Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Updates 28/3/2012

A ton of new items have been added to SPREE!

This is the first time new items have been added to the game since its debut. They are as follows:
Pink Scooter (950 credits)
Scooter Helmet (90 credits)
Dragon Queen Robe (400 credits)
Raziel Topiary (1,200 credits)
Sand Castle Sofa (650 credits)

The Wheel of WOW has gotten a makeover and a new system.

The "Wheel of WOW" announcement remains the same, but the Wheel of WOW got a facelift today, giving it a sleeker logo, removing the advertisements on the sides, making it spin faster, and changing the look of the windows.

A new feature has been added to the Wheel, too: apparently, by spinning the Wheel 15 times, one wins a Daily Kinzcare prize.

The first half of the Creative Studio theme has been added to the W-Shop.

Sneak peeks for the rest of the theme using Preview? Denied~
The theme contains:
-Art Paint Palette Rug (350 KC)
-Art Sink (475 KC) (both interactive and decoration only! How does that work?)
-Creative Studio Flooring/Walls (150 KC each)
-Fashion Fabric Rolls (285 KC)
-Fashion Mannequin (450 KC)
-Fashion Sewing Machine (600 KC)
-Music Notes Sofa (750 KC)
-Volcano Poster (60 KC) (it's a ceiling-to-floor poster; pretty nice for the price)

In the Kinzville Times article about the theme, we can see that a sort of a cubby for paint, a Beanstalk poster, and a theater-themed bed will be included in the second half of the theme, which will come out in the next Wednesday update on April 11, 2012.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our March 23rd Newsletter

Hey, everyone, and welcome to Let's Talk Webkinz's 3rd weekly newsletter!

Hottest News of the Week
In which Carmen recaps and discusses the latest news, events, and other happenings in the Webkinz World, along with the week's concerns and issues as voiced by Webkinz fans.
Outfit Modeling
  In which Keikei and her pet, Guinevere the Dreamy Sheep, will help you decide what to wear in Webkinz World.
Poems and Short Stories
In which Carmen will share her stories and poems about Webkinz World. 
Cooking with KC
In which Keikei and Carmen combine their culinary creativity to create some scrumptious snacks. These recipes can be made in both the Webkinz and real worlds!
Where Carmen and KeiKei tell some fun facts.

Hottest News of the Week

Webkinz World Trial Accounts Return

In yesterday's article, I mentioned that I would make a video explaining more about these trial accounts. And here it is! 
 I am so sorry about the quality.

Basic overview of trial accounts:
  • They can send friend requests to full accounts. The two may then frolic together in the virtual sunshine. The trial account may also send Challenge items to the full account.
  • They can purchase new rooms (I checked after the video was completed).
  • They can visit Quizzy's Corner, but can't answer Signature Safari questions.
  • They appear to unlock features just like a brand new, full account would. For instance, I spent about 1,000 KC at the W-Shop and unlocked the KinzStyle Outlet. A lot of the clothing options were still locked, though.
  • Jumbleberry Fields was no longer an option when I logged in today.
  •  The "Contact Us" page in the Kinzville Times is locked, therefore locking the ability to vote in polls, too.
  • The list of games they can play are: Wheel of WOW, Polarberry Jam, Smoothie Moves, Cash Cow, Candy Bash, Tunneling Twigzy, Wacky Zingoz, Lunch Letters, and Stack 'Em Up Solitaire. They can't play locked games while they're the Game of the Day. 
  • The Clubhouse and all three zones are usable; the Trading Hall is not.
  • Nafaria will fly by. She actually flies by at an annoyingly high rate.
  • The "New Account" Challenge is available to them.
Let me know about any more information on Trial accounts that you may have.
Outfit Modeling
"Think Pink"
Guinevere (my Webkinz Dreamy sheep) has been jumping up and down all week. She keeps saying "Pink! Pink! Pink! It's Pink week!". She's right everyone in Webkinz world is wearing Pink! Today in this News Letter Guinevere will show you some cute outfits, and Tips, a few secrets. Also I was talking to Jasmine (a fan of Let's Talk Webkinz) and I would like to share some things we were talking about.


