Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Changed the appearance of the blog again!

Got any feedback? Does this one allow you to actually see stuff? Too much red? Not Text lookin' funny?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, One And All!

/Kinzmas/12 Perigee's/Hearth's Warming Eve/I'm running out of names for Christmas in other universes/halp

  Here are some of the events that will be happening today:

-Though it's a Tuesday, there will be All Day Activities.
-Spin the Super Wheel, a special wheel that can be spun only on certain holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Webkinz Day, so on and so forth)
-Get your Gift Box upon logging in and drag it to your room to see what's inside!
-Go to the Clubhouse one last time to collect the final Countdown to Christmas gift!

What's on the Super Wheel today?

-The usual 500 and 750 KinzCash points

-Neo Gothic Couch (Rare item)

-Enchanted Garden Fountain (Wish Factory Exclusive)

-Royal Reign Rug (Rare item)

-Funky Neon 'Fro (Curio Shop item; also found on the Wheel of Wishes)

-Porthole Barrel Hot Tub (expensive W-Shop item)

-Zangoz Chocolate Fountain (Wish Factory Exclusive)

What's inside this year's Gift Box? And what is the final Countdown to Christmas gift?

Check after the break to prevent spoilers. ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GanzWorld Rewards Added to Webkinz Newz

After about five days of maintenance, Webkinz Newz has been redesigned for the fourth time and with the new layout comes the new currency, Moneyz.

You will need a GanzWorld account to start the collection of Moneyz. You get 1,500 Moneyz for creating an account, and the process is free and quick.
You need to provide the following information to create an account:
-A username and password for the account
-Your date of birth
-Your e-mail address
-Your postal code. This is required so, in the event you win a contest for a physical prize, they will know where to send the prize.

None of this information except for your username can be seen by anyone else.
After account creation, you can add an avatar. You can't upload your own picture; you must choose from a selection of Webkinz pets. Additionally, you can change your password.

Your GanzWorld account allows you to collect and redeem Moneyz, and you may comment on any website in the GanzWorld 'verse. These websites include:
Webkinz Newz
Webkinz Friends news
Amazing World Newz
Nakamas Newz
Tail Town Friends Newz
The Ganz Parent Club

You can also start collecting Moneyz from the Arcade, which has many non-Webkinz games made by Ganz. Don't worry if you'd rather stick with Webkinz; it has its own tab. The Webkinz games offered are:
Eager Beaver Adventure Park
Get Eleven Solitaire
Goober's Lab
Smoothie Moves

Good news for those who were annoyed at the exclusion of the first two games to Deluxe members only; in the GanzWorld arcade they can still be played by anyone. 

Yes, but how do you get Moneyz?

You'll know if you've earned some Moneyz when a little box appears on the lower right corner of your screen. It shows up for a few moments, declares "you've earned x Moneyz", then fades away. Different activities earn you different amounts of Moneyz; I find that simply clicking around the various GanzWorld sites gets you 1 Moneyz per page.

What is the point of Moneyz?

There is a bar on the left side of the screen that says Spend Your Moneyz! Click on that and you will be taken to a little shop menu that contains a selection of items for Tail Towns Friends, Amazing World, Webkinz World, and Webkinz Friends. You can sort through a drop-down menu to search for specific games to buy items for; through this menu we see that there is an option for Nakamas though it is completely empty. For those wondering, Tail Towns Friends is a Facebook game made by Ganz.

Amazing World has ten items for sale:
-Elf Jacket for 2,000 M
-Elf Hat for 1,000 M
-White Cowboy Hat for 1,000 M
-Cool Cowboy Shirt for 800 M
-Yellow Posey Shirt for 800 M
-Purple Jean Jacket for 600 M
-Red Oven Mitts for 600 M
-Blue Gloves for 400 M
-Red Jeans for 400 M
-Green Jean Skirt for 400 M

Tail Towns Friends offers 11 items:
  • Crofter's Cottage (Straw) for 2,000 M
  • Noel: Holiday Tree (Bauble) for 500 M
  • Home Harvest Flatbed for 1,500 M
  • Red Rover Shed for 800 M
  • Red Rover Tractor for 1,000 M
  • Arctic Lil' Snome for 400 M
  • Arctic Papa Snome for 700 M
  • Delicata Squash for 100 M
  • Arctic Scotch Pine for 200 M
  • Skating Gnome for 200 M
  • Smiling Scarecrow for 600
Nakamas, despite having a menu, offers nothing as of this writing.

