Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today is Webkinz Day!

Today, we celebrate 7 years of Webkinz World!

Players who log into their accounts today shall find a gift box in their dock...or not. Instead, a fairly large number of players are receiving two gift boxes instead of one. Upon clicking the button that allows you to see your full dock, the second gift box appears. It's unknown whether or not this is supposed to happen, or if it's just a glitch, but hey--double the gifts. The downside to this is that this means the Year 7 gifts might be worth a bit less for trading due to their increased quantity. I'm only going to open one gift box and see what happens to the other in a few weeks, but do whatever you want with your extra one.

Also, don't forget to spin the Super Wheel! This is an event that lasts all day, but it only appears on certain occasions, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween (but not last year, for some reason) and Webkinz Day.

Demo accounts do not get to spin the Super Wheel!

This here is the Super Wheel for Webkinz Day 2012:

Players who spin the Wheel today can win one of the following items.
  1. 750 KinzCash
  2. After Party Serving [Station?] (an eStore item)
  3. Kinzvision Plasma TV
  4. Golden Apple Tree (an adoption/Wish Factory exclusive)
  5. 500 KinzCash
  6. Fast Food Recycling (Curio Shop exclusive)
  7. Wraparound Computing Chamber (animated W-Shop item that costs 3,215 KinzCash)
  8. Time Warp Clock (adoption/Wish Factory exclusive)

I won the Wraparound Computing Chamber. Did you win anything really cool? Feel free to leave a comment!

But enough talk; I suppose you guys want to see what the gifts are this year, huh? To keep the prizes from being spoiled for those who'd rather not know yet, check after the break.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Webkinz Road Trip Map Posted to Webkinz Newz

You can find the map with this link.

Albeit 2 days after it was scheduled to be, Ganz has finally added the Webkinz Road Trip Map to Webkinz Newz. It does not show all of the events yet, but it will be updated.

Do note that not all of these dates and times are set in stone. Please try to remain updated with WKN, Webkinz Insider, Let's Talk Webkinz, and by calling the locations the day before the event to make sure that the Van is still stopping there.
The Van is scheduled to visit Georgia five times, South Carolina once, North Carolina twice, Virginia twice, Pennsylvania three times, New Jersey twice, Massachusetts once, Maine once, New York three times, Ohio three times (and then to stop at the Ohio State Fair), Minnesota four times (and then to stop at the Minnesota State Fair), and Texas once (then to stop for almost a full month at the Texas State Fair) this year, with a possibility for even more states and events to be added later on.


Tuesday, May 1--Woodstock
Melissa's Hallmark, 5-7 PM

Wednesday, May 2--Marietta 
Learning Express, 4-6 PM

Thursday, May 3--Cumming
Parsons, 4-6 PM

Friday, May 4--Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Pharmacy, 3-5 PM

Saturday May 5--Rincon
Curiosity Shoppe Jewelers, 1-3 PM

South Carolina

Tuesday, May 8--Myrtle Beach
Toys and Co., 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

North Carolina

Thursday, May 10--Garner
Peggy's Hallmark, 4-6 PM

Saturday, May 12--Kitty Hawk
Grandma Sushi's Closet, 1-3 PM


Tuesday, May 15--Portsmouth 
Children's Museum of Virginia, 3-5 PM

Wednesday, May 16--Richmond
Mackenzie Grace, 3:30-5:30 PM


Saturday, May 19--Harrisburg
Strawberry Patch, 1-3 PM

Sunday, May 20--Elysburg
Knoebels Amusement Park, 1-3 PM

Thursday, May 24--Havertown
Ruth's Hallmark Shops, 5-7 PM 

New Jersey

Wednesday, May 23--Marlton
Joy's Hallmark, 5:00-7:00 PM

Sunday, May 27--Absecon
Browserama of Historic S[there isn't enough room for the title so I don't know] 1-3 PM


Tuesday, May 29--Shrewsbury
Herberts Candies, 5-7 PM


Sunday, June 3--Kennebunk
Best of Everything, 11 AM-1 PM 

New York

Thursday, June 7--Webster
Schutt's, 5-7 PM

Saturday, June 9--Williamsville
Raff and Friends, 2-4 PM

Sunday, June 10--Arcade
Domes Gift Shop, 2-4 PM


Tuesday, June 12--Howland
Gorants Candy, 2-4 PM

Wednesday, June 13--Cleveland
American Greetings Card S[cut off again; assuming it says "Shop"]
10:45 AM-1:45 PM

Thursday, June 14--Cleveland
Nicky Nicole, 1-3 PM

And then the van will stop at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus from Wednesday, July 25 to Sunday, August 5.