#1 "When Buying pants for a pink outfit never buy pink pants".
                              #2 "When buying a hat always remember not to buy a big one". The hat can cover up your cute outfit, and who wants that?

Outfit Time:

This outfit is cute and pink!
Here is a better look at this pink outfit!
This week we have an outfit that is called "Rare Outfit" because all things in the outfit are rare or eStore.

Here is a "Rare Outfit"! The dress is from the eStore, the Crown is from the game "Spree!" and the glasses and shoes are eStore.

Guinevere has a few fashion secrets that she would like to share:

Secret #1 Guinevere never gets rid of any clothes, because she know that the latest fashion an change on a dime.

Secret #2 Guinevere's closet is in the dock; she believes that to have cute outfits she must be able to see all of her clothing.

Talking With Jasmine:

I was talking via email to Jasmine and I would like to share what we were talking about.
I had asked Jasmine if she liked the clothes in Webkinz World and she said they were Great, also she wishes that they could have a frilly prom-ish dress, and we both agreed that the eStore clothes cost too much. Jasmine has some ideas that Webkinz hasn't tried yet,  "I think that the clothes in Webkinz World are cute and sweet but, I wish there were more varieties of styles and maybe some more pants that aren't jeans." said Jasmine. She said that she liked the clothes shown in the Newsletter. She loves the outfit that Polly Jean Collie wears, and she wishes you could buy one like that. I had ask her to tell me about a dress that she wished that had in the outlet, and I would draw it. Here is the Jasmine Dress:

Poems and Short Stories


Being Lil'

by Jasmine

There once was a Lil' Kinz hippo named Bluebelle. Bluebelle wanted to be a big hippo, so she talked to her brother named Merlin who was a Googles wizard.
"Merlin, can you make me big?" she asked.
"Sorry Bluebelle, I haven't figured out how to make a growth potion yet," Merlin replied.
"That's okay," Bluebelle sighed and slinked off to her bedroom. She decided to take a nice relaxing bath in her Wallowing Tub. Bluebelle turned the knob and warm water flowed out through the faucet. She leaned back and relaxed. But she was too little and the water went over her head and she had to stand up in the tub for a whiff of air. Then she had an idea. She turned off the faucet and climbed out of her tub. 

Bluebelle rummaged through her closet looking for her swim gear. She pulled out a Sunshine Swimsuit and goggles, pulled them on, and climbed back into her bathtub. She found that her bathtub was so big, and she was so small, that she had enough room to swim around! She turned on the water again and let it pour out so that the whole tub was filled to capacity. When she was done swimming, she got out of the tub, took off her swim stuff, dried off, and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans. Harriet walked in,
"Bluebelle, can I borrow your-uh-oh, you need a fashion makeover!" 

Harriet was a Lil' Kinz too and a HUGE fashionista, "I need to bring you to the Kinzstyle Outlet. Now," Harriet grasped Bluebelle's arm and tugged her out the door. They arrived at the Outlet, but it was so stuffed with customers that they could hardly move, "Follow me," said Harriet, and she led Bluebelle through a curtained doorway into an empty room full of the same clothes in the rest of the store, just smaller, "There isn't a lot of Lil' Kinz so the Lil' room is usually empty," explained Harriet, "and since it is, we don't have to worry about getting trampled by all the bigger Kinz. Here's a cute dress," Harriet grabbed a pink frilly jumper from a rack, then she grabbed a few other accessories, "Try these on."

Bluebelle found a dressing room and walked in. When she was done dressing, she opened the door, stepped out, and did a little spin to show off her new outfit.
"Whadya' think?" she asked Harriet.
"You look gorgeous, Blue! We're definitely buying these," exclaimed Harriet. Then she led Bluebelle back to the counter where P. J. Collie stood. All of the other Webkinz were still looking for clothes, so there wasn't any line.
"We'll get these," said Harriet as she shoved Bluebelle in front of her to show P. J. their clothing.
"Okey Dokey, that'll be 415 kinzcash," replied P. J. after she'd tallied up the clothing prices.