For Webkinz Friends, there are 9 items:
  • Red & Green Townhouse for 2,000 M
  • Hickory Clock for 1,400 M
  • North Pole Lamp Post for 1,000 M
  • Magnificent Menorah for 800 M
  • School District Sign for 700 M
  • Magic W Sign for 600
  • Yellow Marigolds for 400 M
  • Forget-Me-Nots for 300 M
  • Kinzville Street Lamp for 800 M

And finally, Webkinz World is given a selection of 8 items:
  • Hickory Clock for 3,000 M*
  • Santakinz Dining Chair for 2,500 M*
  • Enchanted Tiara for 1,500 M
  • Magnolia Tree for 2,000 M (same as W-Shop Hibiscus Tree, only with blue flowers)
  • Reindeer Slippers for 1,000 M**
  • Letter to Santakinz for 1,000 M**
  • Red Floppy Hat for 500 M***
  • White Floppy Hat for 500 M***
*formerly offered in the W-Shop Christmas Theme
**formerly a prize in the Arthur Christmas promotion (the Letter also showed up in a Peek A Newz and later a Challenge)
***formerly a prize in the Smurfs Movie promotion

surely I'm not the only one who read "moneyz" and immediately thought of Invader Zim

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas: Day 4

Day 4 of the Countdown is upon us! As always, check after the break.

Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas: Day 3

...was completely missed by yours truly because I was unable to log into WW.
placeholder image until I draw up something in reaction
Since the day has already passed, there is no way to get yesterday's gift UNLESS you trade for it or spend 2,000 eStore points (2$) to get it.

The gift for the 3rd was the Jingle Jester Hat, which you can find along with all other Countdown to Christmas gifts thus far in the Webkinz Insider Wiki.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: Day 2

If you don't want spoilers for today's Countdown to Christmas prize, don't click on the "read more" sign. Also you'll want to click out of the Message Box in Webkinz World when you log in, because it's right there.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ms. Birdy's Countdown to Christmas: Day 1

Ms. Birdy has arrived in the clubhouse!

Go to the Santakinz room and you will find her there (if you don't, wait for a few minutes--she appears, stays around for a minute, disappears, and then comes back about five minutes later). Click on her and she will give you a Countdown To Christmas prize that you can only get today.

 This event will keep going until December 25, so keep coming back daily to get all of the prizes! If you do, you'll get a bonus badge for your My Page.

2012 marks the third year in a row that this event has occurred.


Players today are also surprised to find a gift from another game of Ganz's, called Nakamas. 

This gift is a Huggy Hoodie that the player will find upon logging in. 

Check after the page break for today's prize!

On the first day of Kinzmas, Ms. Birdy gave to me...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

REMINDER: Webkinz Newz switching from KinzCash to GanzWorld Rewards; Caring Valley Retiring

The Caring Valley is retiring.


The Caring Valley, introduced April 1, 2009, has seen a wonderful three years in Webkinz World. As of January 9, 2013, however, it will be bidding us farewell as it retires.
With the use of a Caring Valley tag (comes attached to select Webkinz pets), a Webkinz World user will be given 4 saplings. They can then go to the Valley and plant those saplings in different forests--each forest focuses on a different charity, and each sapling will donate to its respective forest's charity. Upon entering the Caring Valley tag's code to the Code Shop, the player will get a customizable tree to put in their yard. This tree is exclusive to the Caring Valley codes, and a different one is offered each month: the pet the tag comes attached to does not affect the tree. In fact, the pet code and Caring Valley code are completely separate, and you can adopt the pet first or enter the Valley code first.

Codes can still be entered and saplings can still be planted until the Caring Valley retires. Afterward, codes can still be entered, but they will only give you the tree corresponding to the month you entered the code in. 

To learn more, visit the Caring Valley entry in the Webkinz Insider Wiki.

Webkinz Newz will be changing currency tomorrow, December 12.

Since the addition of the Arcade feature about a year ago, Webkinz Newz has allowed players to collect KinzCash by playing games in the WKN site, provided they were logged into a WKN account to collect the money in. Tomorrow, however, they will be changing currency, and KinzCash will no longer be what players are given, but rather the new GanzWorld Rewards. We have no word on what the difference is other than Rewards are highly likely to be unable to be converted to KC and transferred to your WW account.

This means that all KinzCash will be cleared from WKN accounts to make way for the currency change. Please log into your WKN account and transfer any KinzCash it contains to your WW account.
This WKN article explains how to do that, along with more details.
This will have no effect on the KinzCash already in your Webkinz World account. That remains perfectly safe; have no concern.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


If you're wondering where Kei went, her computer is having troubles with Blogger and she's been unable to log in.

If you're wondering where I went, I was on vacation for most of October, writing a novel through November, and taking art classes every Tuesday for a month and a quarter, now!

If you're wondering when the next post will be, the answer is Right Now.

Otherwise, check in next Wednesday update.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your admin is abandoning you! EDIT

But not forever and not to spite you.

I, Carmen, will be gone from October 5-21. I will not be able to update this blog with pictures while I am gone, and computer access will be limited. I am on vacation and doing fine.

Will KeiKei update the blog in the meantime? Perhaps. We did not make prior arrangements.


Bye for now!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Events Have Begun in WW!

 I apologize in advance for my atrocious attempts at alliteration
So now that you have your pets clad in creepy costumes and your house in spooky splendor, it's time for more Halloween haunts for you and your Webkinz!

Participate in a chilling challenge: the Halloween 2012 Challenge is up! Go to your pet's room to begin the 3-part Challenge, which starts today and goes on until October 31! The grand prize isn't really a surprise--it's in the Challenge icon--it's the eStore Midnight Monster Golem!

Here are the prizes:

Stage 1: 50 KinzCash, Chocolate Tombstone to eat.

