Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Arrives in Webkinz World!

Players logging into their accounts today should find their Halloween gifts waiting for them in their docks. 
Unless you have an Asian account; if this is the case, Halloween was yesterday. 
I won't post pictures of the Halloween Gifts until tomorrow, so nobody has the surprise ruined for them. 

Now, for more details on Halloween in Webkinz World...

  • The Halloween Theme will be available until November 7, 2011. After that date, all items in the theme will disappear until next Halloween. As with any seasonal theme, there is no way to tell what will return next year and what won't, so stock up now!
  • The Halloween Mission continues until November 5.
  • The Clubhouse Ghost will cease to appear after today, so if you don't have your Jack-O'-Lantern yet, go and get the rest of the candy. The time has been shortened to a 1 hour wait between candies, so if you already got a few candies, then it shouldn't take too long. 
  • For some reason, the Super Wheel, which has appeared in previous Halloweens since 2009, decided not to show up this year. Alas. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ganz Adds Halloween Mission to Webkinz World

This fun new feature was added today (yesterday on Asian accounts). Players who log in today will find, in their Room, a spiderweb in the corner. Click on that spiderweb, and this window will appear...

It works much like the Key to Kinzville quests, in the sense that you must complete certain tasks to win certain prizes. You must complete the Key to Kinzville tasks before you can do the Halloween Mission.
We've put the prizes in spoilers in case you don't want to know them early; just highlight the red bars to learn the prizes.
The tasks for Mission One:
  • Buy any 3 Halloween costume pieces from the KinzStyle Outlet
  • Show off your costume by taking your pet for a stroll around the Kinzville Park*
  • Earn a total of 2,000 points playing Candy Bash in the Arcade**
**you don't need to get that many points on the first try, just accumulate that many points over time.
*You don't actually need to enter the park; just as far as the signs where you choose KinzChat or KinzChat+.

The prize for Mission One: Night Witch Actor; Licorice Bats.

The tasks for Mission Two:

  • Buy any item from the Halloween Theme in the W-Shop
  • Feed your pet 5 Chocolate Bars
  • Earn 30 KinzCash playing Candy Bash 2 at the Arcade***
***Again, this can be accumulated over time.
The prize for Mission Two: 50 KinzCash; Pile of Halloween Jellybeans.

The tasks for Mission Three:
  • Send a KinzPost to any Webkinz Host on your Friends List
  • Feed your pet 10 SuperMega Toothbusters
  • Earn a total of 2,000 points playing Home Before Dark in the Arcade****
****Again, the points can be accumulated over time. 

The Prize for Mission Three:

Blue Bubble and Trouble Witch Dress; Blue Bubble and Trouble Witch Hat; Blue Bubble and Trouble Witch Shoes. As you may know, these are all eStore items!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Updates: October 26, 2011

Webkinz Newz has released the image for the Fabled Goose.
As in, Mother Goose. Note the music note shaped watermelon seeds.
 This new pet is a contest-prize-only pet, exclusive to the Parent Club, which is hosting four contests for a chance to win this pet. The Fabled Goose comes with a Story Time Throne and some Sing Along Snacks for dinner. You must be 18 or older to participate in these contests.
This pet is the third contest-prize-only pet, the first two being the Silk Sparrow and the Sparkling Pegasus, and the Fabled Goose is so far the only pet of its kind to be Parent Club exclusive.

Five new recipes have been added to the Clothing Machine.
These recipes are the Super Funky Hoodie, the Rockin' Fringe Vest, the Dazzling Neon Tutu, the Racecar Driver Outfit, and the Pretty Plaid Gown.  The images for the Racecar Driver Outfit and the Pretty Plaid Gown are currently nowhere to be found, but we can bring you the images of the first three outfits.
I am quite fond of that tutu. I bet it will match wonderfully with the Hoodie!