"What?!" exclaimed Bluebelle, but Harriet just smiled and pulled out her wallet.
"Don't worry, Bluebelle. I get a coupon each week from the Lil' Kinz society and I've been saving them just for this reason," Harriet replied as she placed a few coupons on the counter, "What's the total now?"
"75 kinzcash," said P. J. as Harriet deposited some crisp bills into her hand.
"Thank you, Harriet! And Bluebelle, you look great," P. J. Collie smiled and waved as the two sisters walked out the door.
Bluebelle grinned and said to Harriet, "I guess being little isn't as bad as I thought."
Harriet grinned back, "Nope, it's great!"
Your comic artist is without the time to upload the comic! Please wait until the evening.

Cooking with KC

Today, Carmen will share with you some things you can add to your foods to enhance their flavor.

Mustard is a fairly common condiment, right? A staple in sandwiches and potato salad, it can also be mixed in with a bowl of instant cheese grits to boost its flavor.

If you're brave in the culinary world, then try a dab of ranch dressing with your pasta and Alfredo sauce. (wouldn't recommend it with spaghetti sauce, though.)

Mixing ranch dressing with Queso dip creates an interesting result flavor-wise.

 Try throwing peas in with pasta before serving it.


When the carpenter ant finds itself in a battle it cannot win, it gets as close to its opponent as it can and contracts all of its muscles with such force that it self destructs! It's super effective!

There is such thing as the sound of a planet orbiting. You may wonder, "but in space, nobody can hear you scream, so how does that work?" The sound is picked up through radio waves being emitted from the planet. Take a listen to Saturn, for instance:
I do warn you, it can sound pretty eerie if you've never heard it before. :3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Newsletter News

Her face is revealed O.o

Tomorrow's newsletter will post at 2:00 PM KinzTime, rather than the scheduled 2 AM.

Creative Studio Theme Announced at Webkinz Newz

A new W-Shop theme has been revealed at WKN. 

This theme is called the Creative Studio Theme, and the first pieces have been promised to be added to the W-Shop during the Wednesday, March 28 update. The first half of the theme consists of the following:
Fashion Mannequin, Fashion Sewing Machine, Art Paint Palette Rug, Fashion Fabric Rolls, Music Notes Sofa, Art Sink and Creative Studio Wallpaper and Flooring.

Heh, they left the walls as blank as possible to allow the maximum space for putting in windows and decoration. Clever.
Same thinking with the floor!

It will be the first new, non-seasonal W-Shop theme released since November 2011. This is the perfect theme for artistic Webkinz pets and their owners alike, and it will cover a large amount of the arts, including painting, music, and fashion design.

Webkinz World "Free Account" Option Available

Ganz appears to have brought back the "Trial Account", an option introduced in 2008.

Trial Account History 1

This Trial Account system has had a bit of complicated history. It was first introduced in November 2008, in its own site, Webkinz (don't bother searching for it; the website doesn't exist anymore). For the first few days, it was available to all, until Ganz changed it so residents of the USA and Canada couldn't use it. The system for the demo was separate from the regular WW system, meaning that you could use a username already in use by a regular Webkinz World account. The demo was multilingual, meaning you could play in multiple languages other than English.

Those who created a Demo account would receive a male Webkinz Mutt named Patches. The Mutt is a pet only available to Demo/trial accounts, and you could not choose his gender or name. The adoption gifts for the Mutt were:
PSI: Red Dragster (actually the Webkinz Dragster to a non-Demo account)
PSF: Burger and Bun (a regular W-Shop Hamburger to non-Demo accounts)
Plus a Welcome Balloon, 5,000 KinzCash, some furniture, and a Wish Token (despite the fact that the Wish Factory was closed to Demo accounts).

Demo accounts were closed after 24 hours of existence.

Trial Account History 2

Shortly after the Demo's retirement in the US, players were given the option to use a Trial account. Players could choose between the Mutt or Domestic Cat (also a Trial-exclusive pet), and they could choose their new pet's name and gender. The Domestic Cat did not come with its own PSI and PSF. In the trial account, players could only access a few hourly activities, 5 Arcade games, a few pieces of clothing, and not much else. Some players managed to adopt a pet before their 24 hour trial was up, meaning that they got to keep their Domestic Cat or Mutt.