Friday, August 10--Rochester
Ashley's Hallmark
Sunday, August 12--Minneapolis
The Park at the Mall of America

Tuesday, August 14--Burnsville
Ficus and Fig

Friday, August 17--Maple Grove
Maggie's Hallmark

Then, the Van will stop in St. Paul for the Minnesota State Fair. The Van will stay there from Thursday, August 23, to Monday, September 3.


The Van will be stopped in Dallas for the State Fair of Texas from Friday, September 28, until Sunday, October 21.

Thursday, October 25--Houston
Texas Children Hospital, 1-3 PM

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday Updates April 25, 2012

Sorry about the delay. Went camping on Wednesday.

The second half of the Spring clothing has been added to the KinzStyle Outlet. 

From the top left corner to the bottom right corner, these clothes are:
-Striped Cotton Dress--300 KC
-Layered Skirt--200 KC
-High Cut Runners--175 KC
-Purple Denim Jeans--225 KC
-Long Knit Sweater--185 KC
-Blue Argyle Sweater--190 KC
-Spring Fedora--150 KC
-Beige Toque--80 KC
-Lemon Lime Sash--110 KC
-Checkered Board Shorts--200 KC

Also, three more WKN exclusive clothing items have been added.
GanzWorld Striped Cotton Dress; GanzWorld Layered Skirt; GanzWorld Spring Fedora

 These three items--along with the second half of the Spring line--can be found from April 27-May 9 at Webkinz Newz, in a click-to-win. Just look for the floating PJ Collie to win!

Two new Challenges have been added in Webkinz World.

These next few weeks, at least, will be a doozy for players keeping up with their Challenges!
The first is CampKinz Canoe Trip, which is unlocked after completing the CampKinz Counselor challenge. This Canoe Trip challenge is categorized as a Mega Challenge, which, according to WKN, has "more challenging tasks and better prizes". This challenge is the first Mega Challenge in Webkinz World!

And by Mega, they are not kidding. I just checked, and these are the first three tasks in the challenge:
Ask your friends for 30 Maps
Earn a total of 25,000 points playing Pinky's Big Adventure
And...earn a total of 250 KinzCash playing Zacky's Quest in the Arcade
Dear goodness. It's a good thing that those KinzCash and points will accumulate over plays, so you don't have to get it all in one shot. Let's get to playing, I suppose! 

The second challenge is Plumpy's Great Advice, named after the book of the same name. It is unlocked after completing the Smarty Pants challenge. If you have a free vacation ticket, save it for this challenge--you will need it. This challenge is much easier in comparison to the one above--buy a hat, buy a book, earn 3,000 points in Goober's Lab. There are, however, 6 sets of tasks.

Contrary to what the WKN article said, the Webkinz Road Trip map has not been added to the site. 

The article in question said that the Road Trip map would be added to the site on April 25, but they either haven't put it there yet, or they did and just hid it really well. 

A Retro Replay Video Challenge has been added to the POTM video, "Tiger Tiger". 

The video, which was made for the Bengal Tiger (POTM for July two years ago) featured an unidentified pink monkey wearing some sort of dress that you couldn't find anywhere else. The monkey later turned out to be a Glamorous Gorilla, which was released a few months later. And now, you can get her outfit, too!
Just watch the Tiger Tiger Retro Replay video here, and answer the trivia to win this dazzling Dance Party Dress:
Your pet even wears the bracelets!
And yes, the dress can be traded and sent in KinzPost. 