There is a new theme at the W-Shop. 
This theme is the "Aquatic Expedition" theme, and can only be put in underwater rooms. (if you don't have an underwater room, you need to adopt a fish or other aquatic animal to be able to buy one.)
 What's really neat about this theme is that the pieces of it glow. So far, the only pieces of the theme that can be bought are:
  •  Aquatic Living Room Rug--320 KC
  • Deep Sea Divider--300 KC
  • Deep Sea TV--1,100 KC
  • Tentacle Table--750 KC
  •  Aquatic Expedition Wallpaper--250 KC
  • Deep Sea Dining Chair--115 KC
  • Luminous Lamp--225 KC
The Aquatic Expedition theme is, so far, the third underwater-only theme, the first two being the Underwater Room and the Royal Undersea theme.   

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Webkinz Patchy Puppy
Ganz has just released the plush image of another December 2011 pet: the Patchy Puppy.

So that brings the total of December 2011 releases to...5 Webkinz and a Signature, when the average amount of new releases per month this year has been 3 and a Signature. Maybe the sudden increase in releases is because of the holiday season? Hm.

Looks guess...honestly, the way the colors were captured in the picture are not doing this pup any justice, they're much too bright. Whimsy overload, 2/5 stars.

Fijit Friends Gift

This is a clothing piece, called the Friendship Headband.
Players logging into their WW accounts today will find a gift waiting for them in their docks. This is part of the Fijit Friends promotion. Fijit Friends are a new slightly disconcerting robot toy being made by Mattel.

The card that comes in your KinzPost.

Signature Arctic Fox

And the Signature pet for December 2011 is the Signature Arctic Fox!
On a side note, this is the 100th post on this blog, which has reached 2,000+ page views!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sterling Cheeky Cat

Webkinz Newz has just posted the plush image of another December 2011 pet, the Sterling Cheeky Cat.
Look closely...I think it has the original stringy fur. :D
You may remember this pet showing up in the September 2010 POTM video, "Nine Lives", and again if you look carefully in the Webkinz World TV advertisement.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Coolest Thing Is Everything Rapping Contest

Ganz has just announced a new contest.

Here is the official article, and Here are the official rules.  

This contest is about the newest POTM video, "The Coolest Thing is Everything". A little while ago, Ganz posted a video of Webkinz employees rapping the song, and now they want Webkinz fans to join in!
To enter this contest, do the following things:
  1. Download the instrumental version of "The Coolest Thing is Everything" from the article. (the link is found above; while you're at it you can watch the Webkinz employees rap too!)
  2. Write your own lyrics to match the beat of the song! (there must be at least one verse in your song, otherwise it will be deemed as incomplete.)
  3. Record a video rapping your version of the song! Remember, you cannot use any kind of music in your video. The instrumental is just required so you can keep to the beat. To keep to the beat without music, just wear headphones, or keep the music playing on a very low volume.
Now, for the prize...
Five winners will be chosen. They will win 10,000 KinzCash for the account of their choice, and ten Webkinz Plush pets!
The winners will be given their prizes within 30 days of winning the contest.
On top of that, the winning videos will be put together and remixed, then the completed video will be posted to Webkinz Newz, the Webkinz Newz Parent Club, and the official Webkinz YouTube Channel. 

The rules to this contest are, basically:
  1. The entry submission date is from October 21st to November 21st, 2011. 
  2. The submission must be in the form of a rap video, posted on YouTube in the form of a video reply to the contest video.
  3. Submissions will be judged by creativity and quality.
  4. The submission may not infringe any content that infringes copyrights.
  5. The submission must contain original lyrics that the entrant wrote themselves.
  6. The submission may not contain any inappropriate content.
  7. This contest is open to residents of the USA and Canada, excluding the states of New York and Florida and the Providence of Quebec.
  8. Only one entry is allowed per person.
  9. Entries will be rejected if they are incomplete, submitted after the deadline, break the rules, or the entrant has submitted an entry more than once.
  10. If the entrant wins, they must provide a valid address to have the Webkinz sent to within 30 days. They must provide a valid Webkinz World account for the 10,000 KinzCash within 30 days.