Stage 2: Slimesicle to eat, Bloodcurdling Bat Sticker to place on a wall

Stage 3: eStore Midnight Monster Golem furniture item.  Well that escalated quickly

At the same time, you can satisfy your cravings for candies with the Halloween Candy Challenge! On the Map to Kinzville, click on the Vampire Pop that should be there, next to the My Page button. Just for clicking on it, you get a piece of candy; then, ask your friends for more pieces! You can gain an additional piece from finding an advertisement on WKN, but that's giving out Fall Fest prizes right now so that's good luck for those who missed a few but not so much for those who'd rather get candies. You can only get 5 pieces of candy per day from friends...or buy them for 500 eStore points (50 cents) a pop instead. Either way, you're either out 5 days of asking and clicking, or 15,000 eStore points (15$).

Here are the milestones:
5 pieces of Candy gets you an edible Vampire Pop.
10 pieces of Candy gets you a Vampire Costume your pet can wear.
20 pieces of Candy gets you a Frightening Lightning Window, a retired Halloween item that can be placed on your wall.
30 pieces of Candy gets you a Haunted Hickory Sapling which you can plant in your yard and decorate. 

Then, check back in on October 20 in the Clubhouse for the Ghost! Same as it's been for years, just hang out in a Clubhouse room until the Ghost appears. Then, click on him and get a piece of candy! The Ghost will keep coming back until October 31. Collect all the pieces of candy he has to give you and get a special prize!
This year, the Ghost will exclusively appear in the Reading Room.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Updates: September 26, 2012

The Fall Clothing and Halloween Costumes are here!

The second half of the clothing line should arrive in the next update on October 10.

The regular clothing items are not quite as inexpensive as last year's surprisingly low-cost Fall clothing prices...

Berry Pickin' Galoshes---140 KC
Big Blue Bow Belt----60 KC
Boy's Navy Cardigan and Scarf---190 KC
Fallen Leaves Headband---50 KC
Hunter Green Hiker Shoes---215 KC
Orange Sporty Warm-Up Zippy---175
Pink Punk Riot Dress---200 KC
Rainbow Spirals Tee--100 KC
Rusty Red Tam---90 KC

All of the current Halloween costume choices are from last year:
Egyptian Mummy Costume---445 total
275 for costume; 75 for shoes; 95 for mask
Ladybug Costume---550 total
320 for costume; 150 for shoes; 80 for headband
Martian Costume--580 total
350 for costume; 80 for headband; 150 for boots
X-Ray Costume---350 KC

The costumes that did not return from 2011 are the classic Candy Corn Witch Costume and the Zombie Costume.

The Halloween Theme is here!

Or the first half of it, anyway. Almost all of these items have returned from last year, with about three new ones. This theme is not for the faint of heart--or of wallet; buying one of every item will cost you a whopping 11,527 KinzCash.

From last year, we have...
Bone Chilling Fridge---750 KC
Cold Flames Cauldron---1,300 KC
Creepy Cursed Chair---250 KC
Freaky Full Moon Window---350 KC
Frightening Fireplace---1,133 KC [animated!]
Ghastly Grave--1,013 KC [animated!]
Haunted House Table---1,150 KC [animated; cannot be rotated]
Horrifying Halloween Flooring/Wallpaper---350 KC each
Jack O'Lantern Candelabra---285 KC [animated!]
Jack O'Lantern Wall Sticker---113 KC
Mad Scientist Workstation---1,313 KC [animated!]
Scary Specter Wall Sticker---113 KC
Spider Webbed Bookshelf---666 KC [animated!] and we wonder how they got that one past
Terrifying Torch---390 KC [animated!]
Witch's Banquet Place Setting---125 KC 
Super Scary Stove---1,031 [works like a regular stove]

New to the theme...
Green Ooze Puddle---95 KC [goes on the floor like a rug]
Slimy Sink---750 [works like a regular sink despite the slime]


Eager Beavers Announce Future Change to Kinzville!

According to Nuts and Bolts, the hosts of the game Eager Beaver, a great change that will "change the face of Kinzville" is going to occur on October 17, 2012.

We have no idea what this change is but cross your fingers that it isn't a total conversion to 3-D graphics because there will be a lot of boycotting if that happens. Most of it will be from me.

And now for something completely different: a Pokemon promotion!

I was surprised, too! To promote the US release of Pokemon Black and White 2, players who have not blocked 3rd party ads on their accounts will see a floating Pokeball from September 26 to October 21st. And the what is the prize for clicking on it? A Pokeball to put in your pet's room? An Oran Berry to feed to them (automatically increasing their health by 10)? A plush Pikachu? A Pokedex? A copy of Pokemon Special? Misty's overalls? The hat from the protagonist of Emerald, which would look adorable on your pet?

Nope. You get 50 KinzCash.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something you don't want to miss: Rock Star Outfit Available Today

The Rock Star Outfit is the source of those "priceless" Rock Star Sunglasses, most commonly known as "shuts". If you find yourself being driven batty in search of those glasses which are apparently worth very very much then today (September 16) only, go onto WKN and wait for the floating Midnight Monster to appear. (you'll have to search around.) Click on it, enter your account information, and you shall find a Rock Star Outfit, complete with boots, shirt, torn jeans, and shuts, in your Dock.

