Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your admin is abandoning you! EDIT

But not forever and not to spite you.

I, Carmen, will be gone from October 5-21. I will not be able to update this blog with pictures while I am gone, and computer access will be limited. I am on vacation and doing fine.

Will KeiKei update the blog in the meantime? Perhaps. We did not make prior arrangements.


Bye for now!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Events Have Begun in WW!

 I apologize in advance for my atrocious attempts at alliteration
So now that you have your pets clad in creepy costumes and your house in spooky splendor, it's time for more Halloween haunts for you and your Webkinz!

Participate in a chilling challenge: the Halloween 2012 Challenge is up! Go to your pet's room to begin the 3-part Challenge, which starts today and goes on until October 31! The grand prize isn't really a surprise--it's in the Challenge icon--it's the eStore Midnight Monster Golem!

Here are the prizes:

Stage 1: 50 KinzCash, Chocolate Tombstone to eat.

Stage 2: Slimesicle to eat, Bloodcurdling Bat Sticker to place on a wall

Stage 3: eStore Midnight Monster Golem furniture item.  Well that escalated quickly

At the same time, you can satisfy your cravings for candies with the Halloween Candy Challenge! On the Map to Kinzville, click on the Vampire Pop that should be there, next to the My Page button. Just for clicking on it, you get a piece of candy; then, ask your friends for more pieces! You can gain an additional piece from finding an advertisement on WKN, but that's giving out Fall Fest prizes right now so that's good luck for those who missed a few but not so much for those who'd rather get candies. You can only get 5 pieces of candy per day from friends...or buy them for 500 eStore points (50 cents) a pop instead. Either way, you're either out 5 days of asking and clicking, or 15,000 eStore points (15$).

Here are the milestones:
5 pieces of Candy gets you an edible Vampire Pop.
10 pieces of Candy gets you a Vampire Costume your pet can wear.
20 pieces of Candy gets you a Frightening Lightning Window, a retired Halloween item that can be placed on your wall.
30 pieces of Candy gets you a Haunted Hickory Sapling which you can plant in your yard and decorate. 

Then, check back in on October 20 in the Clubhouse for the Ghost! Same as it's been for years, just hang out in a Clubhouse room until the Ghost appears. Then, click on him and get a piece of candy! The Ghost will keep coming back until October 31. Collect all the pieces of candy he has to give you and get a special prize!
This year, the Ghost will exclusively appear in the Reading Room.