Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, One And All!

/Kinzmas/12 Perigee's/Hearth's Warming Eve/I'm running out of names for Christmas in other universes/halp

  Here are some of the events that will be happening today:

-Though it's a Tuesday, there will be All Day Activities.
-Spin the Super Wheel, a special wheel that can be spun only on certain holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Webkinz Day, so on and so forth)
-Get your Gift Box upon logging in and drag it to your room to see what's inside!
-Go to the Clubhouse one last time to collect the final Countdown to Christmas gift!

What's on the Super Wheel today?

-The usual 500 and 750 KinzCash points

-Neo Gothic Couch (Rare item)

-Enchanted Garden Fountain (Wish Factory Exclusive)

-Royal Reign Rug (Rare item)

-Funky Neon 'Fro (Curio Shop item; also found on the Wheel of Wishes)

-Porthole Barrel Hot Tub (expensive W-Shop item)

-Zangoz Chocolate Fountain (Wish Factory Exclusive)

What's inside this year's Gift Box? And what is the final Countdown to Christmas gift?

Check after the break to prevent spoilers. ;)

Go to the Santakinz Room in the Clubhouse to get this Santakinz Toy Train! Make sure you have a lot of room for it: the thing takes up 4x4 tiles and is animated!

In your Christmas gift box, you'll find a pair of Zangoz Slippers to wear, some Holiday Wacky Cookies to eat, and whatever it was you went to Santakinz in the Clubhouse to ask for. If you didn't ask for anything, then you'll get one randomly selected item--Goober Holiday Plush, White Christmas Centerpiece, or Holiday Hamster Snow Globe. We seem to be getting two gift boxes upon logging in. Not sure what's up with that.
Nutalie demonstrates the Zangoz Slippers. This squirrel is as festive as physically possible right now.


  1. Help, I didn't login on Christmas and missed my gift! Is there any way I can get it?

    1. Hello,
      I am really sorry to say that no, there is no way to get it. You could try the Trading Hall, though--a lot of people may be willing to trade the contents of their extra Christmas gift boxes (as most accounts seem to have been given two).
      I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor!

  2. What did you get on the Super wheel? I got the dumb fountain :P I don't mean to correct you but the rug and couch are rare, and the afro wig is Curio Shop Only, not wheel of wishes :) OMG I just realized that's not how you spell
    anonymous. lol

    1. I think I got 750 KC.
      The rug and couch being rare items is what I meant, though I do notice that the definitions might be confusing and have edited the post to change them from Curio Shop to Rare.
      Also, I have seen the wig on the Wheel of Wishes many times...I think they're available in both places?


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