Some people aren't too thrilled about this--some worked very hard to get the glasses, some are proud of getting them in a Webkinz shirt code (the original way to get the outfit) and have kept them since then, and the general worry is of their worth dropping.

My thoughts on this? does it actually serve as Sunglasses and keep the sun out of your eyes, when there's not lenses, but lines? (additional note: how does one see through them?)
And why isn't it the shirt that's in high demand? That thing's awesome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Fest 2012 Dates and Prizes Announced!

WHOO HOO! Fall Fest is fast approaching!

An event that has lasted since 2007, Fall Fest is a time when Webkinz World players everywhere can celebrate Autumn! Though it originally was an October event, from 2008 onward it has taken place in September. The basic gist of the Fest is that you can log in to your WW account and search for leaves, which float periodically across your screen, which, when clicked on, will give you a special prize! Every year, a few new prizes are introduced, and some from previous years are brought back, while some prizes may never return again. Some prizes are rarer than others, and from food to furniture, from decorations to hats, boots, and coats, all of them are fall-based!

2012 Prizes

These are the new prizes for this year!
There's a basket of logs, a coat, a pile of leaves, donuts, a basket of apples, a log cabin (unknown size), and a potted tree. Their names haven't been announced (except for the Maple Donuts and Apple Basket), nor do we know of what prizes from previous years will be available.WKN only mentions that "some old favorites" will return.
That giant Orchard Apple Tree is a potential prize if you feed your pet some Fall Fest Fudge! This Fudge costs eStore points, and potentially gives regular 2012 Fall Fest Prizes upon being fed to your pet as well. Wait, wait, wait. How do you explain that you found a cabin in a piece of Fudge?
The Orchard Apple Tree gives your pet an Apple a day. Unknown about the effect this will have on doctors.

When is Fall Fest 2012?

It lasts from September 14 to September 22 this year. 

This is actually 2 days longer than the usual 6-day Fests we've seen for the past 4 years!
Somewhat ironically, Fall Fest this year ends on the day Fall begins.

Are there limits on how many leaves you can catch?


Edit: Contrary to my previous assumption, leaves fall on the 14th thru the 16th, not the 14th and the 16th. This means 10 extra leaves! Woo hoo~

On Friday, September 14, Sunday, Saturday, September 15th, September 16th, and Saturday, September 22, you may catch 10 leaves per day.
From Monday, September 17, to Friday, September 21, you may catch 5 leaves per day.
"But that's not fair!"
Hear me out for a sec.
There are 4 days of 10 leaves to catch, then 4 days of 5 leaves to catch. 4x10=30. 4x5=20. 30+30=60. That's 60 decorations, clothes, foodstuffs, and furniture, some of which is really cool, to collect! Double, or even triple, that amount if you have multiple accounts, and you can throw one heck of a party.

What else is there besides leaves in Webkinz World?

Well, knowing WKN, they'll probably start up a Peek-A-Newz for extra prizes. Or an ad hunt! Look at that. From September 14-22, Webkinz fans can search around WKN for these ads:

Clicking on them will give you a prize from Fall Fest! It is unknown what will be available.
Also, during Fall Fest is a Midnight Monster Click-To-Win that lasts until September 26. Every day gives a surprise!
The eStore usually sells special items for the event, such as scarecrows, mills, tractors, and I think they have an applesauce making device? 
They meant "sleuth". Silly WKN.
Play the actually challenging (it takes forever to find those articles they send you to search for!) School Time Terrier Treasure Hunt, the prize for which is, well, a School Time Terrier figurine. This isn't for Fall Fest, but is Fall-related, and goes on until October 2. You can also do the Chillin' Out Polar Bear Treasure Hunt, whose prize I leave you to guess, but hurry--it ends when Fall Fest begins!

Monday, September 3, 2012

PSI & PSF for October 2012 Rockerz and Signature; Halloween Virtual Pet; Snowflake Puppy Revealed!

Starting off, we have October 2012's Signature Pet, the African Wild Dog!

This hound has taken the hunt to an all new level with its PSI, the Gyrostalker! When the day is done, it settles down to a dinner of Wild Beast Brisket.

Or you could stick to something more urban, with the Rockerz Bunny and its PSI, Boom Box Bed, and PSF, Microphone Snow Cone!

If you'd rather spend the day at the beach instead, then the Rockerz Dog can help get the party started with its PSI, the Reggae DJ Booth! Maybe it'll share some of its PSF, Spicy Chicken and Rice?

If you'd like some more life in your party, then the Rockerz Poodle is for you! Get some Disco Ball Cereal to energize, then get out there on the Disco Dance Floor!

But we all know that home is where the heart head on over to the Rockerz Horse concert, where you're sure to feel at home! With its Country Banjo Stage PSI and Blueberry and Bluegrass Cobbler, you'll have a mighty fine time!

For the 2012 Holidays, share some Snowflake Frosted Cookies with the merry Snowflake Puppy, then watch the snow fall from its PSI, Snowy Globe Chair.