Two more December 2011 Pet Sneak-Peeks

Here they are!
The Arctic Polar Bear
That little guy just looks so incredibly soft...and he has blue feet! Too cute!
You may remember him showing up a few months ago in a Kinzville Times article about some new PJ's Outlet clothing.
...YES. Excellent, simply excellent. 
Look familiar? This pet is one of the first eStore pets created, and the third eStore pet so far to become a plush as well, the first two being the Woolly Mammoth and the Wolf. If an eStore pet becomes a plush too, then its virtual image is slightly different, and its PSF and PSI will be different, too. Will this be the case with the Bubblegumasaurus? We'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Updates in WW and Webkinz Newz

Included in these updates are:
The Ghost returning to the Webkinz Clubhouse
A sneak-peek of a new pet
Click-To-Win, with prizes including eStore costume pieces

 The Ghost has returned to the Clubhouse.
Every Halloween, a Ghost will appear in the Clubhouse. The way this works is that you just hang out in one room (or hop from room to room like a frog playing hopscotch, if you prefer) and eventually, the Ghost will appear. Click on him when he does show up, and he'll give you a piece of candy. Upon collecting 12 pieces of candy, the player is rewarded with a Jack-O'-Lantern they can carve and display in their WW room. In 2010, Spooky the Mazin' Hamster replaced the Ghost, but for 2011, the Ghost is giving the candy.

In past years, a piece of candy could be collected once every three hours, and the time limit would shorten as the days neared to Halloween. This year, it appears that the programmers can't decide what the time limit is--some people can collect multiple pieces of candy at a time, others must wait one hour between candies, others must wait three. Ganz has acknowledged this issue and has reported that they are investigating it.
Edit: It appears that the limit is sticking strictly to 3 hours between candies.

If you don't want to wait for the candy, you may buy the pieces at 1,000 eStore points (1$) apiece. It will take 36 hours to get all 12 pieces of candy if you get each piece one after the other.

One of the December 2011 Webkinz pets has been revealed at Webkinz Newz.
This pet is called the "Darling Dino", and...I have nothing more I wish to add to this. Here, have a picture.
Methinks Webkinz Jr.
Hey, at least it's a new dinosaur! ^ ^

There's a new Click-To-Win at Webkinz Newz. 

In this Click-To-Win, you search for Spooky the Mazin' Hamster's head floating around Webkinz Newz. 
As always, one prize per account per day, and some prizes are rarer than others. Spooky will be flying October 20-31, and not on October 22, 25, or 29. 
Here are the prizes:
Any one of the items from the W-Shop Halloween theme, including new items. (does this mean you can win them regardless of if they are retired or not?)
The full Modern Vampire costume
Otherwise found at the eStore for 6,500 points
or the full Vogue Vampire costume!
Otherwise found at the eStore for 6,500 points

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secret Pet at Ganz Parent Club

 Click above for the link to the article.
The only information on this pet can be found through a limerick:

There is a cute pet so obscure,
Who has fluffy feathers –not fur,
She sits on a chair,
As fine and as rare,
But her image is only a blur…

They promise to reveal its image and PSI/PSF soon. 

Spoiler warning: If you do not want to learn the name of this pet, then do not highlight the text below.
This pet is called the Fabled Goose.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Webkinz Adventure Park is now Open to All Pets

Ganz announced a few hours ago that they have allowed all pets to visit the Adventure Park!
Keep in mind though, this means that any pet can walk around and explore the Adventure Park, but you still need to have a Pink Pony, Chimpanzee, Mud Hippo, Spotted Frog, Koala, or Spotted Leopard that was adopted after August 17, 2011 to be able to do any quests.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More updates!

The glitch involving the Walrus Wall Panel has been fixed...
But instead of the Wall Panel, the "The Coolest Thing is Everything" Album Cover is awarded instead.

Kinzville is now Halloween themed!

All Spring 2011 KinzStyle Outlet items are now retired.
We'll have to wait a little while to see if they're retired forever, or just moved to the Curio Shop. The retired items are:
Crop Top Long Tee Combo
Destroyed Capri Shorts
Draw String Cargos
Graphic Knit Dress
Heart Print Crew Neck
Jeweled Military Shirt
Sash Belt Pants
Tri Strap Gladiator Sandals
Two Pocket Cuff Shirt
Violet Hangaround Pants
V-Neck Cardigan

The Summer 2011 KinzStyle Outlet items will be retired next.

  The Week of Pink Click-To-Win is running again.
As you may know, the Week of Pink Click-To-Win at Webkinz Newz was cancelled due to some technical difficulties. Now these issues are resolved, and Molly will be flying at Webkinz Newz from October 12 to October 19, 2011. She will not be flying on the 15th. 