Trial Account History 3: Current Day

Today, it was discovered that the Free Account option was open again, even to members in the USA. Go to the Webkinz homepage,  and click on the "New Member" button.

This should be what you see.
I'll make a video about it to post in tomorrow's newsletter. Stick around!
I won't be testing to see if adopting a pet will let you keep your account. Sorry.

For pictures of these trial accounts, please visit the Webkinz Insider Wiki on this subject.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Way to Get Snowy Summit Wolf Revealed

Ganz has revealed how to get the Snowy Summit Wolf, a virtual-only pet announced January 14, 2012.


In an e-mail that Ganz sent out to Webkinz World members who have used the eStore in the past, Ganz has revealed that, for the low, low price of 75 US dollars, you, too, can possess an overpriced pixelated pooch.

...yes, this is another one of the promotions that Ganz is doing in which, along with the purchase of a certain amount of eStore points, you are given a free pet code. This promotion will be in effect from March 21 to March 25, 2012. After that, who knows when we'll see this pet for sale again?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WKN Reveals May 2012 Signature: Signature Normande Cow!

Here it is, in all of its spotted glory!

Some people are saying that it looks kind of mean, but I'm thinking that it looks more serious than anything. Can't wait to see what it looks like virtually!


Monday, March 19, 2012

WKN Reveals 3 May 2012 Webkinz Plush Pets!

First is the Lilac Guinea Pig!
Cutest tiny Capybara ever. ^ ^I really like how they've arranged its spots.
Next is the Mallard Duck...
Yay, Mallard Duck! I've been hoping that they'd make one for a while now! Unfortunately, its plumage makes it forever a male (female Mallards are completely brown), but hey, I'll take what I can get.

And finally is the Pink Dalmatian!
Its design is perfect! Not too many spots, not too few, the colors fit perfectly...and it has the most charming face!

Webkinz World Spring Celebration to Return in 2012!

From March 31 to April 8, 2012, the Spring Celebration will run in Webkinz World! Every day this event takes place, log into your Webkinz World account to receive 1 Milk Chocolate Egg. And when you feed that egg to your pet, there is an 80% chance that you will be given an exclusive Spring Celebration object or clothing article! You can get another egg from the "Today's Activities" page, you can get a White Chocolate Egg from Webkinz Newz, and you can even buy them from the eStore (both the website and the one in Webkinz World).

Plus, on April 8, log into your WW account to get a Spring Celebration Gift Basket, which contains exclusive items as well!

The Spring Celebration is Webkinz World's way of celebrating Easter. Gift baskets have been given out to players who log in on Easter Sunday since 2006. Easter items have been added to the eStore since 2009. Virtual only pets have also been sold in the eStore for this event--the Spring Celebration Bunny was introduced in 2009, and then we've had Easter Triplets for each year since then: the Blue, Yellow, and Purple Springtime Chicks (2010), the Purple, Pink, and Blue Lambs (2011), and the Purple, Green, and Blue Lil' Piglets (2012).
There are Springtime seasonal pets, too, of course:
2007: Sherbet Bunny (retired the next year)
2008: Duck (became the POTM for March 2012)
2009: Lamb, Lil'Kinz Lamb, Cotton Candy Bunny
2010: Marshmallow Bunny
2011: Shimmer Bunny
2012: Dreamy Sheep
There have even been Easter accessories for Webkinz! In 2009, there was the Powder Puff Carrier, which one could use to tote around a single Webkinz. Also in 2009 was the Bunny Hoody Outfit. For plushies, this hasn't been around since 2009, but it can be purchased anytime from Persephone's shop.
There's also an Easter Mazin' Hamster (Carrots) and a KinzKlip (a Lamb, sold as a set with a Webkinz Lamb plushie).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Webkinz Rockerz Virtual Images Revealed on Webkinz Newz

Just their Virtual Images; no PSI, PSF, or any of the other Rockerz features.

This is the "Bad to the Bone Bulldog", which features black stars on its face, a collar, and a tattoo with bones and flames.