For all of the major holidays celebrated in Webkinz World--October, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day--there is a plush Webkinz, and a virtual-only Webkinz for each.

Take a deep breath, now.
One, two, three...
Others may not find it so cute, but keep in mind this is my favorite Webkinz pet, made for my favorite season, modeled after my favorite candy. I. Am. Sold.
The Candy Corn Mouse is Halloween 2012's eStore pet, announced on Facebook, and comes with Petrifying Popcorn to nibble on and a Pumpkin Carving Station! Carrying on the tradition of Webkinz Mice coming with tables for PSI.
Now we just need a Mouse with hearts for ears and a Mouse with shamrocks on its paws!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

October 2012 Webkinz PSI and PSF Revealed

Firstly is the Black Wolf, who comes with the tasty PSF of Beef and Black Bean Stew, and the regal PSI of a...Komrade Couch. Makes sense--the Black Wolf is, for reasons that I really must learn, generally associated with Russia--but it looks almost identical to the Batikka Loveseat, the PSI for the Batik Elephant. Observe!

I suppose they might have done this on purpose to make the two PSI match when placed in a room?

The Spotted Spaniel comes with a Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich PSF, and a Spotted Sports Car PSI.
I am not joking; that is honestly its PSF. It could be for anybody--it has no personalization at all! They could have at least given it a spotted plate, or put the pup's picture on the glass!
Something like so:
...not much better, but you get the gist.
PSF aside, I don't deny that it is still a very cute pet, even if its ears look very stiff.

The Grape Soda Pup (is so fluffy!) comes with a fun Soda Can Fridge PSI, and tasty Grape Soda Cap Gummies to snack on!

Finally, we see the Meerkat, one of three non-canine plushies released for October. I love its design! It comes with a Desert Tree Sunning Station PSI, and delicious Kalahari Quiche.

Friday, August 24, 2012

October 2012 Pets Announced!

Good news for dog lovers, because this October adds 7 colorful canines to the list! (Fun Fact: this means there are 133 different Webkinz dogs! This includes Signatures and Wolves, but not Lil'Kinz...think you can name them all?)

Our first pet is the Meerkat! We actually already know how this little guy looks online, due to his image being leaked in Webkinz World's newspaper before the plush was even announced:

The second is the Grape Soda Pup, which cute and looks very cuddly, but is essentially a purple Cream Soda Pup (August 2010 release).

The third is the Spotted Spaniel, which is pretty darn cute!

The fourth is an addition to the Wolves: the Black Wolf!

October's Signature pet is the Signature African Wild Dog! Just look at those ears!

Still holding out hope for a Holiday Cat, though.

Also to be released in October is the Holiday pet for 2012: The Snowflake Pup!

And if you think that's a lot of dogs: wait, there's more! We'll also be seeing the Fall 2012 Rockerz Pets in October!

Get down with the funky Rockerz Poodle, which represents the days of disco! Note the disco ball on its tail--clever!

Next up is the Rockerz Bunny, which represents hip-hop! Get it,'s a bunny, and...bunnies hop...yeah. And yes. It actually comes with a dollar sign necklace.

The words on it say "Island Rhythm".

Or perhaps you'd rather have a Rockerz Dog, who represents reggae?

Applejack what happened to you

Or a Rockerz Horse, who represents country and has a very pretty design?

By now, there are pets for the following genres:
  • Reggae/Dog
  • Country/Horse
  • Hip-Hop/Rabbit
  • Disco/Poodle
  • Punk/Monkey/Cat
  • Pop/Papillion
  • Indie/Cow
  • Rock/Lion
  • Metal(?)/Bulldog
  • Pop2/A dog with a stunning resemblance to a certain purple-clad individual with a large following of preteen females

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Updates: August 1, 2012

The second half of the Beach House Theme has been added to the W-Shop.

What about that boat closet (fridge?) next to the TV, and the chest under the mirror? We don't know where to find either.
The second half of the theme includes:
Beach House Beachview Window--450 KC Floor-to-ceiling, goes inside the wall, and even comes with two free plants!
Beach House Buoy Mirror--300 KC As usual for mirrors, it's much too high on the wall for your pet to see into it...but unusual for mirrors, it's actually pretty decently sized!
Beach House TV and Stand--650 KC A surprisingly cheap television for its design, it's kind of a wonder that it doesn't fall off of its stand but your pet is sure to love it anyway!
Inground Lap Pool--1,400 KC The most expensive item in the theme, it takes up  4x4 tiles (which is a lot of space, actually) and cannot be rotated. But, it goes indoors, outdoors, and underwater, is animated (you see the water rippling), and your pet can swim around in it! Plus, it only costs virtual money--all-in-all, it's a great deal.
I'm sorry about the horrible quality; this is the best I can do. At least you can understand the basics?
Here, have an animated GIF of it in action! 
Weathered Wood Bed--700 KC Because a theme is never complete until it has a bed!
Weathered Wood Dresser--450 KC It holds 8 articles of clothing.