More Hoppy Little Rocket Information

After playing a round of Hoppy Little Rocket, the newest Arcade game in WW, I have discovered the following things about it:
  • Whatever pet you're playing as will appear in the window of the rocket ship. 
  • At the start of the game, you move by using little floating Turkeys and Chickens as trampolines. Turkeys can be used many times, but Chickens will disappear after one use. Somewhere around 3,800 points, there will be Blufadoodles that move up and down and Pinktastic Peacocks that move from side to side. 
  • If you don't have a lot of patience, then do not play this game. It took me over 30 minutes just to earn 48 KinzCash.
  • Adding to the previous note, if you prefer games where you can make KinzCash easily, do not play this game.
  • And if you do not like games where you're constantly questioning where physics come into effect, do not play this game. How are the birds flying in place? How can they fly that high in the air? How is your Webkinz able to survive the vacuum of space, let alone breathe? Why are there so many birds in one place? How are you able to steer the rocket? How do you safely return to Earth? Wouldn't your cardboard rocket ship immediately burn up upon reentry? Why is gravity at the same strength no matter how high in the sky you get? Where did they get so many birds willing to participate in this game?
...they did not exaggerate when they said this is one wacky game. 

Wednesday Updates October 12 2011

The POTM Video for the Walrus has been revealed.
This video is called "The Coolest Thing is Everything", and its Video Challenge Prize is the Walrus Wall Panel. 
Beware however, as the Walrus Wall Panel is glitched. It appears as a blank space in your dock. Putting it in your room locks you out of that room. 

In speaking of which, apparently placing the Cold Flames Cauldron in a room also locks you out of the room.
To continue playing in your WW house, simply log back in, then switch to any pet who is not in the room that the glitched item is in.

A new game is in the Arcade!
This game is called "Hoppy Rocket Ship". From Webkinz Newz:
"There’s a brand new game in the Webkinz World Arcade and we know you’re going to love it! In fact, this just may be the wackiest games we’ve ever made. In Hoppy Little Rocketship, your pet will ride through the skies in a cardboard rocket, bouncing on chickens and turkeys, trying to reach the end. Pick up power ups along the way and avoid the clouds! It’s time to visit the Arcade and get hoppy!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glitches Inhabit Week of Pink Click-To-Win

As you may know, this is the Week of Pink at Webkinz Newz. As part of it, there's a Click-To-Win event in which you search for the floating Molly to receive a random pink prize. The prize could be:
The Whimsy Dragon Poster, Card Collector Cropped Jacket, Ms. Birdy's Pink Blazer, Trading Card Condo Wallpaper, Persephone Lightbox Poster, Royal Whimsy Dragon Figure, Ski In Style Himalayan Cat Figure, eStore Pink Plaid Kilt, eStore Pink Trucker Hat, or the eStore Prettier in Pink Gown.

Two other prizes are supposed to be the Persephone Plush Doll and the Webkinz Newz Exclusive Sweet Superstar Mic, but these items are glitched:

Instead of winning the Persephone Doll, one wins the eStore Ghoulish Gourd Chair, and instead of winning the Sweet Superstar Mic, one wins a "I Dream In Pink CD Cover", which should normally only be given to players who adopt a specially tagged Pink Poodle. The CD Cover appears in the Gifts section in your dock and cannot be sold or otherwise gotten rid of until you drag it into your room, triggering an MP3 download of Nikki Yanofsky's cover of "I Dream In Pink". After the download, the cover disappears from your dock. If you don't want the song, then delete it from your computer after downloading it.

The Ghoulish Gourd Chair.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October CandyKinz+Walrus Contest

The October CandyKinz pet is...

 The Candy Apple Camel!
On October 1, 2011, players who purchase this sweet pet will receive a Shell Candy Table, too!
 This Camel comes with a Jawbreaker Sorting Machine PSI and a Caramelted Apple Pie PSF. 

November's POTM is the Walrus, and Webkinz Newz, as usual, is running a contest for a virtual Walrus.
The contest starts today, October 1, and ends October 31. List the 10 things you think are coolest about Webkinz, and 5 lucky winners will receive a virtual Walrus in time for November!