This is the "Punk Princess Cat", who wears a checkered tie and black bow, along with a unique-to-Webkinz-cats tuft of hair on its head. It, too, has a tattoo.

Here is the "Rock N' Roar Lion". As you can see, its fur is speckled with glitter, and it has a Mohawk and bracelets, making it the first (and so far, only) Webkinz pet that can wear bracelets. It looks like the bracelet may be sewn directly onto the plush, along the seamline of its arm.

I think that's a new expression for Webkinz. They smile all the time, but I've never seen one smirk. Might just be the mouth placement.
And for those who would like something a little more on the quiet side, there's the "Peace, Love, and Moosic Cow", who sports an adorable pink flower on its head, along with a unique pattern on its ears, a shoulder, and across its back. This pattern appears to be different for each pet, as, if you look closely, its virtual image's ears do not match the plush. It also appears to be wearing purple eyeshadow.

From these pictures, we've learned nothing about how their "tattoos" look virtually. Rats.

The clothing the plush wears is uniquely attached to the virtual pet. With the current way the outfits work in Webkinz World, there would be no way to remove the clothes--the Cat's bow and the Cow's flower could be removed and treated like hats, but there's no spaces for the Bulldog's collar, Lion's bracelet, or Cat's tie to be placed. The four pets are unique in this aspect, but they are not the first pets to have clothing permanently attached--the Persian Cat and White Terrier were first. (both have pink bows on their heads. And yet they can still wear another pink bow from the KinzStyle Outlet! Double the power!)

My favorite out of these is the Peace, Love, and Moosic Cow. What's yours?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our March 16th News Letter

Hello again, everyone! Today is March 16, 2012, the eve of our second newsletter. This week's edition will include completely new sections, a contest, and even some fan-submitted content, so stick around! Fan submissions for the newsletter are allowed and encouraged. You can find the submission form at the bottom of the post.
Table of Contents
Hottest News of the Week
In which Carmen recaps and discusses the latest news, events, and other happenings in the Webkinz World, along with the week's concerns and issues as voiced by Webkinz fans.
Outfit Modeling
  In which Keikei and her pet, Guinevere the Dreamy Sheep, will help you decide what to wear in Webkinz World.
Poems and Short Stories
In which Carmen will share her stories and poems about Webkinz World. You can find Carmen's new Webkinz webcomic here.
Trading Hall News
In which Keikei will discuss what's "in" at the trading hall, with some tips and advice.  
Cooking with KC
In which Keikei and Carmen combine their culinary creativity to create some scrumptious snacks. These recipes can be made in both the Webkinz and real worlds!
Where Carmen and KeiKei tell some fun facts.

Hottest News of the Week
by Carmen

Zodiac Click-To-Win Working Again

After a disappointing first week of the Zodiac Click-To-Win, during which nobody could actually win anything and one was presented with a message saying that the page didn't exist when they found the floating dial, players can finally begin collecting the WKN-exclusive Zodiac clothing pieces. The event appears to have been fixed on March 9.
The complete Zodiac Earth Costume is available from the Keep Kinzville Clean challenge, the Adventure Park, March 10-13 2012, and the first time it was made available, March 19-30 2011. This makes it the most common Zodiac Costume. 
The Water Costume Top is now slightly more common than the rest, as it's been available twice. The rest of it has only been available once.
As the full Fire Costume was excluded from this year's event, that makes it the rarest Zodiac Costume there is.
And on March 14, the Zodiac Air Costume became official! Apparently, they'd been waiting to let us see it since January 2011.
Webkinz Getting Confused Lately
This is not an article for complaining about or berating Ganz; this is for clarifying some mistakes. 
Fans logging into their accounts on March 10 may have noticed the front-page article featuring the 5 new March 2012 Webkinz. Yes, 5 regular ones: turns out, there was an unannounced addition, the Peace Out Puppy. 
However, in the article, a small mistake has been made.
 The Peace Out Puppy is advertised, yet the image for the Peace Puppy has been used. It's an understandable mistake--just one word makes two completely different pets.
  • The Peace Puppy was released 2 years ago, in March 2010
  • The Peace Puppy has multicolored peace signs on its fur, the Peace Out Puppy is covered in peace signs, hearts, and flowers from head to paw
  • The Peace Puppy's paws and ears are blue; the Peace Out Puppy's are purple
  • The Peace Puppy comes with a decorative PSI, the Peace Out Puppy comes with a vehicle
  • The Peace Puppy was very popular and now is hard to find, making it worth a lot more online
  • The Peace Puppy was officially revealed; the Peace Out Puppy was accidentally revealed in the Webkinz Catalog.
 Also, you might stumble across an advertisement in WKN/WW. It advertises the Signature Bengal Cat, but it  uses the picture for the first Signature Endangered Webkinz, the Bengal Tiger.