Total cost of Beach House Theme: 6,820 KC

Ways to Save

  • Don't buy the Hot Tub or the Pool. You'll save 2,150 KC for that.
  • Use Coupons, of course.
  • Use the Funky Girl Wallpaper instead of the Beach House Wallpaper. The Funky Girl walls look almost identical to the Beach House walls, but cost 150 KC less.
  • Use the White Pine Wood flooring instead. It costs 150 KC less and is brighter, but less weathered.
  • Combine pieces of the plain Beach theme and Blue and White Striped furniture pieces. Both themes will blend with this one, and they were made earlier, so they're cheaper. 
  • See what PSI's you can match with this.
  • Do the Beach House Theme Peek-A-Newz at Webkinz Newz, so you can get free furniture pieces from this theme and maybe some exclusive pieces, too!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

PSI and PSF Posted for September 2012 Holstein Cow and Tie Dyed Pony

 Welcome to Webkinz World, where we guarantee that you will always have a commute to wherever you need to go because there are a ton of cars. Your perishables...will never perish, because you are unable to escape the fridges! Today, we'll be demonstrating the use of those items in the September 2012 Holstein Cow's and Tie Dyed Pony's PSI.

 The Tie Dyed Pony comes with a Tie Dyed Pickup Truck* and some Fruity Oat Cereal for breakfast!
*It's clearly not tie dyed, though. For starters, that would require taking bits of the truck and tying them up in rubber bands.

The Holstein Cow is...well, another cow. This is an opinion blog of sorts, so I'll say now that I honestly dislike its face very much. The smile and the eyebrows make it look like it's worriedly forcing a smile.
It comes with an Udderly Delicious Sundae (tee hee) PSF, and a Milk Jug Fridge PSI. Not to be confused with the Chocolate Milk Fridge, the PSI for the Brown Cow which was released (and retired, apparently) on November 28, 2008.

TAGS HERE because Blogger won't let me tag this post. :P
new pets, September 2012, September pets, Webkinz Newz, PSI and PSF, sneak peek

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Theme Added to W-Shop: Beach House Theme

In yesterday's Wednesday update, a new and completely unexpected theme was added to the W-Shop! Behold: The Beach House theme!

The Beach House theme brings a refreshing and simple atmosphere to the room, using only two shades of brown, teal, white, and blue, with occasional golden and turquoise accents. The furniture is all weathered, but clean. Can't you just smell the sea salt in the air?

The theme contains the following items thus far:
Beach House Wallpaper/Flooring: 250 KC each
Weathered Wood End Table: 280 KC
Weathered Wood Coffee Table: 440 KC
Porthole Barrel Hot Tub: 750 KC
Beach House Striped Chair: 350 KC
Beach House Striped Couch: 550 KC
Total cost:  2,870 KC

The next half of the theme should be in by the next Wednesday update on August 1, but in the meantime, you could try adding the classic Blue Striped Bed/Table/Dresser to the room, or maybe mixing it with the Green Leaf theme, which is already meant to be part of a cabana resort, for a sort of a water/earth feel. Experiment!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Updates 7/18/12

The Berry Festival begins today!

As you may have heard from Webkinz Newz, today marks the beginning of the Berry Festival! This festival starts today, July 18, and ends on July 29.

During this festival, the following events will occur:
  • Floating berries in Webkinz World! Wait for one to fly across the screen, then click on it for a delicious Berry. They actually fly by rather quickly and closely in between, and there are different ones each time they fly! (just take note; they fly by while playing Jumbleberry Fields, too, and if you click on one there expect a 5 minute Please Wait...break)
  • Floating berries in Webkinz Newz, too! Here's their schedule; a new one flies each day in a cycle of Polar Berry, Jumbleberry, Sugarberry, Goo-Goo Berry, Pickleberry, and Moonberry. This click-to-win runs until July 29!
  • They also moved Jumbleberry Fields to the top of the list of Arcade games.

Jumbleberry Fields finally received an update!

You can now buy Bonus Plays.

One bonus play costs 1.50$, 3 bonus plays cost 3.00$. (in eStore points)

You can choose your own prizes now, and they added new prizes!

No more will Webkinz World players have to wonder if they just spent the last month collecting Moonberries just to receive a duplicate prize! No longer will their Jumbleberry-themed room go unfinished because of a wrong prize! And in fact, they can add to those rooms, because there are new prizes!
Not only that, but you can see what prizes there are, too! Once you complete your daily play of Jumbleberry Fields and are taken to your collection of jars, you can click on the "Show Prizes!" button. Then click on any jar to see what prizes you can get from it!

Here are the new prizes for each jar:


Weathered Barn Bench; Jumbleberry Helmet


Fresh Baked Sugarberry Pie; Sugarberry Bean Bag Chair


Jam Maker's Sink; Jam Maker's Fridge


Moonberry Pantry; Moonberry Greenhouse

And now to answer some questions!