They finally fixed that thing where when you win stuff it doesn't show up in a window

Here, here, let me explain it.
A lot of months back, Ganz added a feature where, when you won a prize from WKN, a window would appear upon logging into your account that would tell you exactly what you won. This was a really helpful feature, especially for click-to-wins with random prizes, as there is an incredibly high amount of players who had so many items in their docks that they couldn't take the time to discover what they'd won.
Unfortunately, a few months later, accounts with a certain amount of pets found that the window didn't show up for them anymore. Eventually, nobody was able to see the window.

As of today's update, my account with 16 pets on it is able to see the window! (where we discover that we've won yet another rain coat.)

And in Let's Talk Webkinz related news, sometime today, we reached our 10,000th pageview!

Plus, we got 99 pageviews in all of yesterday, which happens to be the current record on this blog. Huzzah! The viewership has been doubled! 
Thank you to everyone for helping us get this far!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ganz Reveals June 2012 List of Pets

Ganz has announced the plush Webkinz pets for June 2012, along with the July POTM.

June is going to be a rather meager month, with 2 Webkinz and 1 signature being released. And here they are...

The Summer Beaver, which is basically a pink, bipedal beaver with orange dots.

Can I make a small complaint for a second? They really need to learn how to adjust their camera settings. It just makes the Beaver look neon./endcomplaint
Moving on to our second pet, which is the Cocoa Lab.
Do not get this confused with the Chocolate Lab! The Chocolate Lab was released in 2009, is retired, has its Magic W on its back right paw, and looks like this:
That's my Lab, BTW. Her name's Ella.
The Signature for June is the Ragdoll Cat!
Simply gawgeous, dahling.

And July's POTM is the Puckerfish. what

Also, the Yellow Fluffy Cub and Tyrannosaurus, two new virtual pets, have been officially revealed on Webkinz Newz. (and it turns out that I was right, the T-Rex's PSI is named Amber Armchair)
The T-rex comes with an Amber Armchair PSI, and Gigantic Jawbreaker PSF.
The Yellow Fluffy Cub comes with a Totally Fun Toy Box PSI and Honeycomb Porridge PSF.

Keibell here,

I would like to inform you that on facebook we will be giving out clues, for the Birthday Scavenger Hunt! If you want more clues, or if you want to get closer to winning the prize than check us out on facebook!

Let's Talk Webkinz FaceBook Page

Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Talk Webkinz Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Friday, May 8th, marks the first birthday of Let's Talk Webkinz!

To celebrate, we will be having a scavenger hunt. These are the basics...
From April 23-May 8, we'll be posting news as usual. However, you must be on the lookout for certain words in the posts...
In the posts, look for words that are underlined or in a smaller font than usual.

Write down the words you find. They will form a sentence at the end of the scavenger hunt. The words, however, will not be given out in order, so you must make them make sense on your own!
The words can be found both on Let's Talk Webkinz and in our Facebook page. 
The words will not appear in posts made before the scavenger hunt began. None of the words are in this post, either.
The first person to find out what the sentence is will win a prize!

How to Win
  •   Find all of the words and form a sentence with them.
  •  Write a comment that contains the following:
What you would like to be called
Your Webkinz World username
The sentence
  • Comments here are moderated. This means that we receive an e-mail with the comment inside before it can be posted to the blog. 
  • The comment will not be posted until the winners are announced. This is so that people can't steal one another's answers.
  • The winners will be announced in the week following the contest's end (May 10-17).

"KinzCash Club"

Hi guys this is Keibell,
Carmenta and I have a cool new addition for you! We are starting a webkinz "KinzCash Club"! In this club we will tech you how to save money and spend less!
This club will last for 3 weeks.

Every week during our club we will post a "Weekly Schedule". That simply means that we will tell you what we have planed for each day. We will post the "Weekly Schedule" on the bolg, on our facebook  page, and we can email it to you if you like.

                                           Here is a list of what we will do in all three weeks:

  1. Week One: Making KC corse, in this course you will learn how to make money fast.
  2. Week Two: Shop for less, in this course you will learn how to find great deals and how to spend less and buy more.
  3. Week Three: We will have a lovely course on Keeping a budget.

