges have been added.

If you really love a good challenge, then the next Mega Challenge has arrived. The second installment in the recently introduced series of Mega Challenges, it is called "Webkinz Wizard Academy", and is unlocked after the completion of the "Cheerleader Tryouts" Challenge. The rare Magic Cauldron Stove is one of the many prizes in store for aspiring wizards and witches of Webkinz World. 
After the completion of the previously mentioned Mega Challenge, one can do the "Roberta's Birthday" Challenge.

The Wizard Academy Challenge is definitely a blatant reference to Harry Potter--in the first list of tasks, you grow Pumpkins for Herbology, and you win a Wizard hat on a stool that looks like a cheerier version of the Sorting Hat. 

Two SPREE! prizes are scheduled for retirement. 


All SPREE! players had better put the pedal to the metal, because on July 4th, 2 prizes will be retired from the SPREE! shopping mall.
So if you have a young percussionist or shopaholic in your Webkinz home, then take note! The Designer Purse and Drum Set will be retired from the SPREE! mall on July 4. The Purse costs 140 Credits; the Drums, 500.

The second half of the Mega Modern Room Theme has been added.

The entire theme's cost ends up at 7,550 if you buy one of each item including wallpaper and floor, which is still pretty cheap.

The new items are...

Cubic Contour Cabinet--550 KC (and holds 10 clothing items)
Dehydrotrope Drink Bar--615 KC (you can put items on it)
Dehydrotrope Drink Bar Chair--200 KC (your pet can sit on it)
LED Entertainment Unit--900 KC (works like a regular TV; priciest item in the theme)
Mosaic Mirror Set--300 KC (decoration only)
Omni Glass Dining Chair--220 KC (your pet can sit on it)
Omni Glass Dining Table--680 KC (you can put items on it)
Oval Contour Cabinet--380 KC (and holds 10 clothing items)
Sonic Sound Waves Set--550 KC (plays music)
Stasis Seat--300 KC (your pet can sit on this item)

I went ahead and picked up the Sonic Sound Waves Set because it is the coolest W-Shop item I have ever seen. It is three tiles wide and one tile long. It actually plays not one, but three different songs! I was actually taken aback by that--I've never known a Webkinz World item to do that. The item is not animated when the songs play. To switch songs, click on the Set again.
Song 1--A faster, jazzier remix of the background music that plays in the SPREE! Shopping Mall. It features a more prominent bass guitar and hi-hat cymbals.
Song 2--A song that reminds me of a sunset during summer vacation. I really have no idea how to describe it.
Song 3--Featuring a saxophone, xylophone, and more drums, this song is slower and more relaxed.
Clicking on it a fourth time turns it off.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Webkinz Friends Recieves an Update

For those of you who were noting that Webkinz Friends was too easy, well, now the difficulty has been increased! Which, needless to say, has left many a Webkinz fan very unhappy.

-Energy, formerly taking 3 minutes to regenerate, now takes 5 minutes.
-Certain resources now take longer to grow. (for example, Spaghetti Plant now takes 6 hours instead of 1)
-You can now see certain resources and items that you need to complete a quest to unlock
-For some bizarre reason, it now takes 81 hours to collect from the Curio Shop (the heck happened there?)
-A few of the quests are finally realizing that I've asked friends for things, which is most certainly a bonus. 
-One thing that they admittedly messed up pretty badly: the food-to-time ratio. Carrots still take 5 minutes for 5 units of food, but the rest turned out a little wrong.
Food-Units-Time to grow
Strawberry-9-10 minutes
Sushi-25-2 hours
Tomato-14-45 minutes
Ice Cream Tree-35-3 hours
Zucchini Plant-22-1 hour
Spaghetti Plant-42-6 hours
Cupcake Tree-60-7 hours

-Certain decorations now cost Facebook credits.
Pool=20 Credits
Lovebird Lake=35 Credits (but it gives 900+ town quality)
Hand Sculpted Statue=35 Credits

There's probably a lot more than what I've mentioned, so leave a comment to tell me if I've missed anything. 

I really don't see what everybody's so mad about! Is it so bad that a little handful of items aren't free anymore? And is it really so terrible to have to wait a few more minutes or hours? The nice thing about Webkinz Friends is that, since things run in real time, you don't have to have the page open or even have your computer running for things to grow and regenerate. So you could be spending that extra time doing something else! Ride your bike around the yard, go watch cartoons from the 90's, read that book you really should be reading, practice that song you really need to be practicing, draw something for Drawing Day which happens to be today...

Friday, June 1, 2012

PSI and PSF for FrooFroo Fox and Alpaca

The Alpaca and FrooFroo Fox, both Webkinz pets for release in July 2012, have been revealed in virtual form at WKN.

The Alpaca comes with a Fully Woolly Recliner PSI, Wheatgrass Smoothie PSF, and a wild mop of hair.
The FrooFroo Fox comes with an Elegant Settee PSI, Crayfish Cocktail PSF, and the maintained appearance of a dog rather than a fox.