Thursday, January 24, 2013

February and March 2013 Webkinz Pets

For February, we have...
 The Brown Boston Terrier, Longhorn Steer, Signature Arctic Hare, and the 2013 Valentine's Day pet: the Candy Heart Pup! In addition, the Springbok is February's Pet of the Month. Not the South African Springbok, which is an eStore only pet--just the Springbok. The difference is pointed out in the picture below.

For March, we have...
 The Hyena, Rainbow Pegasus, Peace N' Love Puppy, the Signature Miniature Dachshund, and the Rockerz Fox! March's Pet of the Month is the Bull Terrier.

Go review the Zodiac page on Wikipedia; that ought to explain the whole Zodiac sign thing better than I can.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Two SPREE! Prizes Retiring February 20; will be replaced with 3 new ones

Webkinz Newz has just announced that two prizes from the game SPREE! will retire on Wednesday, February 20. These two prizes are the Yoga Ball Bed and the Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art.

Their replacements are reported to be the Arcade Pool Table, Gold Leaf Settee, and the Gold Leaf Coffee Table.

We have been given five weeks of warning, so that should be more than enough time to clear the SPREE! board and get to the mall. Many times, actually, if you get good rolls and log in daily.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday Updates: January 9, 2013

It is in reading the list of tags for this blog via Windows Live Writer, a feature this laptop apparently has, I realize just how many tags Let’s Talk Webkinz has. Well, guess what—now we’re adding more! Introducing the 2013 tag, which we will hopefully use a lot, and Deluxe-W-Shop, which we will hopefully never ever have reason to use again. While we’re off-topic, I recently realized the background for this blog resembles bacon. We now return to the matter at hand.

The first Wednesday update of the year features the addition of new clothing to the KinzStyle Outlet, and…the somewhat pointless conversion of the City Styling Theme, otherwise known as the Mocha theme, to a Deluxe-only W-Shop theme.

--Winterfest 2013 Begins January 11--

Speaking of confusing Deluxe-related shenanigans, the Winterfest challenge is rendered currently unwinnable as one of the tasks is to earn 20 KinzCash playing Waddell’s Icecap Adventure. Not that this a particularly difficult endeavor, but said game was recently converted to a Deluxe-only game. Non-Deluxies are getting the task anyway.

And speaking of Winterfest, it has begun a full 4 days early on January 11, as Asian accounts report the snowflakes already flying. WKN previously reported that this year’s Winterfest would end on the 27th, but they have revoked this previous statement and are now saying it will last from apparently January 11-20. This is still a good nine days of snowflake-catching fun, so get out there!

To learn about the previous 6 years of Winterfest fun—yes, it really has been that long!—check out this page of the Webkinz Insider Wiki. Winterfest takes some dedication, so if you happen to be in charge of dinner, then consult this list of meals compiled by Webkinz Insider staff. These are all meals that are wholesome, delicious, and that can be made in a cinch without having to be constantly attended to.


New Clothing Added to KinzStyle Outlet


Yeah, so Deluxe-only clothing remains a thing that exists.

Adventure Parka: 150 KC, Deluxe-only

Boys Green Plaid Shirt: 125 KC (yes, I know, they forgot an apostrophe)

Cat Ear Toque: 80 KC, Deluxe-only (…my question is why would your pet need this)

Cozy Sweater & Scarf: 130 KC (more scarfs YESH)

Howlin’ Hoody Vest: 105 KC (is actually pretty neat)

Knitted Flower Headband: 75 KC

Marshmallow Ear Muffs: 80 KC (finally!)

Polarberry Pants: 110 KC, Deluxe-only

Polished Ice Dress: 130, Deluxe-only

Sweet Snowflake Coat: 200 KC

Warm Toggle Jacket: 180 KC, Deluxe-only

Winter Buckle Boots: 95 KC, Deluxe-only

If you’re interested in more Winter fashions, check out the PJ Collie Peek-A-Newz going on from today until the 31st. This Peek-A-Newz includes three Webkinz Newz exclusive items, which are a black variant of the Winter Buckle Boots, a brown variant of the Adventure Parka, and a green variant of the Cat Ear Toque.

You do not have to be a Deluxe member to win these items!

I do advise that you make use of an ad-blocker, as there is currently a very obnoxious/irritating advertisement for some new show or somethin’ that will pop up around the site.