Anonymous asks...
"What do you do at the Webkinz Road Trip?"
Lots of things! The events seem to change with each stop the Van makes, but we do know that there are Zumbuddy tosses, Mazin' Hamster Pachinko, Hula Hoop contests, a Hug a Pug dance, Webkinz Trivia, and  a lot more! You can get prizes from almost everything, and people who have gone have brought back at least a couple of boxes of Webkinz plushes, Kinz Klips, Zums, stickers, and trading cards! If the event is held at a toy store, the store sometimes puts their Webkinz on discount for the event, and the van sells 5$ full-sized Webkinz, along with the month's new Webkinz pets, too!

Kat the Cat asks...
"Where's the KinzCash Club?"
Keilee's been busy lately and hasn't been able to update it.

Anonymous asks in regards to the Webkinz free demo accounts...
"I really want to know if you keep the trial pet."
I've had my account since March 22, and it and my Cat, Lettie, are doing fine. I am very much doubting that demo accounts expire, and I know that if you adopt a new pet onto it, that the account is granted full account privileges and you get to keep your Domestic Cat or Mutt.

Brittney asks in regards to the Webkinz Road Trip van...
"Can you come to NC+?"
We have no control over anything Webkinz-related--we're just in charge of this blog and our accounts.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Sensation is Today!

Log into your WW account today to receive your Summer Sensation prize!

You can get it today and today only (unless it, for some reason, appears in a Challenge later on).
 The prize is the Turtle-pool shown in the card above, but most accounts (including mine) are not getting the prize. They'll probably show up by next week, or you can call Ganz.

Do not forget to spin the Super Wheel!

Available from 6 AM KT to 12 AM KT, the Super Wheel contains the following items:
  • 750 KC
  • Red Ming Lantern (eStore item)
  • Ancient Aztec Stone Statue (recently added Exclusive item)
  • Neo Gothic Fireplace (current Rare item)
  • 500 KC
  • Thinking Chair (retired Rare item)
  • Mega Stove (incredibly expensive W-Shop item)
  • Clown Car (Exclusive item)
I got 750 KC. :p
Demo accounts still cannot access the Super Wheel! This is not a glitch, merely a limitation.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Summer Sensation!

(or today for Asian accounts.)

Log in for an exclusive prize and one of the rare opportunities to spin the Super Wheel!
Illustrated by Carmen

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Potion Princess

Here is an original story sent to us by Kat The Cat.

Potion Princess
By Kat the Cat
Chapter 1
Princess counted the swirls in her latest concoction as she waited for the wind chimes above her door to ring. The blue and pink swirls formed intricate designs in the cauldron before her.
   47… 48… 49… 50!
  Her potion was done. Princess took one of the small glass vials lined up next to her and ever so carefully began to spoon the potion into it.
   The wind chimes unexpectedly jingled. Princess jumped and dropped the vial. It smashed upon the floor into tiny shards of glass. The potion slowly spread across the floor.
   “Cafuzzle,” she muttered. She hoped the potion wouldn’t alter the floor before she had a chance to clean it up. Last time she had spilt a potion, the floor was covered with white carpeting for a week. It was soft, but it didn’t look good with the wooden shelves in her workshop. With a sigh, she marched towards the door and opened it.
    A small grey cat stood on the doorstep. Her cheeks were wet, and Princess suspected it wasn’t just from the storm raging outside. A bright red pimple had sprouted next to her nose. She trembled as she looked up at Princess. “I’m in need of a potion, ma’am,” she said.
   “Of course,” replied Princess. “Come in.”
   The cat followed her into her workshop. Most Webkinz were awestruck by the sheer number of glass vials, spell books, and magical tools adorning the many shelves, and this cat was no exception. She gazed, open-mouthed, at the room, and suddenly wrinkled her nose in disgust. “What is that smell?” she exclaimed.
   Too late, Princess realized that the potion she had spilt earlier must be absorbing into the dark brown wood flooring by now. “Oh,” she stammered, “that’s just… a potion I was working on earlier. Take a seat, will you?” she said, motioning the cat towards one of two wooden chairs.
   The cat looked at her skeptically but took her seat.
   Princess busied herself sweeping the workshop with a broom soaked in a high-strength cleaning potion. “So, what brings you to my workshop?” she addressed the cat.
   “Can’t you see?” sighed the cat miserably. She pointed to her nose, where the pimple had sprouted.
   Princess looked at it with mild interest. “Only a pimple? I thought you had a real dilemma for me, my dear.” Webkinz used to come to her shop for actual disasters, like illness, extermination of pests, and endless injuries, but now they came running to her with the most trivial problems.
   The cat looked at her and burst into tears.
   “What ever is the matter?” said Princess, quite taken aback. Pets sometimes were turned off by her down-to-earth manner, but they didn’t usually start crying.
   “It’s… it’s… him!” the cat sobbed.
   Princess wondered who “him” was. A sorcerer, perhaps? She hadn’t had a good duel in quite some time. Not since the epidemic, anyway. She shook her head. She didn’t want to think about the epidemic now. Not when a cat was sobbing in her workshop.
   “That is quite enough of that,” she said sternly, but not unkindly. “No use crying; you’ll never get anything done by wallowing in self-pity. Now who is ‘him’?”
   The cat sniffed. “Ollie. He’s this boy at my school, and he’s kinda cute...”
   Princess stifled a yawn. She had heard her fair share of stories from heartbroken girls, and she knew exactly how each one went every time, without even using her mind-reading potion.
   “…I really like him, and he’s nice to me as well.” The cat finished.
   Princess blinked. “So what’s the problem?”
   “This!” The cat pointed to her pimple. “I can’t go to school like this! Everyone will laugh at me! And he’ll think it’s a total turn-off! Please! You gotta help me!” She started to cry again.
   “Oh for heaven’s sake, stop crying, child,” said Princess, exasperated. “Of course I’ll help you. Just sit here and let me get a potion ready…”
   In the next five minutes, Princess ran around the workshop, finding the proper potions. “Half a bottle of 142… quarter bottle of 568… half of 973…” she muttered to herself as she searched the shelves for the numbered potions. She had been trained in memorizing each and every potion’s number when she was small. Now she could gather the ingredients for an average-level potion in five minutes flat. Soon a potion was simmering in the black cauldron and Princess was stirring it. “So tell me more about this boy of yours,” she said to the cat.
   Princess listened to the cat’s babbling as she counted the bubbles in the mixture. Apart from silky fur and a prizewinning smile, the boy in question didn’t seem too interesting. He also seemed kind of mean.
   “Pardon me,” she said after the cat was finished, “but this boy… he seems very disrespectful, don’t you think? And he has the personality of – if you will – mildew.”
   The cat giggled. “Yeah, you’re right. Maybe he’s not so great after all.”
   The potion had made 73 bubbles; it was done. She spooned the potion into a cup. “Drink this,” she said, shoving the cup under the cat’s nose. She obligingly downed the whole cup.
   As Princess watched, the pimple shrank, and disappeared within one minute. The cat gazed wide-eyed in a mirror at the miniscule red dot that remained.
   “Thank you so much!” cried the cat, jumping up from the chair and hugging Princess. Princess stood stiffly, unsure of what to do. Huggers always made her feel uncomfortable. “You really live up to your name, ma’am,” said the cat adoringly. “You really are the Potion Princess.”
   After the cat had gone, Princess left her potions and instead sat in the old wicker chair, thinking. Every time someone saw her, every time someone called her by her title, she remembered that day. That day, back on a sunny day in May, where it all began.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday Updates: June 20, 2012