Don't get these two mixed up when shopping for Webkinz!
The Signature Endangered Bengal Tiger is rarer, has been out since March 2010, is a Signature Endangered, is a Tiger, and is worth a lot more at places like eBay.
The Bengal Cat is a regular Signature that looks like this.
Incidentally, the Bengal Cat was incorrectly announced as a virtual-only pet! Cat can't catch a break!
Webkinz Newz Upgrades Accounts to Ganzworld Accounts
On March 14, Ganz upgraded Ganz Parent Club and WKN accounts to Ganzworld accounts, allowing holders to use both sites with a single log-in. This appears to have gone over smoothly.
Outfit Modeling:
As you all know tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day, and on Saint Patrick's Day you're supposed to wear green. 
Guinevere ( my Webkinz Dreamy Sheep) has taken this tradition to a new fashion level, she has some totally cool outfits for us today! This week, Guinevere has a seven piece mix and match outfit! Seven pieces of clothing and four different outfits! We also had some pics sent to us from a blogger friend, Jasmine. Guinevere loved the pics of Puffball in her trendy outfits so much that she wanted to add an extra theme. The Theme is: "Fun With Skirts!" (You can find this theme at the bottom for Outfit Modeling.)Tips:
                                              #1."When making  mix and match outfits always make sure that all the outfits match, and go well together"
                                              #2. "When matching different shades of green make sure they go well together." Not all shades of the same color look good together, we must be careful when we try to mix shades.    
Outfit Time:
Here are the mix and match outfits:

Now this is a lucky outfit!

Here is a better look at our lucky outfit.
                                            Here is another piece of our mix and match outfits:

See, it uses the same skirt but a different top and some cool shades

Can you help me find four leaf clovers?

In this outfit we keep the top, shoes, hat, and glasses, but we added the pants.

Have you seen a pot of gold?

In this outfit we keep the pants, shoes, hat, and glasses, but we added the top.

Have you seen the leprechaun?
                                       Guinevere has some secrets that she would like to share with you:
Secret #1. Guinevere loves to make mix and match outfits, she thinks that if you wear it once change it a little and wear it again. Secret #2. To Guinevere it's all about color, color in a outfit can tell a lot about you or your pet. Remember, color is everything.
Fun With Skirts!
This is a picture sent in by a fan, Jasmine! Here is her Chinchilla, Puffball, modeling some funky fashions:
This is Puffball in the "Winter Outfit"

Here is a better look at the "Winter Outfit"

This is the "Rainbow" Outfit

"Somewhere over the rainbow." "Oh, Toto!"
This is an outfit fit for a trendy Queen!
Here is one fancy outfit!
Lookin' great, Puffball!

Poems and Short Stories
Guest starring that Webkinz-themed webcomic I was talking about!

That Webcomic I Was Talking About That Will Get A Title Next Week  
(call it "that comic" 'til then)
Episode One: The Time Before The Title
Trading Hall News
By: KeiKei
We all know that the trading hall can be hard that is why Skylar Tune (my Webkinz Harmony Puppy) is here to help. This week will be about the do's and don't's in the Trading Hall.
Helpful Note:
In "Trading Hall News" everything is numbered so when you go down to "Tips" you can find what that tip I was talking about. The numbers are small so be on the lookout. For instance:
The first digit is the number of the tip on the list.
There are two separate lists, so the second digit tells you exactly what tip you should be reading.

So, if you're told to look for "2.4", then look for the fourth tip on the second list. Get it?