                                         The club starts on May 6 and ends on May 27
                                              The sign up starts today and ends May 3.

                                          If you want to join the club all you have to do is:

Email us at :  Our Email Address!
 Like us on facebook: Let's Talk Webkinz Like Page
or Comment to this post!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two New, Never Before Seen Webkinz Revealed on Facebook

Ganz has recently revealed two new Webkinz on their Facebook Page.

To prevent spoiling the surprise for people who'd rather wait for the WKN release, please check after the break for the images and PSI of these pets.

Webkinz Day is April 29! List of Known Events...

Webkinz Day is April 29.

This year, we'll be celebrating 7 years of Webkinz World!

Ganz has set up some events in celebration of this day...
-a Contest at Webkinz Newz. The prize is every single Webkinz Day log-in prize! This means you'll get every poster, trophy, and slice of edible cake from 2006-2011--an excellent opportunity for collectors. Enter the contest here!
-and of course, don't forget to log in to your account on April 29 to receive this year's prizes!
-from 2 PM to 3 PM KinzTime on April 29, Ganz will be hosting a party at their Twitter. Prizes at this party include 100 free virtual Webkinz pets, some of which are very rare! Please check out the rules here , the Webkinz Twitter here, and the Facebook message here to get all the details.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Webkinz Road Trip to Return for May-October 2012

Webkinz Newz has confirmed that the Webkinz Road Trip will, in fact, return in 2012.

You can read more about the Road Trips of the past here (2010) and here (2011), but the basics of the event is that, for the entire summer, Ganz brings out the Webkinz Road Trip Van, and travels all across the USA to different locations.
For 2012, the Road Trip begins May 1, and ends in October.
Once the van sets up at the location of the day, then Webkinz fans can stop by--admission is free--and play fun activities such as spinning the Wheel of WOW, tossing Zumbuddy plushies through targets, guessing the amount of Jellybeans in a jar, singing along to Pet of the Month songs, answering Webkinz trivia questions, and maybe even more in 2012! The best part is that for practically every activity, one can win Webkinz Trading Cards, figurines, clothing for their Webkinz Plush, Kinz Klips, stickers, and the Best of KinzTunes CD. On top of all of this, you get a free code for an exclusive Webkinz Road Trip Van, just for showing up!

The map for this year's event will be on WKN on April 25.

If all of this sounds fun, then the so-far published list of events and places can be found below. If you live in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Minnesota, or Texas, then the Road Trip Van is scheduled to stop at least once in your state!

Additional states with predetermined locations, but not dates, are:
Columbus, Ohio (Ohio State Fair)
St. Paul, Minnesota (Minnesota State Fair)
Dallas, Texas (State Fair of Texas)
Do please take into account that it is not a rare happenstance for the day's events to be cancelled. If you want to go to the Road Trip, please call the store you'll be visiting ahead of time to make sure the Van will still be visiting.  
This is a copy/paste schedule from Webkinz Newz. 

  • Tuesday May 1st
Melissa’s Hallmark
130 Woodstock Square Avenue
Woodstock, GA

  • Wednesday May 2nd
Learning Express
3625 Dallas Hwy
Marietta, GA

  • Thursday May 3rd
525 Lakeland Plaza
Cumming, GA

  • Friday  May 4th
Curiosity Shoppe Jewelers
210 North Columbia Avenue
Rincon, GA

  • Saturday May 5th
Richmond Hill Pharmacy
2409 HWY 17
Richmond Hill, GA

  • Tuesday May 8th
Toys and Co
Broadway at the Beach
1206 Celebrity Circle #207
Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Thursday May 10th
Peggy's Hallmark
Contact: Kenneth West
233 Shenstone Blvd
Garner NC

  • Saturday May 12th
Grandma Sushi's Closet
3810 East North Croatan Highway
Kitty Hawk NC

  • Tuesday May 15th
Courthouse Galleries (Portsmouth Children's Museum)
521 Middle Street
Portsmouth, VA

  • Wednesday, May 16th
Mackenzie Grace
Richmond, Virginia

  • Friday May 18th
Banner’s Hallmark
Virginia Gateway
5047 Wellington Road
Gainsville, VA

