Friday, April 27, 2012

Webkinz Road Trip Map Posted to Webkinz Newz

You can find the map with this link.

Albeit 2 days after it was scheduled to be, Ganz has finally added the Webkinz Road Trip Map to Webkinz Newz. It does not show all of the events yet, but it will be updated.

Do note that not all of these dates and times are set in stone. Please try to remain updated with WKN, Webkinz Insider, Let's Talk Webkinz, and by calling the locations the day before the event to make sure that the Van is still stopping there.
The Van is scheduled to visit Georgia five times, South Carolina once, North Carolina twice, Virginia twice, Pennsylvania three times, New Jersey twice, Massachusetts once, Maine once, New York three times, Ohio three times (and then to stop at the Ohio State Fair), Minnesota four times (and then to stop at the Minnesota State Fair), and Texas once (then to stop for almost a full month at the Texas State Fair) this year, with a possibility for even more states and events to be added later on.


Tuesday, May 1--Woodstock
Melissa's Hallmark, 5-7 PM

Wednesday, May 2--Marietta 
Learning Express, 4-6 PM

Thursday, May 3--Cumming
Parsons, 4-6 PM

Friday, May 4--Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Pharmacy, 3-5 PM

Saturday May 5--Rincon
Curiosity Shoppe Jewelers, 1-3 PM

South Carolina

Tuesday, May 8--Myrtle Beach
Toys and Co., 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

North Carolina

Thursday, May 10--Garner
Peggy's Hallmark, 4-6 PM

Saturday, May 12--Kitty Hawk
Grandma Sushi's Closet, 1-3 PM


Tuesday, May 15--Portsmouth 
Children's Museum of Virginia, 3-5 PM

Wednesday, May 16--Richmond
Mackenzie Grace, 3:30-5:30 PM


Saturday, May 19--Harrisburg
Strawberry Patch, 1-3 PM

Sunday, May 20--Elysburg
Knoebels Amusement Park, 1-3 PM

Thursday, May 24--Havertown
Ruth's Hallmark Shops, 5-7 PM 

New Jersey

Wednesday, May 23--Marlton
Joy's Hallmark, 5:00-7:00 PM

Sunday, May 27--Absecon
Browserama of Historic S[there isn't enough room for the title so I don't know] 1-3 PM


Tuesday, May 29--Shrewsbury
Herberts Candies, 5-7 PM


Sunday, June 3--Kennebunk
Best of Everything, 11 AM-1 PM 

New York

Thursday, June 7--Webster
Schutt's, 5-7 PM

Saturday, June 9--Williamsville
Raff and Friends, 2-4 PM

Sunday, June 10--Arcade
Domes Gift Shop, 2-4 PM


Tuesday, June 12--Howland
Gorants Candy, 2-4 PM

Wednesday, June 13--Cleveland
American Greetings Card S[cut off again; assuming it says "Shop"]
10:45 AM-1:45 PM

Thursday, June 14--Cleveland
Nicky Nicole, 1-3 PM

And then the van will stop at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus from Wednesday, July 25 to Sunday, August 5.


Friday, August 10--Rochester
Ashley's Hallmark
Sunday, August 12--Minneapolis
The Park at the Mall of America

Tuesday, August 14--Burnsville
Ficus and Fig

Friday, August 17--Maple Grove
Maggie's Hallmark

Then, the Van will stop in St. Paul for the Minnesota State Fair. The Van will stay there from Thursday, August 23, to Monday, September 3.


The Van will be stopped in Dallas for the State Fair of Texas from Friday, September 28, until Sunday, October 21.

Thursday, October 25--Houston
Texas Children Hospital, 1-3 PM

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