  1. If you (like most Webkinz this week) are looking all over the Clubhouse for the leprechaun please, please do not go into the Trading Hall, and ask someone to trade if all you're going to do is ask them where the leprechaun is. That is very rude because they might have only 15 minutes to play, any many more reasons.
  2. 3 If you are going to the Trading Hall please make sure you have items worth trading.W-shop items are not recommended, because they are easy to get. 
  3. 4 If you say that you like an item and that you are ready to trade do not back out at the last minute. A lot of players do that because they aren't sure. 

  1. 3.Be kind, I'm not saying give stuff away for free but don't tell players that their stuff is bad because kids play this game and you might just be telling that to a 5 year old.
  2. 4 Do some research on you items to see what they are worth.

Here are Helpful Tips:
This tip is for 1.2 : If you can't find the leprechaun and you need to ask someone, but there is only the traders in the Trading Hall than
  • A. Ask the whole room and not during a Trade.
  • B. Try to find another room.
  • C. Google it and find chat room's, threads, or a page about where to find him. 

    This tip is for
    2.3: Before you go to the Trading Hall ALWAYS look at your dock to see what you have to trade. Never try to trade wshop because it is easy to get and it's not worth anything.
    This tip is for 3.4: Before you put an item up for trade that you like think, Here are the 3 things you need to ask yourself.
  1. Do you think that the item that the other player has is worth as much as your item or more?
  2. Do I like this item? If I do than I probably should not trade it. If I don't than I probably should trade it.
  3.  Will I ever regret trading this item?
Please email or comment. If you know some do's and don't's or if you have tips, or anything to do with the Trading Hall. Have a good week.

 Cooking with KC

Are you hungry? Well you are in luck! This is where KeiKei and Carmen will show you how to make yummy food in Webkinz World and great food in real life.
As we all know tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day, Carmen and I have some yummy cookies, Irish Breakfast, and a yummy Mataruk-Lucks. Let's Get Started!
Here are the recipes. First we have the Irish cookies. These cookies are so good! There is a link, too.
Here is a link to an  Irish cookie recipe: Link to Irish Cookie.
.:Irish Breakfast:.
Children should have an adult with them when trying to make this recipe.
Credit for this recipe goes to Carmen's brother, who is quite skilled with potatoes.

As you may know, potatoes were (and still are) an incredibly important part of Irish life. They are a source of many nutrients and vitamins, and are quite the versatile food, usable in soups, salads, pies, cakes, and for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today, we will be focusing on breakfast.
Safety Alert! This recipe uses an oven and sharp objects. 
Important! Don't try to substitute a frying pan for an just does not work. We tried.
Makes 3 individual servings. To add servings, add 1 potato and 1 egg per person.
3 baking potatoes
3 eggs
Seasonings to taste
A knife
A melon scoop
Tin foil
A glass baking pan 

 Before you begin...
~Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
~Scrub the potatoes.
~Gather the seasonings you want to use. You can use just about anything--this is potatoes and eggs we're taking about!
~Make sure you've got all of your food and utensils, and that your utensils are clean and the food is fresh.

Now we can begin!
  1. Take a potato and cut an oval out of the top.
  2. Take your melon scoop and scoop the potato out until it's hollow.

 Your potato needs to be deep enough to hold the egg. Leave a half-inch of potato so it can bake properly. Set the insides of the potatoes on a plate; you can fry those later if you want.
  • Crack an egg into the potato. This is the time to add seasonings, and any other fillings you think would taste good.
  • Put the potato into the dish.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 with the remaining potatoes.
  • Put a tin foil sheet over the dish and put it in the oven for an hour and 45 minutes.
  • Remove the potatoes from the oven and allow them to cool. 
  • After about 10 minutes of cooling time, just pick up the potato and take a bite!

You can add some pepperoni, like we did here, for a boost of flavor.

Bon appetit! If you try this recipe, let us know what you thought of it.

Did you know...
...that ear muffs were invented by a 15 year old boy from Maine?
...the contents of the first-ever e-mail message? "QWERTYUIOP" (without the quotation marks); the first row of letters on a standard keyboard. 
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