  • Saturday, May 19th
Strawberry Patch
112 Strawberry Square
Third and Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA

  • Sunday, May 20
Knoebels Amusement Park
Knoebels Blvd
Elysburg, PA

  • Friday, May 25
Joy's Hallmark
230 N. Maple Ave
Crispin Square S/C
Marlton, NJ

  • Saturday  May 26th
Ruth’s Hallmark
Double Tree Shopping Ctr.
834 Delsea Drive
Glassboro, N.J

  • Sunday, May 27th
Browserama of Historic Smithville
The Zoo Store
3 North New York Rd
Bldg #5
Absecon, NJ

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Updates April 11 2012

The Spring 2012 Clothing Items Released To KinzStyle Outlet; Winter 2012 Line Retired 2 Weeks Earlier Than Announced

Not a large array of clothing this Spring, but what is offered is quite nice! I'm particularly fond of that Zum Buckled Belt.
They are, from upper left to lower right:
Tan Leather Skirt (200 KC)
Denim Dress (325 KC)
Striped Turtle Neck (180 KC)
Spiral Designer Dress (350 KC)
Laced Heels (250 KC)
Gray Cardigan (110 KC)
Polka Dot Rain Boots (125 KC) (does not come with rain puddle)
Polka Dot Rain Hat (90 KC)
Polka Dot Rain Coat (200 KC)
Zum Buckled Belt (75 KC)

In addition to these clothes, three pieces of WKN Exclusive clothing will be available somehow in the future, if you're interested in Springtime Laced Heels, a Springtime Leather Skirt, or a Springtime Cardigan. 

Additionally, the entire Winter 2012 line has been retired a full update later than expected! WKN announced that these clothes would be retired from the KinzStyle Outlet on April 25, but this is apparently no longer true. You can see all of these clothes in this LTW article.

A new Roleplaying room has been added to the Clubhouse. 

This new room is called the "Glam Boutique", and it's the perfect place to let your inner girly girl frolic. (Or to stay far far away from. The WKN article uses the word "glam/glamorous" 7 times not including the headline, so...)
There are lines for a stylist, a receptionist, and a client.

Webkinz have hair. Invisible hair. It's canon!(?)

Congrats, random Jellybean Puppy/Pig/Tawny Pup/Chipmunk, you're in the news. (I'm the Okapi.)

 Webkinz has released a new Lite App for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

This game is called "Cloud Corral", and it's free to play up to level 5. It is not in the Webkinz World Arcade, too--app only!
Shiny Zumbuddy! His name is Zoom.
In this game, you need "ample wit and skill" to defeat those clouds sent in by Nafaria. How? We dunno; WKN wasn't too detailed. Buy purchasing the full version of Cloud Corral, you can collect KinzCash to send to your Webkinz World account.

The second half of the Creative Studio theme has been released in the W-Shop.

It consists of :

-Art Easel, 200 KC. Click on it and it will paint a picture for you.
-Art Painting Wall Art, 90 KC. Features the same scene the Art Easel paints.
-Art Station, 400 KC.
-Beanstalk Art Poster, 60 KC. 
-Ice Sculpture Fridge, 780 KC. Can store 6 food items.
-Music Guitar Table, 375 KC. Works like any ol' table.
-Music Note Chair, 250 KC.
-Music Note Wall Art, 50 KC.
-Potter Kiln Oven, 350 KC. Operates like an ordinary oven.
-Potter's Wheel, 550 KC. Complete with chair to sit on.
-Theatre Bed, 800 KC. Exactly what it says on the tin.

So for the price of 7,175 KC to buy the entirety of a creative, innovative theme, that's not too bad!

A new Video Challenge has been added for "Mustache Louie".

By watching the POTM video for the Schnauzer, the Pet for January 2010, and answering some trivia, you will win this Pretty Flower Dress here for your Webkinz pet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pink Dalmatian, Signature Normande Cow, and Airborne Puppy PSI and PSF Revealed!