The Summer line has arrived in the KinzStyle Outlet.

Also included in the current selection is the fashionable undefined, available in 6 extremely subtly different shades of Background Blue. (seriously though, I don't know what's up with that. Placeholders that messed up for the next update's second half of the line?)

The items that are defined, though, are as follows (from the top left corner to the bottom right corner):

Camo Trucker Cap---190 KC
Dog Bone Belt---60 KC
Floral Long Dress---250 KC
Girl's Khaki Shorts---95 KC (pffft male Webkinz could so wear that)
High Heel Sandals---150 KC
Leather Sandals---75 KC
Lime Green Shorts---80 KC
One Piece Summer Shorts---90 KC ("Nothing says summer like shorts! Your pet will love this one piece pair!" ...a singular item can become a pair while remaining a singular item?)
Rockerz Visor---80 KC
Striped Board Shorts---110 KC (I think this may be recycled from last year)

Show of hands: everyone who thinks the prices are a little inconsistent. [SHORTS! Available for females in brown for 15 KC more! SANDALS! Add heels for 75 KC more!]

Not seeing anything else to report, so I'll add that Webkinz is really going all-out with the "Webkinz is free to play" thing. They've started running in-game ads, reported it on WKN, and updated the home page to relate.

And that demo account I started on March 22 2012 is still operational, so I'm assuming there isn't a time limit for demo accounts. Lettie, the cat who lives in that account, is having her birthday on June 27 (the day before the Summer Sensation) apparently. Woot~ I got no idea how old she is, though. (I give my pets ages based on how old I think they are, not on how long I've owned them.)

August 2012 Pets Revealed on WKN

The first pet announced is the cutest monkey around, the Golden Lion Tamarin!
What lovely colors it sports.

Next up is the next addition to the collection of mythical and fantasy horses, the Sapphire Pegasus!

Its wings are a little too close to its head, though, but it is a very pretty Pegasus!

The third pet is the Texting Puppy. Yes. There is officially the personification of texting, and it is in the form of a small dog.
...that's just a lil' bit nutty. Wonder how they're going to fit so much text onto its virtual form?

Back to the simpler things with the Signature West Highland Terrier.
...*silently adds to wishlist*

We have 2 new Rockerz pets to add as well!
 We start with the Rockerz Monkey, which you can see by its mark is a "Punky Monkey".
Much better in the ways of a pet using text as a pattern; much less going on. Love how the tail's a completely different fabric, too.
Do not confuse with last year's Mohawk Monkey! Yes, they both are primates with funky hair, but the Mohawk monkey is beige and has fluff around its ankles, is not in the Rockerz line, has pink in its hair, and is not quadrupedal.

Next is the Rockerz Papillon (Pop Star Papillon, you can know it as)
That funny-lookin' mitt around its paw is actually some sort of bracelet. (Fashionable Asymmetry, I guess?)
I would so give that headband to a Razzle Dazzle Dog, just to see how it looks.