The Pink Dalmatian, a new pet to be released in May 2012, comes with a Cream Soda Slushy PSF, and a Sapphire Lamp Post PSI.
Before you say something about the PSI being named wrong, please take into account that sapphires are not strictly blue: yellow and green sapphires are a common occurrence, and pink, orange, and even brown sapphires exist. /the more you know

The Signature Normande Cow comes with a Silo Storage Tower PSI, and a Foie Grass PSF. Surprisingly plain PSI for a Signature, but I bet it holds an amazing amount of items.
 And we have a surprise new pet: the Airborne Puppy!
This cloud-chasing canine comes with a Cloud Control Station PSI, and a filling Winged Wet Food PSF.
All we know about this pet is that it is virtual-only.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Celebration Gift Baskets Arrive in Webkinz World

The Spring Celebration, Webkinz World's equivalent to Easter, has arrived today. Players logging into their accounts today only will find not only their daily Milk Chocolate Egg, but also a Springtime Celebration gift basket--check after the break to discover what's inside.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Webkinz Mallard Duck PSI and PSF Revealed

The PSI is a Playful Pond, and its PSF is a Wild Granola Bar.
The PSI and PSF of the Webkinz Mallard Duck, a new pet to be released in May 2012, has been revealed at Webkinz Newz. 

I can't say that I find this to be the most interesting of PSI and PSF choices. The pet itself is well done, however.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our April 6th Newsletter

Welcome to our forth  weekly newsletter!
Before we begin, I would like you all to know that the LTW newsletters will be released once a month , rather than once a week. 
Before we get started I (Keibell) would like to say that the newsletter cannot be as long this month due to many different things, but don't worry because we have a short newsletter! 
                                             Interview With Ganz!
In which Carmen  and Keibell tell about our interview with Ganz

In which Keibell and Carmen are telling you about our contest! 

This is where Keibell will show you our Webkinz video

Contact Us!
This is where we give you a link to our "like" page on Facebook.

Interview With Ganz:

I just got off the phone with a lovely lady who was answering my questions about Webkinz World.
At first I tried to speak to Howard Ganz, creator of Webkinz World, himself but he was in a meeting, so I was directed to Susan.
She works for Webkinz, and she knows some of the computer designers. She was very passionate about her job. She was very helpful and I would like to say thank you!
 Interview Time!

KeiKei: I heard that the Webkinz Rockerz are supposed to have a PSI, a VIP Pass, and a Pet Specific Outfit.

Susan: Well...we are still playing around with stuff, so just keep on the lookout!

Kei: Who is running the Facebook and Twitter pages?

Susan: Bonnie is in charge of that, as well as the Newz.

Kei: Why did Mr. Howard Ganz come up with Webkinz World?

Susan: Back in 2005, kids were starting to play on the computer instead of with stuffed animals, so he came up with a way to combine stuffed animals with the computer.

Susan: There are designers for the Webkinz pets, who create everything about that pet. There's a separate team for Webkinz World itself, and another team for the Wednesday updates. When a new Webkinz pet is made, we also have seamstresses that make one of that pet, to send to the factory so the rest can be made. They are always thinking up new crazy, cool, and cute Webkinz!


                                       Today we are announcing our first contest!
For two weeks we watch as the poll results come in, and we have a winner! The contest will be a
                                              Room Designing Contest!
            First things first, I am giving you a set of fair rules that you must follow in order to participate.
After the rules I will show you how to enter, and then comes the prize list, Dates, and at the bottom of the page is the forum.  

  1. All room designs must be original.
  2. You must fill out the whole form if you wish to enter the contest.
  3. You must submit the room by the deadline. 
  4. You can use ANY Webkinz world item. That includes: Rare, eStore, PSI, Exclusive, Pet of the Month, and Deluxe.
  5. You can make you room ANY way you want to and it can be indoor, outdoor, treetop, or underwater.
  6. Only one room per person. (You can send as many pics of the room as you want)
                                                       How to enter 
              We would like it better if you entered the first way but we understand if you can't.
  1. Email, here is a link to our email address: All you have to do is send in the answered form and the pics of your room design.
  2. Comment, all you have to do is comment the answered form and the pics of your room design. The only way that you can send photos via comment is by uploading the pics to one of these websites: or and copy and paste the web-address to the comment. 
                                          Prize time:
   The prizes are listed by the number, so if there is a one beside it that means it is for first place.

  1. for first place the winner gets to pick one of these two prizes (Please note that he/she can only pick one) : 
The Exclusive Enchanted Garden Fountain

The Exclusive King Of he Garden Statue 
2. The second place winner will get the prize that the first place winner did not pick.

3. The third place winner will receive 

The Exclusive Twister In A Pot.
Everyone: Everyone who entered the contest will receive a small prize. They will be some Adventure Park items and some Mazin' Hamster items.

                                                     You must enter by the due date!

              The contest starts on April 6th at 12:00 Am and ends on May 4th at 11:59pm 
                                                     Please fill out the whole form.
                  What is your Webkinz username? 
           (we need to friend you so we can send the prizes)

            If you won first place which prize would you pick: The Fountain [ ] or The statue [ ] 
                   (When you fill in the answer  is should look like this:" [x] ")

                                        What would you like to be called: 
        (This is so when we post the winners we know how to address  you.)  

                            Your room photos: 
             (If you are commenting then put the link here )

          Tell us in 1,000 characters or less about your room design:

                     Please answer this question: "In what year was the President Obama elected?"
A. 2008 [ ]
B. I don't know [ ] 
C. 2009 [ ]

(It is OK if you don't know or if you get it wrong; we are just seeing if you are a robot or not. You can still win first place if you answered with "don't know" or if you get it wrong.)

Thank you for entering and please tell everyone you know!
Remember everyone gets some sort of prize! :)
Any Age can enter, but please ask your parents first!


This past week I had been making a video about my webkinz and today I would like to share it! Here is a link to the video: Webkinz In Spring Video!  Please watch.
Tell me what you think, and what was your favorite part!

                                        Contact Us!!

We now have a Facebook "Like" page! If you like our blog you will love our Facebook.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ganz Reveals PSI and PSF of Webkinz Lilac Guinea Pig

The Webkinz Lilac Guinea Pig, a new pet to be released in May 2012, comes with some refreshing Papaya Punch and a relaxing Wild Flower Spa.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ganz Reveals "Blue Batik Elephant" On Their Facebook Page

In recognition of Autism Awareness Day, Ganz posted a picture on their Facebook page of a Blue Googles, Hippo, and Splash Dragon lined up on a desk. Amongst them was an elephant that has never been seen before:
It uses the base design of the Batik Elephant, but this fellow is blue, and has daisy patterns. Normally, new Webkinz are revealed 2-3 months ahead on Webkinz Newz, however, there has been no word about this pet, making it one of the most quietly revealed Webkinz there is.

Speculation time!
  • Beta design of the Batik Elephant, that they kept?
  • Autism Awareness mascot at Ganz HQ?
  • Really clever use of Photoshop?
  • A personal project of one of the seamstresses?
  • A pet available only to the staff?
  • A Webkinz pet that will come to stores in the Fall?
Guess away!

April is Autism Awareness Month!
Some facts about autism:
-1 in 54 boys are affected as opposed to 1 in 252 girls.
-it is more common than cystric fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, Downs Syndrome, juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer, cerebral palsy, and pediatric AIDS--combined.
-Prevalence is estimated at 1 in 88 births.

A few other ways to spread awareness in Webkinz World:
~Run around with a blue or rainbow pet and/or dress your pet in blue
~Get a blue or rainbow pet and name it Autism Awareness
~You can join Autism Awareness parades in the Kinzville Park, being organized at Webkinz Insider. (you can also find a lot more information on the subject there.)

SPREE! Click To Win at Webkinz Newz

This event will last from April 1 to 11, 2012. 

These are the prizes that can be won.
 To participate, one must go to Webkinz Newz or the Ganz Parent Club, and look for an advertisement for this event. Click on the ad, and fill in the form, to win one of three Posters, a piece of that Turquoise outfit, or a Spree! Shopping Bag (which is decoration only). All of these prizes are exclusive to this event.


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